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Global medical insurance plans are designed to provide worldwide coverage for both non-US citizens and US expatriates anywhere in the globe. These plans offer quality coverage that will respond to their medical needs worldwide.
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Typical global medical plan customers

  • United States Citizens living outside the US for at least 6 months during the year. The six month stay outside does not have to be contiguous.
  • Foreign nationals (non-US Citizen) living in their home country, but want quality US health insurance coverage. For example, Canadian or Mexican citizens who would like to access US health care.
  • Foreign nationals living outside their home country for extended period of time.
  • Foreign National living in the US, but who are not eligible for an US domestic carrier's plan.

Global medical insurance for expats

The plans offer comprehensive major medical coverage in all countries including the USA. Global plans are designed for the special needs of US expatriates outside USA, regular international travelers, United States H1B, H4 visa holders and Green Card holders,sailors and cruisers. The medical benefits offered under this coverage includes maternity, mental health, wellness (preventive check ups) and medical evacuation. Global comprehensive plans are renewable long term plans and have a very high limit on the maximum coverage. There are many insurers in the market who offer these plans. Customers can get quotes, compare benefits and buy the plan of their choice with ease on our website.
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What is international insurance?

International health insurance is insurance you can use while away from your home or citizenship country. Many domestic policies require the policy holder to be at home (at least most of the time) and/or may only work within the borders of the home country. International insurance insures you wherever you travel for routine check-ups to emergency surgery. They can offer major medical coverage to individuals who are often traveling or have found an adopted country of residence. Here at American Visitor Insurance, we offer coverage from US based companies that would allow you to come to the US to receive medical treatment if necessary. These plans similarly work well for US citizens who are living or working outside the US and spend a lot of time overseas. For example, an American living abroad may want to come home to deliver her baby. With enough early planning, these plans can help with that. Or a non-US citizen looking for long-term coverage in the US may find these plans suitable for them and their families for their time in the US while still covering them when they return to visit family back home. To get global health insurance, you must submit an extensive application with all medical history. The underwriting will look over the application and either (1) accept you and your family, (2) reject you, or (3) accept you with additional exclusion riders. If you are accepted or accepted with exclusion, you always have 10 days to reject the coverage and you will have to sign the exclusion riders if you want to still adopt the plan. They may request additional medical information from your doctors, so this process may take a couple weeks. However, once you are established on the plan, you are guaranteed year to year coverage until age 75 (if you start before age 65). The price can only increase year by year due to your age, not due to any medical condition you may develop. For complete, regular coverage year by year, international health insurance may be right for you!

What is the best international travel insurance?

The best international travel insurance depends on your situation and your needs. Here at American Visitor Insurance, we are dedicated to helping you answer that precise question. If you are looking for long term health insurance in an adopted home country or which works in many different countries, global travel insurance may be right for you. There are economical, fixed plans which may be very sufficient in countries with lower cost health costs. There are comprehensive policies which cover maternity costs after 12 months coverage and wellness visits in the first year. Whatever your situation and expectations, we can find a plan that is perfect for you!

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