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At American Visitor Insurance we offer a wide range of visitor travel insurance plans for all ages and visa types. The price of the travel insurance varies based on the maximum medical coverage, the age of the traveler, the destination of travel, the deductible and co-insurance. Other factors include the type of insurance (Fixed benefit vs Comprehensive insurance), coverage details such as pre-existing condition coverage and renewability options. Given the number of companies and the range of travel insurance plans available, it is understandably confusing for travelers. American visitor insurance has developed tools specifically to compare visitors insurance, help customers find the difference between visitors insurance plans and make an informed decision while buying travel insurance. These compare travel insurance pages are designed to help customers make detailed comparison of the different visitor medical insurance plans before buying them .

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International travel insurance resources for travel outside your home country.

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Factors for travel insurance online

Important factors to consider while deciding on the best Travel insurance.

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Types of Travel insurance online

Understanding different US travel insurance options, fixed benefits vs comprehensive coverage.

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Claims Procedure

Travel insurance Claims Procedure

Helping travel insurance online claims process for getting medical care in a hospital.

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