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Senior citizens traveling to the USA need medical insurance coverage to avoid catastrophic situations in case of an emergency. Get quotes from several insurers by completing this form.
Senior citizen (including Americans) traveling overseas : SENIORS ABOVE 60 YEARS SENIORS ABOVE 70 YEARS SENIORS ABOVE 80 YEARS
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International travel insurance for Seniors above 60 years

senior above 60 years
No matter what your age, we have some medical insurance options for you! However, at certain age brackets the options do become more limited which is why I have put this article together. For persons in their 60s, there are still many options available with up to $1,000,000 policy maximums. In this group, you can also get fairly good coverage for sudden and acute onset of pre-existing conditions with some plans.
The best option is Atlas America. With this plan, you get covered up to policy maximum for acute onset of pre-existing conditions for people up to age 70. Atlas Premium is another version of this plan with higher coverage available for some of the benefits as compared to Atlas America. You can compare between these plans here.
Liaison Travel Economy offers coverage up to $45,000 for acute onset of pre-existing conditions till 65 years. With this plan, you get the maximum of the plan up to $100,000 for pre-existing condition coverage. The Inbound plans (Inbound USA, Inbound Guest, and Inbound Immigrant) cover sudden and unexpected recurrence of a pre-existing condition in the same, limited way as any other condition (it is a fixed plan).
Patriot America Plus Plan offer coverage upto choosen plan maximum for travelers under 70 years. Patriot Platinum offer pre-existing condition coverage up to $50,000 for non-US citizens under 65 years.

International travel health insurance for Seniors above 70 years

It is so wonderful that so many seniors are active enough for long distance travel. The 70's is the new 50's and the 80's is the new 60's it seems. Sadly though, your insurance options, especially for pre-existing condition coverage, get much fewer for senior travelers. However, there are still some options available which we have highlighted here. Safe Travels USA Comprehensive is a very popular option for coverage of acute onset of pre-existing condition for people above 70. This plan provides a coverage of $25,000 for acute onset of pre- existing condition and for heart related diseases a maximum of $15,000 upon attaining age 70. For the age of 65 and above this plan however provides a policy maximum of $50,000 only.

Atlas America and Atlas Premium plans from Tokiomarine HCC have upgraded their benefits for acute onset of pre-existing conditions up to age 80. There is also a higher policy maximum option available for people above 70 up to the age of 79.
senior above 70 years
The highest maximum that can be purchased for a comprehensive plan is Patriot Platinum which offers pre-existing condition coverage up to $2,500 for any condition. In the $50,000 range there are many fixed and comprehensive options, however coverage for pre-existing conditions is no longer available if you are over 70 in most plans, but you can check: Visitors Care, and Patriot GoTravel which offer limited coverage of $2,500. Liaison Travel Elite also will cover up to $3,000 for hospital stay for heart attack or stroke with a maximum of $60,000. If pre-existing coverage is not important there are still many more options available.

International travel insurance for Seniors above 80 years

senior above 80 years
Once a person hits their 80s and higher (and still traveling -- way to go!), my advice is quite different.
In this age group, I recommend a plan called Inbound Immigrant with a high deductible and a $50,000 maximum. It is cheaper than the Inbound USA counterpart and offers higher fixed limits on coverage which makes it a better deal all around. Unfortunately, the comprehensive policies are only for $20,000 and $10,000 maximum and I don’t think the high price tag is justified since the maximum coverage is so low (a broken bone in the hospital for three days can easily run you $40,000). Some clients worry about the name of this policy. While it is meant for immigrants to the US with or without green cards renewable up to 5 years, it is also available for any legal visitors to our lovely country. Senior Travelers above 90 years are also eligible to buy these plans. The Safe Travels USA Comprehensive is also very useful for this age group as it provides a policy maximum of $50,000 and provides coverage for acute onset of pre-existing conditions for $25,000 and $15,000 for heart related pre-existing condition.

International travel health insurance for Older US residents

It is heartening to see many Americans older than 65 years traveling overseas. While traveling outside the US is adventurous and exciting, US citizens should be aware that their local US health insurance plans including Medicare provide very little if any coverage outside the United States. It is for this group of older American international travelers that the GlobeHopper Senior insurance plan has been designed. International Medical Group (IMG) offers GlobeHopper as an affordable international travel health insurance plan for US citizens and US permanent residents older than 65 years. The GlobeHopper Senior plan is available either as the GlobeHopper Single-Trip plan for coverage from 5 days to 365 days, or as a GlobeHopper multi-trip plan which covers 12 months with a maximum of 30 days per each overseas trip. The GlobeHopper Senior plan is popular since it provides coverage of $1 million up to the age of 79 years and $100,000 for travelers who are more than 80 years old. The plan also has $2,500 cover for sudden unexpected recurrence of a pre-existing condition along with providing $25,000 for emergency medical evacuation.
senior above 65 years

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