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Atlas America Insurance Cost

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Start Date
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Atlas America travel insurance review, Atlas travel insurance review

Policy maximum
  • Age 80+: $10k
  • Age 65 to 79: $50k $100k
  • All others: $50k $100k $250k $500k $1M $2M
Deductible options
$0 $100 $250 $500 $1,000 $2,500 or $5,000
Insurance provider
Atlas America rating
AM Best Rating: A++ (Superior) Standard & Poor’s Rating: AA-
Atlas America insurance underwriter
Underwritten by Lloyds, London.
Plan life - 364 days.
Coinsurance of WorldTrips Atlas America

- The plan pays 100%


Atlas America travel insurance

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Atlas America Insurance - Key Highlights

  • This plan is a comprehensive plan that provides worldwide coverage including or excluding the US.
  • This plan is available to both Non-US citizens and US citizens traveling outside their home country.
  • The deductible options for this plan are $0, $100, $250, $500, $1000, $2500 and $5000 per Certificate period.
  • The policy maximum options available with this plan are $50,000, $100,000,250,000, $500,000, $1000,000 or $2,000,000 for people up to the age of 65 For people in the age range of 65 to 79, the options are $50,000 and $100,000 and for people above 80 the only option is $10,000.
  • You will be eligible for coverage of acute onset of pre-existing conditions if you are younger than 80 and all the conditions mentioned in the brochure are met. This includes a $25,000 lifetime maximum for emergency medical evacuation.
  • Claims incurred in the US, there will be $200 emergency room co-payment for each use of the emergency room for illness unless you are admitted to the hospital. For claims outside the US, there is no co-payment. No co-payment for treatment of injury in emergency room.
  • Claims incurred in the US, there will be $15 Urgent Care center co-payment for each visit and the co-payment is waived for members with $0 deductible . For claims outside the US, there is no co-payment.
  • Trip Interruption coverage available for upto $10,000 not subject to deductible
  • Travel Delay coverage is available for upto $100 a day for a 12 hour delay requiring an unplanned overnight stay. This is subject to a maximum of 2 days - not subject to deductible.
  • Lost checked luggage up to $1000 - not subject to deductible.
  • Political Evacuation available up to $100,000 lifetime maximum not subject to deductible.
  • Bedside visit up to $1500 not subject to deductible.
  • Crisis Response - Ransom, Personal belongings and crisis response fees and expenses coverage is available as follows: Not subject to deductible or overall maximum limit - Up to age 18 - $10,000 per member, from age 18 to 69 - $50,000 per member, age 70 to 74 - $25000 and for age 75+ $12,500.
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation is covered for $1000,000 lifetime maximum except as provided under acute onset of pre-existing condition (Not subject to deductible or overall maximum limit)

A working example of using Atlas America travel insurance

Let us take an example for an eligible claim for a covered condition (claim incurred in the PPO): The medical bill is $25,000; Deductible is $100 and choosen Policy Maximum is $50,000.
  • Insurance coverage is $50,000
  • Deductible is $100 per certificate period
  • Coinsurance : The plan pays 100% (if treatment is received in a hospital within provider network,PPO network)
  • Total medical expenses is $25,100
The Atlas America Insurance plan covers set amount up to a maximum of $50,000. The insured must pay the deductible ($100). After that, the insurance company pays fixed amount as defined in the policy for specific treatment. In hypothetical case, the insured has to pay the difference between the amount insurance pays and the actual billed amount.

Expense Amount billed Amount Insurance Pays Amount Insured Owes
Deductible $100 $0 $100
Hospital Room Rent $9,000 $8,900 $100 (deductible)
Surgery $15,000 $15,000 $0
X Ray $1,000 $1,000 $0
Total $25,100 $24,900 $200
* Disclaimer: We have done everything to the best of our ability to make the insurance information up-to-date and accurate. However this information does change periodically and we cannot guarantee 100% accuracy.


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Atlas America insurance - Common Questions

Atlas America - FAQ's

01. Is Worldtrips travel insurance a reliable insurance company? Is Worldtrips insurance a good insurance company ?

WorldTrips, a member of Tokio Marine HCC group of companies since 1998 has been offering several travel insurance and trip cancellation products for international travelers across the globe. Their Atlas travel insurance and Visitors Secure products are popular for product excellence, by giving affordable options for travelers to customize to meet the requirements of unique traveler needs. Individuals traveling for vacation, business men, students and group insurance works well for travelers traveling overseas.

This Indianapolis based company is the first company to enable their products and services for visitors via the internet for both US citizens and non–US citizens traveling abroad and to the US.

02. What are the benefits of Atlas travel insurance?

Atlas insurance is short term travel health insurance designed for anyone, as long as they are outside their home country. Atlas Travel Insurance provides coverage for those who are traveling, studying, volunteering, or living outside of their home country. It offers core travel insurance benefits, with coverage from as little as Five days. There are three Atlas travel insurance plans to choose from Atlas Premier, Atlas International and Atlas Essential.

