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INF Travel insurance options

INF travel insurance There are several travel health insurance plans available for the visitors traveling outside their home country. These plans usually cover unexpected sickness and injury as well as have benefits for repatriation and evacuation, luggage loss and delay and trip interruption. However, one of the most important benefit that most travelers, in particular older travelers need is the coverage for pre-existing medical conditions.

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Best visitors insurance with “Full Coverage” for Pre-Existing Conditions

pre-existing travel insurance We have some exciting news to relate to you regarding a new plan with the most extensive coverage of pre-existing coverage we know of (and maybe on the market)! The company is INF and their plan is called Elite Network. It is only for travel to the USA and must be purchased for three months or more, but it promises “full” pre-existing condition coverage AND it is available for clients from ages 0 to 99! How can they promise that? What does it mean? Read on and I will explain.

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INF visitors insurance for pre-existing conditions coverage in USA

inf visitor insurance International travelers look for good travel insurance plans, that provide adequate coverage while they are outside their home country. People in the age range of 50 - 99 are also looking for coverage for pre-existing medical conditions. Many US insurance companies provide visitor travel health insurance plans for short term travel outside one’s home country.

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New rules on health insurance for immigrants and visitors coming to the US

visitor immigrant insurance Since the announcement that new immigrants into the US should not impose a burden on the healthcare system of the US by President Trump on October 4, 2019, we have seen the calls, emails and general inquiries for visitor insurance, particularly for new immigrants explode! While the proclamation seems to apply only for persons seeking permanent resident status (an eventual “green card”), it seems that consulates all over the world, particularly in Latin America, are applying the rule for even tourist entry.

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New immigrants health insurance requirement for immigrant visa

immigrant insurance They must show the ability to pay for medical costs when they become permanent residents of the US. The proclamation which will become officially effective on November 3 has ordered consular officers be sure applicants will be covered by health insurance or show they have the financial resources to pay for future medical costs.

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Immigrant insurance mandatory for US visa

Mandatory health insurance for new US immigrants The US government has issued a proclamation on October 4th 2019 that proof of proper US immigrant health insurance is required to be issued US visas to enter the country. The proclamation states that this new rule will become effective from the 3rd of November 2019.

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Affordable travel insurance Online

Travel Health insurance Fixed benefit or scheduled benefit plans are the most affordable international travel insurance plans. These fixed affordable health travel insurance plans are cheapest but provide limited cover for unexpected sickness and injury while outside ones home country.Most of these fixed benefit affordable world travel insurance plans are per injury/sickness plans. Per injury/sickness plans set the policy maximum back to the original amount after some amount is used in case of a claim expense.

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Best travel insurance for Schengen Visa, Popular insurance for Schengen Visa

best schengen visa travel insurance Whether it is the Eiffel tower in Paris or the numerous beautiful historic monuments in Rome, or the museums in Madrid, Europe has always been the very place of tourist attractions and continues to be the popular tourist destination for travelers the world over. As a result there has been a steady increase in visitors to Europe annually. Traveling and getting to know different cultures, trying new cuisines, and spending time in a new country develops a sense of understanding about different lifestyles which broadens one horizons and can inspire in a positive way.

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Compare US travel insurance online quotes

backpackers travel insurance There is no one way to compare travel insurance plans. That is why we, at American Visitor Insurance, put so much information into the search engine results when you enter information and ask for a quote. It really depends what is more important to you. For example, if you are going on a family vacation with grandma and you are worried about grandma’s health situation and feel if she is not well and cannot travel, then you should purchase a trip cancellation policy for the whole group of you.

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Reliable US Travel Insurance, Best Travel insurance USA for visitors to USA

backpackers travel insurance There are always bad reviews to read (some of them are quite scary) about insurance companies. Some people may read these and feel there is no point to getting health insurance for a trip. I hope you do not fall into this category; the fact you are reading our website suggests you are at least interested in making such a purchase. There are many problems with online reviews. There is no way to know if they are real complaints or just trolling.

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Best US Travel Insurance for acute onset of pre-existing conditions

backpackers travel insurance Pre existing condition is a health condition or a health issue that has been existing in the individual, before the individual has purchased or enrolled in a health insurance plan. This means it has existed at the time of application for the insurance plan or immediately for certain period of time preceding the application of individual for travel health insurance plan. Pre existing condition coverage is definitely an important feature that is part of any travel health insurance plan. Travel health Insurance plans normally exclude coverage for Pre existing conditions.

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Comparison of Popular US travel insurance, Fixed benefit and Comprehensive US travel insurance

Popular US travel insurance Fixed benefit Travel insurance plans are also known as scheduled benefit plans. They are limited in their coverage. They are low priced and highly economical and are attractive for the customers. Taking a deeper look, Fixed plans set a fixed amount for each and every benefit. Co insurance is not applicable to these plans as they do not pay any percentage amount for the benefits provided. Policy maximum values for these plans are generally $50,000 and $100,000, but the claims are not paid up to the policy maximum for every benefit.

