Trip Insurance FAQ

Will my pre-existing condition be covered under a Trip Protector plan?
The Pre-Existing Condition Exclusion is waived provided you meet all of the following requirements:
  • The payment for this plan is received prior to/or within 24 hours after making your final payment; and
  • You are not disabled from travel at the time you make your plan payment; and the booking for the Covered Trip must be the first and only booking for this travel period and destination.
Pre-existing conditions are automatically covered on the medical portion of this program regardless of when you pay for your trip. An Enrollee must be enrolled in a primary health plan to be eligible for medical benefits

Does the Trip Protector Plan cover pandemics such as claims resulting from the H1N1 virus?
There is no pandemic exclusion related to medical coverage. The Trip Proctor plan covers care from physician office visits to hospitalization to prescription drugs to medically necessary medical evaluations. However, there is a general pandemic exclusion related to other benefits such as Trip Cancellation, Trip Interruption and Travel Delay benefits under the plan.

Do I file medical claims with my primary insurance first?
Even though Trip Protector is considered secondary medical coverage, eligible medical bills can be paid upfront on a primary basis while outside of the U.S. Inside the U.S., a member should initially claim through their primary insurance, and then submit a secondary claim with HTH.

I am leaving before my policy materials arrive in the mail. How will I receive the information I need in time?
Upon a successful purchase, you will receive an email confirmation which contains all your necessary policy information and important contact information for emergencies. Once enrolled, members can instantly log in to the Member Services area of HTH's website and download an electronic ID card and other policy documents.

I already left on my trip. Can I buy a Trip Protector plan when I am outside the U.S.?
No. Trip Protector is approved to be sold to customers purchasing from inside the U.S.
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