The benefits offered on the Atlas Travel Medical Insurance plan provide a range of high quality travel insurance benefits to cover you in the event of an unexpected accident or injury when you are abroad. This includes coverage for medical expenses, evacuation, repatriation, emergency reunion and other related benefits.

03. What is the coverage area of WorldTrips Atlas travel insurance?

Atlas insurance is short term travel health insurance designed for anyone, as long as they are outside their home country.

04. How much does WorldTrips travel insurance cost?

The cost of the Worldtrips travel insurance will vary depending on the age of the traveler, the type of coverage, the travel destination and the duration of travel. Typically, visitors travel insurance policies cost can start even as low as $1 per day, but will be much higher for older travelers.

05. How do I purchase Atlas Travel Medical Insurance?

You can purchase Atlas Travel Medical Insurance on American Visitor Insurance at buy Atlas America Travel Insurance. You can also call them at (877)-340-7910 to get more information on how to apply for Atlas travel health insurance from licensed insurance agents.

06. What are the requirements for applying for Atlas Travel Insurance?

The main requirements for applying for Atlas insurance is the travelers passport details and the travel dates. You can apply for Atlas travel insurance online on American Visitor Insurance or call (877)-340-7910 to get help while applying.

07. Is there coverage for Covid-19 illness in Worldtrips travel insurance?

Worldtrips covid insurance is provided with the Atlas travel insurance plan to include coverage for Covid19 illness in their insurance coverage. The Atlas travel insurance products are available for both US Citizens and Non–US citizens. Travelers can get a quote among the various options they offer according to the travel requirements.

08. Is Worldtrips insurance a legit company?

Worldtrips for over 23 years is a well-recognized company in the US and across the globe for their vast network of hospitals and healthcare support system .The company offers several travel insurance plans for travelers with financial support , access to the best healthcare support and 24/7 emergency travel assistance.

09. Can I buy travel insurance from Worldtrips?

Worldtrips insurance previously known as Tokio Marine HCC – Medical Insurance Services Group has received A+ rating from the from S&P Global Ratings. Worldtrips travel insurance reviews indicate that it currently offers travel medical insurance for over 180 countries and trip protection insurance products for the US residents.

10. Why should I buy travel insurance from Worldtrips insurance?

World trips offers coverage around the world with the fully comprehensive travel medical insurance and trip protection products .Worldtrips was acquired by Tokio Marine in 2015 and functions as a member since the acquisition. Worldtrips insurance offer some of the unique travel medical and trip protection plans for international travelers worldwide.

11. Can visitors to USA buy Atlas America insurance who are already in USA for quite some time?

Yes, Atlas America insurance is a good option for visitors to US who have been here for some time and do not have a current insurance coverage. It is also an excellent plan for international students who are on the OPT status, H1B visa holders and for Spouses of H1B visa holders on the H4 visa status.

12. Does Atlas America Insurance offer coverage for sports?

Atlas America covers eligible injuries and illness incurred while taking part in many popular vacation sports - skiing, snowboarding, snorkelling, water skiing, and others - at no additional cost. Certain extreme sports are excluded from coverage.

13. Does Atlas America offer coverage for maternity?

Well, Atlas America offers coverage for complications of pregnancy during the first 26 weeks of gestation.

14. Can I extend my medical coverage from Atlas America Insurance if I want to extend my duration of stay in USA?

Yes, US Visitors who had initially bought for less than 364 days can renew Atlas America Insurance online up to 364 days.

15. Does Atlas America insurance cover pre-existing conditions?

Atlas America is a best travel insurance pre existing conditions Insurance that offers coverage for acute onset of pre-existing are covered up to the age of 80 years. It excludes coverage for chronic and congenital conditions. For visitors aged up to 70 years, it offers coverage up to overall maximum limit. Visitors aged between 70 to 79 years can get coverage up to the overall maximum limit or $100,000, whichever is lower.

16. How to use Atlas America visitor medical insurance in case of emergency in the United states?

Visitors can review this article on how to use Atlas America visitor medical insurance in case of emergency in the United States.

17. How does Atlas America insurance offer coverage for medical expenses?

Atlas America insurance offers comprehensive coverage for visitors to USA. After the deductible amount. If the US visitor or traveler seeks treatment with the provider network namely “First Health care network or United health care”. When Traveling Outside the United States, you need to visit Equian International Provider Network to find healthcare provider or doctor nearest you outside the US.

In the US, after the deductible amount, Atlas America insurance pays 100% up to maximum limit. For detailed working example of how it works, you can review Atlas America insurance working example.