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Can I get temporary health insurance while moving to USA

backpackers travel insurance Yes, you can get temporary US health insurance which is also known as short term visitor health insurance or travel health insurance. This short term travel insurance is often needed for travelers visiting the US. visitor health insurance plans cover unexpected sickness and injuries shielding the visitor from expensive medical bills that otherwise need to be paid out of pocket. There are different plans available depending on the travelers visa status and individual needs.

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Best International student health insurance

backpackers travel insurance International student health insurance plans are required by foreign students who pursue their higher education outside their home country. The US is one of the most popular destination for Masters and Doctoral programs for such students. The universities in the US usually have a mandatory health insurance requirement. While the Universities often insist on specific university health insurance plans, they offer students the option of buying student insurance outside the university plan if it satisfies university requirements.

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Do Backpackers need travel insurance?

backpackers travel insurance It is strongly recommended that backpackers buy travel medical insurance. Something may go wrong when you are travelling which thanks to Murphy’s law , without insurance can be traumatic and end up in huge financial mess. Smart backers buy international travel insurance that cover expenses from hospitalization due to sudden sickness or accidental injuries. Travel insurance plans also cover loss of passport, trip delay, trip interruption.

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Importance of Business Travel insurance

business travel insurance International travel health insurance is of vital importance, and the travel insurance document is one of the most important document during international travel. Travel insurance essentially insures the health of the traveller will sometimes also offering other coverage for the costs of travel. Visitor medical insurance is temporary health insurance that takes care of medical unexpected expenses of international travellers while in a foreign country. It takes care of expenses that are incurred for unexpected sickness or injury or any emergency medical situation.

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International travel insurance home country

travel Health insurance International travelers visiting the US are traveling away from their home country to a foreign country, where they need to take care of many things amongst which health insurance is a very essential requirement. The domestic health insurance from one’s home country might not provide sufficient coverage in a foreign country. In particular the US is known for it's expensive healthcare system for visitors and it is very important to make sure that our US Travel health insurance is taken care of to make us feel safe and secured in a new unknown place.

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Buying International student health insurance with different payment options

international student medical insurance International students who enroll in the US Universities as well as US students studying outside the US have to satisfy one important requirement of the University, which is to have adequate health insurance. International students are not eligible for the domestic health care options and they need to buy health insurance that satisfies the requirements specified by the University. Most Universities in the US have student health insurance plans which the student can buy to qualify for basic health coverage.

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Travel insurance Mexico

Zocalo, Mexico City I just got back from a fantastic trip to beautiful Mexico! I went to Mexico City with my two youngest sons to show them some sites and visit family down there. As it happens, before we left, I purchased an annual plan for the whole family which will cover us, not only abroad, but also when we are 100 miles away from home. This was important to me because our current domestic insurance, while good, does not cover us very well when we are out of state. AND, since we travel out of state quite often (several times per month), I always had this bit of a worry in the back of my mind.

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International travel insurance home country

US Immigrant Insurance Here's a short blog to answer some questions about "home" country and "destination" country issues that come up in customer care fairly regularly. Our plans are for travel away from your home country. They are short term policies meant to cover you only while on your vacation or travel abroad. They are not meant to cover you while you are "home". But what does "home" mean? Your "home" country is often defined as where you have your true fixed residence where you receive mail. Easy, right? Well, this can be a bit more confusing for someone who has been a student (for example) for 4 years in a different country.

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US Immigrant insurance plans

US Immigrant Insurance There are several thousands of travelers coming to the US every year. Many of these visitors are visiting for short stays while others come to live longer in the US. One significant group traveling to the United States are prospective immigrants. These are people who come to the US and over time settle down permanently in the US as immigrants. They initially come as temporary residents to work, study or do research and then apply for the permanent residency in the US.

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Best time to buy travel health Insurance

US Immigrant Insurance Today I am going to talk about the timing of getting your travel health insurance. We get many calls from people who are already on their trip (here in the US or abroad) and wonder if they can “now” purchase visitors medical insurance. Of course, we recommend that you purchase your visitors insurance after you have your tickets and travel dates in order so that you are covered from the moment you leave until the time you return (for tricky time zone issues note that all policies begin and end using Eastern Standard Time). However, you can still purchase insurance once you are on your trip.

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Globe Hopper Senior Travel Insurance for US citizens and residents

Globe Hopper Senior Travel Insurance for US citizens and residents While we have looked at many visitor insurance plans for seniors visiting the US, let us look at this option of international travel insurance ideal for US permanent residents and citizens. Traveling outside the country is a big deal in itself to worry about and it medical uncertainty is definitely not to be ignored. Globe Hopper Seniors travel insurance plan is ideal for seniors leaving the US to travel outside. This plan provides affordable market leading coverage which gives protection for medical related matters while traveling outside the US.

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Visitors Insurance for acute onset of Pre-existing conditions

Visitors Medical Insurance for parents To ensure that any travel and stay in a foreign country is hassle free and memorable travelers should buy proper visitor medical insurance. Visitor travel health insurance can prevent stress by providing good medical cover for unexpected sickness and injury. We come across many travelers especially older travelers, who along with visitor insurance are suffering from existing medical ailments. In other words they need coverage for acute onset of an pre-existing medical condition. Obviously, this condition is of higher concern while traveling to a foreign country.

