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Atlas America travel insurance coverage for Coronavirus

On March 11, 2020, the U.S. Department of State issued a Global Level 3 Travel Advisory urging U.S. residents to reconsider traveling abroad to any country.
If you are an Atlas America policyholder, this activates your political evacuation benefit as long as your location has not been under a level 3 or higher advisory in the past 10 days, or prior to your arrival.
All travel health insurance plans in the Atlas America contain the following exclusion:

Charges resulting from a disease outbreak in a country or location where the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have issued a level 3 travel warning are excluded if:

  1. The warning has been in effect within the 6 months immediately prior to your date of arrival, or
  2. You fail to depart the country or location within 10 days following the date the warning is issued
If the CDC Issues a Level 3 Travel Warning for the Location Where You Are Currently Traveling:

Coronavirus-related expenses will be covered for up to 10 days following the date the level 3 warning is issued, given that your expenses do not arise directly or indirectly from another policy exclusion.

Once 10 Days Have Passed from the Date the CDC Issued the Level 3 Travel Warning for Your Current Location:

You will no longer be covered for coronavirus-related expenses. You will still be covered for all other eligible expenses.

What This Exclusion Means for Atlas America Insurance Policyholders

The CDC issued a “Level 3 – Avoid Nonessential Travel” warning for Wuhan, China on January 23, 2020.
The CDC expanded this "Level 3 - Avoid Nonessential Travel" warning to apply to all of China on January 27, 2020.
  • If you are currently traveling in China and you do not depart the warned-against location within 10 days of the date the warning was issued: Your Atlas or StudentSecure plan will NOT cover you for any expenses resulting from 2019-nCoV contracted while in China.
  • If you plan to travel to China against CDC advice while a level 3 travel warning is still in effect: Your Atlas America plan will NOT cover you for any expenses resulting from 2019-nCoV contracted while in China.
  • If you plan to travel to China after the level 3 travel warning is cancelled or downgraded: Your Atlas America plan will NOT cover you for any expenses resulting from 2019-nCoV contracted while in China until 6 months after the date the level 3 travel warning was cancelled or downgraded.
The U.S. Department of State issued a “Level 3: Reconsider Travel” advisory for China on January 27, 2020. This advisory was upgraded to a “Level 4: Do Not Travel” advisory for China on January 30, 2020.

Note that you are still covered for eligible expenses incurred in China while the travel warning is in effect if the expenses do not result from a disease outbreak, terrorist act, political unrest, or other policy exclusions.

Atlas America travel insurance

  • Offers Coverage up to a maximum $2,000,000.
  • Ideal for adventurers, vacationers travelling to USA, business professionals, missionaries and students studying in USA.
  • Offers Coverage for pre-existing conditions for travelers up to the age of 79 years.
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A working example of using Atlas America travel insurance (Offered by Tokio Marine HCC) *
Let us take an example: The medical bill is $25,000; Deductible is $100 and choosen Policy Maximum is $50,000.
  • Insurance coverage is $50,000
  • Deductible is $100 per certificate period
  • Coinsurance : The plan pays 100%
  • Total medical expenses is $25,000
The Atlas America Insurance plan covers set amount up to a maximum of $50,000. The insured must pay the deductible ($100). After that, the insurance company pays fixed amount as defined in the policy for specific treatment. In hypothetical case, the insured has to pay the difference between the amount insurance pays and the actual billed amount.

Atlas America Insurance

Atlas America Insurance

Expense Amount billed Amount Insurance Pays Amount Insured Owes
Hospital Room Rent $9,000 $9,000 $0
Surgery $15,000 $15,000 $0
X Ray $1,000 $1,000 $0
Total $25,000 $25,000 $0
* Disclaimer: We have done everything to the best of our ability to make the insurance information up-to-date and accurate. However this information does change periodically and we cannot guarantee 100% accuracy.

  • Advantages
  • Disadvantages

Atlas America insurance advantages

  • Comprehensive coverage plan with multiple PPO network providers (greater choice of hospitals and doctors).
  • Coverage for acute onset of Pre-Existing conditions up to $50,000 and $100,000 for medical expenses (based on the choosen plan maximum) and up to $25,000 for emergency medical evacuation for customers under the age of 70 years.
  • For the age group of 70-79 yrs $50,000 coverage available.
  • The plan pays 100% (No co-insurance) of medical expenses if the services are rendered within the PPO network inside the USA.
  • Covers treatment of complications of pregnancy during the first 26 weeks of pregnancy.
  • One time Deductible per certificate period.
  • Cancellation and refund of full premium before policy start date.
  • This Plan also covers Emergency Reunion, Return of Minor Children, Natural Disaster and Political Evacuation.
  • Atlas America automatically covers for all adevnture sports so long as it is not undertaken for professional gain, money, or prize.
  • A good option for people visiting the US who have been here for some time and do not have a current insurance coverage.
  • An ideal plan for travelers who are on OPT and H4 status.

Atlas America Insurance Disadvantages

  • Can be renewed only up to one year. After one year customer has to buy a new plan.
  • Pre-existing coverage not available beyond 70 years.
  • Only $50,000 coverage for travelers between the ages of 71-79.
  • AD & D benefit is deleted during participation in sports activities.
  • Hospital precertification penalty- 50% of eligible medical expenses.

What are some insurance terms important in Atlas America Insurance reviews?

Review Atlas America Insurance to know these important aspects of international visitor insurance for USA:
  • Plan Maximum coverage of Atlas America travel insurance:
    This the maximum coverage that the plan would offer for the medical expenses. Atlas America insurance offers maximum coverage up to 2 million. The coverage may vary for older travelers with reduced plan maximum. Age 80 or older - $10,000; Age 70 to 79 - $50,000, $100,000, or $150,000;
  • What is a deductible in Atlas America visitors insurance?
    This is the initial amount the traveler needs to pay before the insurance actually start paying. Remember higher deductible have less premium than a plan with lower deductible. Atlas America insurance offer a set of deductible options for the travelers to choose from. Atlas America insurance has a range of deductible option from $0 up to $5,000.
  • What is a provider network of Atlas America Medical Insurance?
    It is a network of health care providers. Insurance companies form these in order to control the costs of health care. An insurance plan would pay 100% of the eligible expenses if the insured is admitted to hospital or health care center within the provider network.
  • What is coinsurance in Atlas America visitor insurance?
    This is a percentage of the bill that the travel has to pay. Atlas America plan pays 100% of eligible expenses after the deductible up to the overall maximum limit.
  • Renewability of Atlas America Travel health insurance
    Sometime the travel plans may change and a US visitor may be required to extend their period of stay. Atlas America Insurance can be renewed for 364 days.
  • Eligibility to buy Atlas America Insurance Online
    Atlas America Insurance is a popular US visitor insurance plan that offers comprehensive medical coverage to Non US citizens visiting US for a short period. Atlas America Insurance is quite popular among h1b/ h4 visa holders and students on opt status as it has not limitation on buying insurance if they are already in the US for quite some time.
  • Atlas America Pre-existing conditions Visitors Insurance for international travelers
    Atlas America insurance offers coverage for acute onset of pre-existing conditions up to the age of 79 years for acute onset of pre-existing conditions..

Atlas America insurance summary

Best Rating Atlas America insurance Ratings
  • AM Best Rating: A++ (Superior)
  • Standard & Poor’s Rating: AA-
underwriters Atlas America insurance Underwritter
  • Underwritten by Lloyds, London.

underwriters Restrictions
The Atlas Series is not available to individuals who are physically located in the states of New York, Maryland, or Washington; or in the countries of Canada or Australia at time of purchase.

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