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Located centrally within Europe next to Germany, Czech republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Belarus and the Baltic Sea is Poland. Poland is becoming increasingly popular with international tourists especially after becoming a part of the European Union. While most of the international tourists are from nearby European nations, Poland does attract over a quarter million US citizens. Poland's tourist attractions are thanks to it pristine natural environment as well as it many historic sites.

Poland's two largest cities Warsaw and Kraków are each charming in their distinct ways. Warsaw has been almost entirely rebuilt since the world war while Kraków's Old Town is largely intact since the 13th century. About 50 miles from Kraków is one of Poland’s most-visited sites, the Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial & Museum which was one of the largest Nazi Germany's concentration and extermination camps.
Poland travel insurance
Away from the big cities, Poland's natural environment includes mountains, beaches along the coast, forests and the lakes. There are hiking paths criss-crossing the country, along rivers, going through thick forest and mountain passes.

While visiting Poland is adventurous and great fun, being forced to visit a hospital without travel health insurance can be catastrophic. Travel insurance is also required to be issued an Schengen visa, however good travel insurance takes away any worry of medical expenses. At American Visitor Insurance, we offer reputed US Travel medical insurance plans which satisfy Schengen visa requirements and provide good coverage in Europe.

If you need a visa for traveling to Poland (Schengen visa), then - Yes, travel health insurance for Poland is necessary for applying for the Schengen visa. The Poland visa travel insurance requirement is a minimum coverage of 30,000 Euros.
If you a citizen of a country which does not need a visa for traveling to Poland, then buying travel medical insurance for Poland is not mandatory for visits of less than 90 days. However given the cost of healthcare in Poland, and that domestic health insurance offers little health insurance outside your home country, it is strongly recommended to buy travel insurance for Poland.

Travelers to Poland who need the Schengen visa can buy Poland visa travel insurance on our website. Our Schengen visa travel insurance quote facility displays the travel insurance that satisfy Poland visa consulate requirements. Once you complete buying the Poland visa travel insurance online, you can download the required Poland visa letter which you can submit while applying for the Schengen visa.

The cost for the Poland visa travel insurance varies depending on the age of the traveler and the duration of coverage required. The older the traveler the higher is the cost. The longer the duration of Poland travel insurance required, the greater will be the cost. Our Poland visa insurance application quote facility lists the travel insurance that satisfy Poland visa consulate requirements.

Anyone traveling to Poland from any of the list of 'Schengen visa required countries' needs the Schengen visa (Poland is included in the Schengen visa). For travelers from any of the 'Schengen visa exempted countries', who want to stay in Poland for more than 90 days also need to get the Long stay in Europe visa

One should apply for the Schengen visa in the consulate of the Schengen state that you are traveling to. The traveller should complete the required Schengen visa application, along with other required documents, such as the travel itinerary, proof of adequate financial means and Schengen visa insurance letter. Please refer to the Schengen state consulate that you are visiting for the complete information regarding applying for the Schengen visa.

Popular tourist destinations in Poland

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The medieval town of Malbork, perhaps better known by the German name of Marienburg, is most well-known for its castle.

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Lublin, located east of the Vistula, is another ancient city with a market place that may have dated back to the sixth century.

Poland travel insurance
Tatra National Park

Tatra National Park, located in southcentral Poland. The park is mainly forests, meadows and numerous rock formations covering the Tatra Mountains.

Travel insurance Poland

Located on the Oder River, Wroclaw is the largest city in western Poland. Main attractions include the market square and the impressive Old Town Hall and St, Elizabeth’s Church.

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travel insurance for visiting Poland

Poland - General information

Poland Flag
map  Location

Central Europe

house  Capital


calendar  Best time to visit

Spring and Autumn

currency  Currency

Polish zloty

population  Population

Around 38 million

language  Language

Polish, Prussian, Romani

map  Vacation spots

Warsaw, Krakow, Zakopane, Lodz, Wroclaw, Gdansk, Poznan, Zamosc, Klodzko, Tarnow, Ziebice, Swidnica, Katowice, Karpacz.

Long term Poland Visa Insurance

Long stay Poland visitor visa insurance for a whole year is available for travelers to Poland. The traveller may visit Poland on work, visiting family, or on a holiday or to study or even retire. We offer long term Spanish visa insurance which satisfies the insurance requirements mandated by the Spanish consulate. The insurance plans for the long stay tourist visa in Poland offer coverage for medical expenses up to 30,000 euro with zero deductible, emergency medical evacuation and repatriation coverage while in Poland.
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International travel Insurance for Poland residents

Insurance for Polish visitors to the US

A large number of Polish tourists visit the US annually. Along with tourist attractions, many Polish visitors also have family in the United States. The United States has much to offer tourists from Poland. It has the most famous cities in the world, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, Houston to name a few. It has wonderful national parks famous for wildlife as well as amazing natural landscapes. The United States is also blessed with two large coastlines with beautiful beaches and beautiful shorelines, and in the middle is the rocky mountains. All of these make the US a tourist paradise. However Polish tourists visiting the US be aware of high health care costs and must buy adequate travel medical insurance. Travelers can compare different travel health insurance plans based on price and benefits offered and buy the plan that best suits ones requirements and budget.

Insurance for Poland residents visiting the USA or Europe

US Immigrant health insurance mandatory for prospective immigrants from Poland

The Trump administration has introduced new rules effective from November 2019 which makes it mandatory for prospective new US immigrants to show proof of adequate US health insurance while applying for the immigrant visa. The aim of this mandatory US immigrant health insurance is to reduce the burden on the US hospitals, the overall US health care system and finally on US tax payers by uninsured new immigrants. At American Visitor insurance we offer immigrant insurance plans which work well for these prospective new US immigrants. After buying this immigrant insurance, customers will immediately receive the immigrant insurance document by email. Customers can use this immigrant insurance document as proof of US health insurance while applying for the Immigrant visa. Given this rule as well as the very high cost of healthcare in the US, it is strongly recommended to buy new US medical immigrant insurance. travel to Poland.

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