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Visitors Medical Insurance for parents with pre-existing conditions

Visitors Medical Insurance for parents International travel has become a fairly very common activity today with people from different age groups traveling across countries while wanting to create memorable memories depending on the occasion. People even in their 60s and 70s travel quite often outside their home country. This might not be such an easy decision for some, given the concerns of safety and health. Given that at this age, travelers cannot take their health for granted it is important to take a careful view while traveling long distances.

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Compare best OPT medical insurance

international student medical insurance International students in the United States after completing their required academic coursework (some students choose to graduate, but others might not have formally graduated) but are still in their US international student F1 visa status will enter the Optional Practical Training (OPT) program. As part of the OPT program, international students are temporarily employed in their major area of study and OPT is the work permit for them to work in their specialized field.

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Compare best international student health insurance

international student health insurance The new college semester is fast approaching and it is that time of the year when students are enrolling for the semester courses in US universities. It is a known fact that healthcare in the US is expensive and since it is not have a nationalized healthcare system, individuals have to pay for all medical expenses. This means it is required for the international students to buy good student health insurance as it is unimaginable to handle the healthcare costs out of pocket.
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Comparing Visitor insurance to find the best plan for your needs

Travel health insurance International travel whether on a vacation, or to spend time with family, to study, or for work ...can be a lot of fun and exciting only when the travel and stay is efficiently organized. Travel health Insurance also known as Visitors Insurance is one of the important travel arrangements that one needs to have before traveling overseas. If Visitors medical insurance is not taken care of, the trip can become financially and emotionally stressful resulting in a bad experience.

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Visitor medical insurance for Parents visiting family in the US

Travel health insurance for senior citizens Thanks to the amazing growth in the technology, we live in a global village, where travel across the world has become easier and diverse cultures are living together. As a result the number of people traveling outside their home country has increased exponentially in the 21st century. We now see that a lot of people who have settled abroad, where they have found their dream job and have achieved success in their careers, but are living far away from their families who remain in their home country.

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Trip insurance for US citizens traveling within the United States

US citizens traveling within the United States At American Visitor Insurance, we also offer trip plans for US citizens planning trips away from their homes either inside or outside the US. Many of us are faced more and more with inadequate medical coverage when we travel, particularly out of our home states. High deductibles and coinsurance rates make travel extremely risky, particularly if we want to enjoy a ski vacation in Colorado, California, Utah, Idaho or Upstate New York, a golfing vacation in Hawaii, Arizona, Carolinas, Florida or Georgia, a cruise in Alaska, or a surfing vacation along the California coast or simply a long road trip across the United States.

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Multi-trip Coverage for US citizens and US residents with a Primary Health Care Plan

Multi-trip Coverage for US citizens One type of travel medical insurance policy available to US citizens is a multi-trip plan. This type of plan is purchase annually and cover multiple trips ranging from 30 to 45 days long as often as needed during the course of the year. They require a person to have a primary health care plan and will generally only cover a person if they leave the country (but for Voyager Annual insurance which offers coverage within the country also, see details below).

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International Student medical insurance options

International student insurance It's that time of year again when colleges and schools are gearing back up for a new year. Here at American Visitor Insurance, we've helped thousands of international students secure the insurance they need to study in the US and abroad! Here's a little buying guide to help you choose an economical plan that will meet your institution's requirements. Students and scholars should be aware that several policies charge significantly more for a dependent on the policy or don't allow coverage for dependents.

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Travel insurance for visiting Canada

travel insurance for visiting Canada Canada is among the more popular tourist destinations, especially for visitors from the US, the UK, and other European countries. Beyond tourism, people travel to Canada for work, for education as well as to visit friends and family. Given this range of visitors, some stay for a few days while others stay for few months. An increase in visitors to Canada has raised some valid concerns about healthcare of the visitors while in the country.
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Compare Atlas America and Atlas premium travel insurance

Atlas travel insurance plans Travel health Insurance is essential for international travel and it is important to choose the most appropriate plan among the many different options available. Choosing a travel health insurance plan can be a daunting task especially for older travellers, since the coverage available reduces for people above the age of 70 years. You can Compare Atlas Travel insurance and the Atlas Premium travel insurance plans to differentiate and choose the right plan for our needs!
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Best international travel insurance

Why Coinsurance and dedcutible Most international travel insurance plans have a deductible and co-insurance. Now what are they? And Why does an insurance plan have deductible and coinsurance? Deductible is the initial amount the insured has to pay before the insurance plan actually starts paying. Insurance companies always design insurance products with a payment from the customer. In regular health insurance plans, it is often called 'Co-pay'. In visitor travel insurance, it is referred to as a 'Deductible'.

