Senior citizens and health insurance for visiting US

Are you looking for a travel health insurance for an older traveller? A senior citizen who is in his/her late 70s to visit the United States? Then you will find the following information useful and helpful for your situation.

It is quite a common situation where older travellers who are above 70 years also known as senior citizens are traveling outside their home country to the US in order to meet their children and family. Apart from them being in good health condition, it is a little scary considering their age when it comes to their medical needs. A daughter or a son of a senior citizen is worried about their parents forthcoming visit to the US and the need to get their parents a good medical insurance during their stay in US. In spite of them being healthy long distance travel may lead to unexpected illness or injury. During such situations health insurance play significant role in making the individual feel hassle free, safe and secure. Since these senior citizens are Non US citizens, they are not eligible to the ACA, also known as ObamaCare program to get medical and health insurance cover in US.

There are several private insurance companies that offer health insurance plans for parents for their short term stay in US. There are 2 kinds of plans available. Fixed plans and Comprehensive plans are the two kinds. Both of these plans provide good coverage for people from age 69 to 79. After the age of 79, people who are 80 and above can purchase fixed plans as it provides better policy maximum as compared to comprehensive plans. Here at American Visitor Insurance we have plans available for senior citizens. Please have a look at this webpage to get a clear idea of the difference between Fixed and Comprehensive plan. We have pages which clearly show the plans suitable for the concerned age here in our website Plans for seniors over 70 years and Plans for seniors over 80. For people above 70 and below 80 there is some coverage available for pre-existing conditions but for people above 80, there is no coverage for pre-existing conditions. Our customer support number is 877-340-7910 and you can email us.

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