18. Does Atlas America insurance satisfy US visa requirements?

As a visitor to the United States, you will need to have a visa issued in your passport to be allowed in to country. You can find out whether or not you need a US visa by reviewing the visa waiver program list of countries by the US government. The type of visa that you need will be based on the reason of your travel to the US. Atlas America insurance offered by WorldTrips works ideally for visitors to the US applying for any of these visas.
Some of the common US visas are:

  1. Visitor visa or Tourist Visa
  2. Student visa (F1 visa)
  3. J visa (exchange scholar visa)
  4. H1B work visa
  5. Fiancee visa
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Important insurance terms to understand Atlas America reviews?

Know these important aspects of international visitor insurance for USA in Atlas America reviews:
  • Plan Maximum coverage of Atlas America travel insurance:
    This the maximum coverage that the plan would offer for the medical expenses. Atlas America insurance offers maximum coverage up to 2 million. The coverage may vary for older travelers with reduced plan maximum. Age 80 or older - $10,000; Age 65 to 79 - $50,000, $100,000.
  • What is a deductible in Atlas America visitors insurance?
    This is the initial amount the traveler needs to pay before the insurance actually start paying. Remember higher deductible have less premium than a plan with lower deductible. Atlas America insurance offer a set of deductible options for the travelers to choose from. Atlas America insurance has a range of deductible option from $0 up to $5,000.
  • What is a provider network of Atlas America Medical Insurance?
    It is a network of health care providers. Insurance companies form these in order to control the costs of health care. An insurance plan would pay 100% of the eligible expenses if the insured is admitted to hospital or health care center within the provider network.
  • What is coinsurance in Atlas America visitor insurance?
    This is a percentage of the bill that the travel has to pay. Atlas America plan pays 100% of eligible expenses after the deductible up to the overall maximum limit.
  • Renewability of Atlas America Travel health insurance
    Sometime the travel plans may change and a US visitor may be required to extend their period of stay. Atlas America Insurance can be renewed for 364 days.
  • Eligibility to buy Atlas America Insurance Online
    Atlas America Insurance is a popular US visitor insurance plan that offers comprehensive medical coverage to Non US citizens visiting US for a short period. Atlas America Insurance is quite popular among h1b/ h4 visa holders and students on opt status as it has not limitation on buying insurance if they are already in the US for quite some time.
  • Atlas America Pre-existing conditions Visitors Insurance for international travelers
    Atlas America insurance offers coverage for acute onset of pre-existing conditions** up to the age of 79 years.
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Atlas America Insurance Information

  • Atlas America Insurance Advantages

    • Atlas America travel insurance offered by WorldTrips will cover eligible medical expenses resulting from COVID-19/SARS-CoV-2.
    • Comprehensive coverage plan with multiple PPO network providers (greater choice of hospitals and doctors).
    • Coverage for acute onset of Pre-Existing conditions** up to overall maximum limit and up to $25,000 for emergency medical evacuation for customers under the age of 70 years.
    • $50,000 and $100,000 overall maximum coverage is available for the travelers in the age group of 65-79 yrs.
    • The plan pays 100% (No co-insurance) of medical expenses if the services are rendered within the PPO network inside the USA.
    • Covers treatment of complications of pregnancy during the first 26 weeks of pregnancy.
    • One time Deductible per certificate period.
    • Cancellation and refund of full premium before policy start date.
    • This Plan also covers Emergency Reunion, Return of Minor Children, Natural Disaster and Political Evacuation.
    • Atlas America is designed for people outside their home country whose travel includes the US
    • Meets requirements for travelers who are on OPT and H4 status.
  • Atlas America Insurance Disadvantages

    • Can be renewed only up to 364 days. After one year customer has to buy a new plan. With a new plan, the pre-existing lookback period resets
    • Acute onset of Pre-existing coverage** not available beyond 70 years.

Atlas Travel insurance restrictions

The Atlas Series is not available to individuals who are physically located in the states of New York, Maryland, or Washington; or in the countries of Canada or Australia at time of purchase.

Atlas America Insurance

Provider network and how to find hospital or doctor?

United Healthcare Provider Network

IMG maintains a wide network of health care providers.

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Acute onset of a pre-existing condition

** An acute onset of a pre-existing condition is a sudden and unexpected outbreak or recurrence of a pre-existing condition which occurs spontaneously and without advance warning, either in the form of physician recommendations or symptoms. Treatment must be obtained within 24 hours of the sudden and unexpected outbreak or recurrence. Chronic and congenital conditions, complications or consequences of a chronic or congenital condition, or conditions that gradually become worse over time are excluded from coverage.

A pre-existing condition is any condition:
  • for which medical advice, diagnosis, care, or treatment was recommended or received within 2 years prior to your effective date of coverage.
  • which would cause a reasonably prudent person to seek medical advice, diagnosis, care, or treatment within 2 years prior to your effective date of coverage.
  • that existed (with reasonable medical certainty) with 2 years prior to your effective date of coverage, whether or not it was known to you.

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