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Liaison Student insurance plans by Seven Corners

Liaison student insurance plans It is that time of the year when international students from around the globe come to the US to start their higher education or when US Students go overseas for an international education experience. International students the world over are busy during this period in making arrangements to come to the US or go to a foreign country.

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2018 Liaison travel insurance offered by Seven Corners

Liaison travel insurance plans Healthcare is very expensive in the US and this is a known fact to most travelers. US Domestic healthcare is only available for US citizens and permanent residents of the country. Amongst the many travel insurance plans in the market let us shed some light on the Liaison Travel plans which has been updated in 2018 with new features by the Seven Corners insurance company.
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Annual multi-trip travel insurance

Annual multi-trip travel insurance Proper travel Insurance is an extremely important and high priority item when you travel outside of your home country. Given the high cost of healthcare, the probability of needing medical assistance outside your home country or if you consider the risks of terrorist attacks and many other factors that might unexpectedly cross our paths, it is prudent to have adequate international travel insurance.
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Canadian travelers

travel insurance for Canada We get many, many Canadians traveling all over the world calling us with their questions. Many come to the US and have little idea of how our insurance policies work and if they are eligible for them. I thought I would put together a little blog to give some information for these adventurous travelers.
As I understand it, Canadians have great health insurance coverage while in Canada and this can be extended for coverage in the US as well. However, they often (I am told) cannot renew a policy and must return to Canada to purchase more coverage. There are options available from us both before and after you leave Canada.
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Visitor medical insurance cover for heart attacks

visitor insurance coverage for heart attacks Visitors Insurance are very popular given the increase in the number of people traveling outside their home country. People who travel internationally, are often insecure about the coverage for healthcare, while they are in a foreign land. It is because the healthcare is hugely expensive, when it comes to developed countries like the US and other parts of Europe. It is intimidating to be without health insurance in a foreign land which means you will have to pay out of pocket in case of unexpected injury or sickness that might need medical assistance.
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Insurance cover for Motocross racing - Hazardous sports insurance

Hazardous sports insurance Motocross racing is a popular sporting activity which is considered as a hazardous adventure sporting activity. At Americam Visitor Insurance we come across travellers from Australia, Canada and other European countries like the UK are the ones who are most interested in this sporting activity. While this sports activity is adventurous, there are specially designed adventure or hazardous sport insurance which is also considered risky in case of an accident. Insurance coverage for unexpected injury is the major requirement for this sports activity.
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Travel Health Insurance for US travelers both outside and within the US

International travel insurance for US citizens Visitor Medical Insurance plans that are a priority for international travel are the ones that provide coverage for pre-existing conditions. International Medical Group (IMG) offers plans that have coverage for acute onset of pre-existing conditions. We can see how the plans that IMG offers differs in their benefits for the acute onset of pre-existing conditions.

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International Medical Group (IMG) visitors insurance for pre-existing conditions

IMG plans with pre-existing conditions Visitor Medical Insurance plans that are a priority for international travel are the ones that provide coverage for pre-existing conditions. International Medical Group (IMG) offers plans that have coverage for acute onset of pre-existing conditions. We can see how the plans that IMG offers differs in their benefits for the acute onset of pre-existing conditions.

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International Medical Group (IMG) visitor medical insurance for older travelers

IMG plans for older travelers The travel Insurance industry is very big and is a very important requirement considering the large number of people traveling all around the world. It is also quite common for travelers above 60 years of age traveling overseas either for a vacation or visiting family members. The International Medical Group (IMG) has some travel insurance plans that has been designed keeping elderly travelers in mind.

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International Medical Group (IMG) Trip delay and cancellation Insurance

trip protection Travel Insurance is a key requirement for international travel, especially to countries like the US, where healthcare is very expensive and having travel medical insurance can put a smile on your face. When we talk about travel insurance we are referring to health insurance for visitors also commonly known as visitor insurance. But then the word travel arises a question, whether the insurance covers only the travel or is it a medical insurance as well?

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Global medical insurance by International Medical Group (IMG)

expats International Medical Group (IMG) is a US based reputed insurance provider offering health insurance plans for international travelers and expatriates. These plans are ideal for expats and their families, regular global travelers and individuals who have dual citizenship and travel to different countries often. Expats and Diplomats are often surprised to learn that their US domestic health plan does not cover them in other countries where they travel or live.

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Patriot International travel insurance

patriot international insurance Patriot International travel insurance is an international travel plan from International Medical Group (IMG) which is designed for people traveling outside their home country and outside the US. This is available to Non US citizens traveling to other countries other than the US. This plan is ideal for tourists traveling to Europe or Schengen countries. It is a comprehensive option and satisfies the Schengen Visa requirements.

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International Medical Group (IMG) - Patriot Exchange vs Student Health Advantage

Patriot Exchange vs Student Health Advantage Insurance Patriot Exchange student medical insurance is a student plan offered by International Medical Group (IMG) which is designed for international students and scholars coming to the US. International students come to the US on F1 Student visa while research scholars, professors and exchange visitors come to the US on the J1 Visa. J1 Visa holders also come to participate in programs that promote cultural exchange and to get medical and business training in the US.

