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Covid 19 travel insurance for pregnancy for international travelers

While travelling in the midst of a coronavirus pandemic, one must ensure that they have the right travel health insurance with proper Covid-19 coverage. At America visitor insurance travelers can get visitors insurance for Covid -19 illness. We offer a range of options for visitors where they can compare using our Visitors insurance for Covid19 comparison tool based on the factors like the travelers age, duration of travel, the maximum coverage required, deductible and the need for pre-existing conditions or for covid coverage.

Travelers can narrow down their search further by applying the “filter” option for Covid19 available in the tool. Please know we are here to help you make the best, informed decision to get coverage even for COVID-19! Let us know how we can assist you. Feel free to contact us by email or phone at any time.

US visitor insurance for pregnancy

Medical insurance for pregnancy
People from foreign nations visit the US for different reasons be it a vacation, spending time with kids and grandchildren, education, work, research, sporting activities and more. It is obvious that they need the best medical insurance coverage for any new sickness and injury that they might encounter during their stay in the US. Do remember that each visitor is on a different visa status and the insurance plans that they buy must satisfy that status requirement. There are various kinds of plans available in the market today.

One request that is often seen coming from visitors visiting US is on the pregnancy and maternity coverage availability in the insurance plan. Some ask for this benefit before conceiving and most of them want to know about this coverage while they are pregnant.

It is important to note that the travel insurance plans or visitor insurance plans which are for short term and temporary basis do not provide coverage for an existing pregnancy. Pregnancy is considered high risk period and insurance company do not cover it. Most customers have a hard time getting this detail clear in their mind. Travel or Visitor Insurance plans are mostly for unexpected, unforeseen illness and injuries.

American Visitor Insurance offers several student plans and longer term Global Plans that offer pregnancy and maternity coverage. However, please note, all these plans have a waiting period. These are mostly student plans catered for international students and Global plans which are for permanent residents, Non US citizens and US Expats anywhere in the world.

Travelling in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic brings worries for pregnant women. Childbirth during a pandemic is very risky and needs complete protection against coronavirus. For the wellbeing of pregnant women its best to purchase a good Travel Insurance cover with Covid 19 coverage while travelling.

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