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International Medical Group (IMG): Visitors Care vs Patriot Travel Insurance

IMG Visitors Care vs Patriot Travel Insurance Visitors Care is a fixed benefit visitor medical insurance product offered by International Medical Group(IMG). This plan is available for Non US citizens traveling outside their home country. This plan specifies the amount of limits for every benefit like a typical fixed plan. This insurance plans does not have a co-insurance associated with it.This plan offers acute on set of pre-existing coverage up to the plan maximum under 70 years.

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Fixed or Scheduled benefits versus Comprehensive visitors insurance

Fixed or Scheduled benefits versus Comprehensive Plans Visitor health insurance plans for international travelers are available online and are offered by many US based short term travel health insurance providers. These visitor insurance plans are broadly classified into two groups namely Fixed benefits and Comprehensive visitor insurance plans.Fixed benefits visitor insurance plans are also known as Scheduled Benefit plans and are cheaper and affordable travel health insurance plans. They are economically priced which makes them attractive to some travelers.

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Patriot Travel medical insurance from International Medical Group (IMG)

Compare IMG Patriot Travel medical insurance International Medical Group (IMG) is one of the renowned and popular US health insurance companies focusing on short term visitor medical insurance. Being an established player in the visitor health insurance industry, they provide unique travel medical insurance plans for visitors traveling outside their home country. Amongst their top visitor insurance plans are the Patriot comprehensive plans. These plans are classified based on the eligibility status and benefits provided.

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Inbound Insurance plans by Seven Corners

Inbound Insurance from Seven Corners Seven Corners has designed some affordable visitor medical insurance products for non US citizens visiting the US. Inbound Insurance plans are fixed benefits plans and offer limited coverage for different medical expenses. These plans namely Inbound USA, Inbound Choice, Inbound Guest and Inbound Immigrant. All these plans offer coverage for travelers up to the age of 99 years. These plans cover pre-existing conditions up to the chosen plan maximum for travelers aged up to 69 years.

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Eligibility for buying visitor health insurance

Buying visitor health insurance for USA One of the more crucial requirements for international travel is visitor medical insurance since medical expenses in a foreign country can be crippling in countries like the US where cost of healthcare is very expensive. Having sufficient insurance makes your international travel an enjoyable experience taking care of your hard earned money in the event of any unexpected injury or sickness.

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Round Trip International trip protection insurance plan

Round Trip International for Non US citizens There are plenty of amazing destinations around the world that people would want to visit during their lifetime. Others might want to travel overseas either for work or to visit friends and family. Given the access to information and the technology available it is not difficult anymore to plan an international trip. Everything you need is available on the internet. The most important and crucial requirement that people planning a trip are concerned is adequate travel insurance.

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US Health Care costs and the need for visitor health insurance

Health Every year United States of America sees an increase in the number of international visitors. In this context, we often come across this question "What is the health care cost or medical expenses in the US medical facilities and hospitals?" Health Care while excellent is very expensive even when compared to other developed nations of Europe or Japan. Americans face astronomical medical care costs that seem to defy the law of economics.

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Travel insurance coverage for US travelers traveling outside the USA

Travel insurance coverage for US travelers traveling outside the USA It is interesting to me as an agent what different travelers value and expect from their international health insurance. We have recently seen a growing number of US citizens and residents requesting coverage for their trips outside the US. There are specific plans (usually at a better price when compared to plans for coverage within the US) available for this travel outside the US and they allow a generous amount for emergency medical evacuation which is often a concern for US travelers (I know it was for me on my trip this past summer).

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Visitor Health Insurance for unexpected injury and accidents

Visitor Health Insurance for accidents On Oct 1st, 2017 there was a massive shootout in Las Vegas, USA. As a result of this shootout 59 people were killed and around 500 people were injured. One gunman from a nearby hotel in the Las Vegas strip fired thousands of rifle rounds on a large crowd of concertgoers on the Route 91 Harvest music festival on the Las Vegas strip. This incident serves as an example of a massive unexpected accident causing injury and even death to visitors who were visiting the United States, in this case to the casino town of Las Vegas.

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Importance of buying visitors medical insurance

Importance of buying visitors medical insurance If you are traveling to the United States, it is important that you buy good visitors medical insurance. While visiting the US is fun, being forced to go to an US hospital can be traumatic. Unlike some other western nations, the United States does not have universal health care and domestic health insurance plans are limited to US residents. As a visitor to the US, you have to pay for medical/dental services should you need it.

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Diplomat America Comprehensive visitors health insurance

Diplomat America Comprehensive Insurance plan The international travel health Insurance industry has grown hugely thanks to the growing number of visitors to the US and US residents traveling overseas. Travelers of all ages travel internationally, be it for business, vacation, higher education, visiting family or simply exploring a different part of the globe…There are several US insurance providers who offer comprehensive travel health insurance plans online which makes it easy for visitors to buy the plan quickly.

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Visit USA Health Care visitor health insurance

Visit USA Health Care visitor insurance plan In today’s global village people travel overseas and to different corners of the globe for different reasons. In this context, it is common to see people of different age groups traveling to the United States. One of the most important things that they should be concerned is that of health insurance, commonly known as visitor medical insurance or travel health insurance as healthcare in the US is very expensive. Paying out of one’s pocket even for a minor medical expense is unimaginable for a visitor who is visiting from another country and is new to the US and its culture and lifestyle. One never knows what can happen while you are outside your home country.

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Liaison insurance plans by Seven Corners

Liaison plans from Seven Corners During the summer months is when people travel overseas, in particular those who are visiting the United States and are unaccustomed to the cold American winters. Traveling outside your home country is not easy unless you are thoroughly prepared with all the required paperwork and planned your travel itinerary well. However what is often overlooked is travel insurance, remember, wherever you travel overseas your health insurance does not follow you abroad and is usually not valid in a foreign country. This is why you need to research and buy proper international travel health insurance which provides coverage in your travel destination.

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Atlas America travel insurance by Tokiomarine HCC (formerly HCCMIS)

Tokiomarine Atlas America Insurance Traveling outside your home country is very common now in today’s global village. People travel overseas as many have their children and families living in different countries including the US whom they visit, people also travel for their education and skill development, career prospects and work, last but not the least, people travel on vacations to explore new lands. Travel Insurance or travek health Insurance or Visitor Health Insurance is very important along with other important items one might consider. When it comes to travel insurance the health insurance that you might have in your home country is not of any use while outside your home country.

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Visitor Secure Insurance from Tokiomarine HCC (formerly HCCMIS and MNUI)

Visitor Secure Insurance from Tokiomarine HCC Traveling outside your home country is a novel experience to a lot of travellers especially if they are visiting their son or daughter in another country who has been overseas for some time. People might just want to visit their family abroad whom they have not met in a long time or they might just want to vacation outside their home country.
To make their visit memorable, it is important to ensure that all of their documentation is complete and that they have all that they need while they are outside their home country. Travel health Insurance commonly known as Travel Insurance or Visitor Insurance is one such high priority item that will put the traveller at ease, and something that he/she can rely in case of any medical emergency while in a foreign country.

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Patriot America Plus – Popular travel insurance with pre-existing condition coverage by International Medical Group

Patriot America Plus insurance with pre-existing condition coverage Travel to another country can involve paperwork for passports and visa. Very important amongst all this is travel health insurance or visitor health insurance, however travel insurance can be purchased with ease online. The absence of adequate travel health insurance can make your trip a nightmare while having one can make your trip an enjoyable experience. One never knows when a medical condition can occur while you are outside your home country in a new place, new people, new culture.

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Visitors Care affordable visitor travel insurance by International Medical Group (IMG)

Visitors Care insurance Travel health insurance protects one in the event of unexpected illness or injury while traveling outside the country. It is a great opportunity to travel internationally but at the same time to make our travel and stay in an outside country an enjoyable and memorable experience purchasing travel health insurance is very essential. International Medical Group (IMG) provides several travel medical insurance plans or visitor insurance plans classified broadly into 2 kinds namely Fixed and Comprehensive. Let’s learn about the Visitors Care Fixed plan of IMG in more detail.

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Travel health Insurance for Adventure Sports

Health Insurance for Adventure Sports It is very common that we have customers who want to take part in adventure sports either as an unorganized activity just for the thrill of it, or as an organized event. People travel from different parts of the world to participate in these activities. Whether it is a sports activity for fun and thrill or an organized event, the most important issue to be highlighted is the need for travel insurance with sports coverage .There are various travel/health insurance plans that provide coverage for adventure sports activities but there might be some activities which these plans do not cover.

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Safe Travels Primary and Secondary International Travel Health Insurance

Safe Travels Primary and Secondary International Travel Health Insurance Health Insurance is one of the high priority items when it comes to travel outside of the home country. There are many health insurance companies which provide short term insurance for foreign nationals during their stay in the US or outside their home countries. Having health insurance is a good thing but what if a person has two plans? Does it mean they are covered for double the coverage in terms of benefits? Not exactly, but having two health insurance plans does help to cover the medical expenses better through co-ordination of benefits provision. You might be thinking that why there is need to buy two plans when we can have one plan and get the necessary coverage.

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Travel Health insurance coverage for emergency medical evacuation

emergency medical evacuation insurance coverage Travel health insurance which includes medical evacuation is a high priority and should be considered before traveling overseas, especially to countries where health care outside the big cities is patchy. A review of available travel insurance options is an important part of any pre travel consultation. Medical care overseas for medical emergencies might involve paying through cash or credit card at the point of service and this could be a large out of pocket expense in thousands or tens of thousands of dollars.

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Travel insurance plan maximum

travel health insurance plan maximum More than a billion people currently live outside the country of their birth. People are living and working outside their home countries in numbers like never before. All of this results in people travelling outside international borders regularly for reasons like education, vacation, business, visiting family members... As a consequence of this regular travel, there is a tremendous need for the health insurance industry to provide travel health insurance for international travellers. There are numerous American travel health insurance providers selling health insurance plans for international travellers. However, there are many terminologies that we come across while choosing a plan for us which can be confusing for people outside the insurance industry.

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Insuring Your Travel Investment

Insuring Your Travel Investment Greetings, fellow travelers! I recently purchased a trip insurance policy for myself and researched all the available options on our site here atAmerican Visitor Insurance. I thought I would share my results with you all to give some insight on these plans, their purpose and what to look for. Firstly, you may ask: Why purchase a trip insurance policy? What is the difference between these and travel health insurance? Well, a trip insurance policy allows you to insure a value which you paid for the trip. You purchase the policy in advance and then, should something happen to prevent you from going on your trip, you would get your money back that you would have lost since you were not able to go on your trip.

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Co-insurance and Deductible – factors which determine your travel insurance costs

Travel health Insurance deductible and coinsurance Health Insurance is now an integral requirement for international travel, and given the myriad options available online it is not an easy decision. However, it is important to take care of this before you travel as healthcare and medical help is very expensive in foreign nations and your domestic health insurance plans travel with you overseas. There are many private insurance companies who offer visitor insurance also commonly known as visitor medical insurance. With so many choices of plans online, it gets a little tricky to select the right plan for your specific situation and needs.

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Travel health insurance for new baby born in US

Health Insurance for new baby born in US People come to US on various purposes like research, higher education, business, vacation, job, visiting family... There are times when people come on visas like J1, F1…with their spouses on J2 and F2 accompanying them to the US. Normally the J1 and F1 holders who are the primary holders get health insurance coverage from the University or School that they are enrolled in. Sometimes they go in search of private health insurance plans which satisfy the requirements of the University/School and any insurance needs of the visa that they hold.

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Trip Insurance vs Travel Medical vs Global Medical Insurance

trip insurance Confused whether you need to buy Trip Insurance or Travel medical insurance or long term Global health insurance? If you have planned an expensive trip or a cruise vacation and want to ensure that your trip expenses are insured, then you should buy Trip Protection insurance. Trip protection insurance is also commonly known as travel insurance or trip cancellation insurance. This insurance comes into play should your trip be cancelled or interrupted for any reason, then this insurance will reimburse the eligible pre-paid and the non-refundable portions of the trip.

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Greater Coverage for Pre-Existing Conditions for Older Travelers!

Pre-Existing Conditions Insurance cover for Older Travelers Here at American Visitor Insurance we are always striving to get you the best options possible for your travels or for your visitors! We recently added a new policy to our line up and we'd like to introduce you to it! We have teamed up with Trawick International to offer a new array of traveler and student plans. One of their policies we find quite note-worthy since it offers the highest coverage for pre-existing conditions that we have found for persons over 70 years of age. Their policy called, Safe Travels USA Comprehensive, is for non-US citizens visiting the United States.

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Resourceful features to understand Visitor medical insurance

Resourceful features to understand Visitor medical insurance Every year people from all corners of the globe visit the United States just as Americans travel overseas. The reason for international travel can vary such as for business, vacation, visiting family and friends, education, research… However what is often overlooked but is actually extremely important is international travel insurance. Travel health insurance is also popularly known as visitor medical insurance or simply visitor insurance.

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Is there a baby on the way? Congratulations!

pregnancy insurance coverage Spring feels just around the corner when I get call after call asking questions about insurance to cover maternity costs. It warms my heart a bit and makes the cold of winter a little easier to bear! Since many companies have recently cut or reduced their coverage for maternity, I thought it timely to write something on this topic! Since we focus on short term policies on our website, I'll start with those, but in this case, the best coverage comes from long term, international plans which I will list at the end.

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Snowbirds travel insurance in USA for Canadians

Snowbirds travel insurance for Canadians There are about 500,000 Canadians who escape the harsh winter and head South to the United States. These Canadian snowbirds specifically come to the states Florida, Arizona, Texas, Hawaii and California which are considered the top 5 snowbird destinations. We all know of the very expensive health care system in the US. Should you fall ill or get injured, the out of pocket medical expenses can be financially crippling if you do not have sufficient travel medical insurance or travel health insurance.

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Study USA student health insurance

Study USA student health insurance To study in a foreign country you must make sure that you have adequate health insurance. This is to cover your medical expenses that can be a nightmare in the absence of a student health insurance plan. You need a reliable health insurance plan that can give you adequate coverage and benefit options according to your requirements. Study USA plan offered by Travel Insurance Services provides medical coverage with excellent network of health care providers and satisfies the basic University requirements for International students.

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Patriot Exchange student health insurance

Patriot exchange student insurance Patriot Exchange student insurance is offered by the International Medical Group (IMG) and is designed for students participating in educational and cultural exchange programs abroad. This is a per injury sickness plan and satisfies the US J1 Visa requirements. This plan has a policy maximum of $50,000, $100,000, $250,000 and $500,000. The plan has a deductible of $100. Repatriation available for $25,000 and medical evacuation of $50,000 for exchange visitor to his or her home country.

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Health insurance for US Students studying abroad

Health Insurance for US Students studying abroad Studying abroad is a very positive experience, something all students will look back with very fond memories. Studying abroad is a wonderful opportunity to experience a new culture and learn a new local language and new traditions which along with the college education adds to the memorable experience. If you are a person who loves to explore and visit new places and know about the history and culture and conduct research of any sort then this can be your dream come true!

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International Students medical insurance for studying in USA

International students health insurance The United States has the world’s largest international student population. There are over 800,000 students coming to US for their higher education and to broaden their life experience in the US. About 31% of the total international student population is from China and about 16% is from India. The rest of the population is spread out between students coming from Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Taiwan, Brazil, Japan, Mexico... This number has been growing every year.

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Student Secure insurance for International Students

student secure insurance The American Health Care system is one of the best but also among the most expensive systems in the world. Health Care for even a minor illness or accident can cost tens of thousands of dollars. One of the high priority requirements for international students is to get quality health care while they study in the US. Most colleges and Universities in US offer general health insurance for international students in which the coverage varies from basic medical care for minor sickness or injury to major sophisticated multi doctor primary care centers, X-rays, lab tests, prescription drugs...

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Student Health Advantage insurance for international students

International medical group Student health advantage insurance One of the important high priority things to students coming to the US is health insurance plan to cover them in US during their stay in the US. International students from outside come to study in a number of US Universities on F1 Visa. Sometimes we have the F2 Visa holder who is the spouse of F1 accompany their spouse to the US. The catch is to find the right insurance plan that fulfills their needs and satisfies any University requirement that is mandatory.

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Brexit and Dollar appreciation

Insurance for traveling to europe Americans continue to travel around the world in very large numbers. Despite recent acts of terrorism in different parts of the world and increasing violence in tourist spots, people enjoy traveling overseas. Thanks to the internet, and ease of buying airline tickets and hotel reservations, savvy travellers even change their travel plans on short notice based on sudden changes and varying exchange rates.

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Buying Insurance for Schengen Visa

Schengen visa insurance I know that our website name is "American Visitor Insurance", but we actually serve a wide array of travelers. You do not need to be anywhere near the US borders to use our insurance! In particular, we have many customers from across many seas who use our website to purchase insurance to meet Schengen visa insurance requirements.

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Insurance for US citizens traveling to Europe

Insurance for US citizens traveling to Europe When it comes to international travel, there are more places to visit than ever before! Europe however remains one of the favorite destinations for Americans. Many Americans have their roots in Europe, and would like to visit the land of their ancestors. Europe remains a hot destination for several different reasons such as it history, culture, diverse culinary choices, wine, beaches to name a few. This range of options attracts tourists with eclectic tastes.

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Senior citizens and health insurance for visiting US

Senior citizens visiting USA Insurance Are you looking for a travel health insurance for an older traveller? A senior citizen who is in his/her late 70s to visit the United States? Then you will find the following information useful and helpful for your situation.

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Travel insurance for US citizens residing abroad and visiting the US

US citizens visiting USA Travel Insurance International Travel Insurance plans are normally for people traveling outside their home country. There are US citizens who are residing outside the USA and visit US for short durations visiting family, for holidays, business, during Christmas and Thanksgiving holidays or other similar occasions.

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Global Medical insurance policies for pregnancy and maternity

Medical insurance for pregnancy People from foreign nations visit the US for different reasons be it a vacation, spending time with kids and grandchildren, education, work, research, sporting activities and more. It is obvious that they need good medical insurance to cover them for any new sickness and injury that they might encounter during their stay in the US.

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Hurricane Matthew: Significance of visitor medical insurance

Hurricane Matthew visitor medical insurance The poor nation of Haiti and the United States was recently lashed by hurricane Matthew. The hurricane which reached the category 5 Atlantic hurricane is the most powerful hurricane since hurricane Felix in 2007. In Haiti this hurricane resulted in more than 800 deaths.

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Long term Europe Visa insurance for Non US citizens

Long term Europe Visa for Non US citizens European countries such as France, Switzerland… are very big tourist attractions for people all around the world, particularly so for US citizens, most of whom have roots in Europe. Europe is attractive for Americans to explore their roots, get an insight into the rich European history and culture.

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F1 and F2 Visa insurance information

F1 and F2 Visa insurance information The F1 Visa is issued for full time students enrolled in any University in the US, college, high school, private elementary school, seminary, conservatory or a language training program in the US. For any dependents like unmarried children under age 21 or the spouse who accompany F1 Visa holder will be issued F2 Visa during their stay here in the US.

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Visitor Health Insurance for travellers with Diabetes as a pre-existing condition

Visitor Health Insurance for travellers with Diabetes as a pre-existing condition Diabetes commonly referred by doctors with the medical terminology Diabetes Mellitus is a disease where the person has high blood sugar level either due to body’s inability to produce adequate insulin or the body cells do not respond to insulin properly. Initial symptoms include frequent urination, increase in thirst and hunger.

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