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Every year people from all corners of the globe visit the United States on different visas just as Americans travel overseas. The reason for international travel can vary such as for business, vacation, visiting family and friends, education, research… However what is often overlooked but is actually extremely important is international travel insurance. Travel health insurance is also popularly known as visitor medical insurance or simply visitor insurance. There are several facets to travel insurance, there is insurance which focuses on insuring the health of the traveller, while there are other plans which insures the vacation, such as the actual travel expenses, be it the airline ticketing, the hotel reservation, the cruise expenses... There are US insurance companies with insurance plans designed specifically for these different purposes.

This raises several questions like - Which plan to buy? Which insurance provider to trust? What type of plan best suits our needs

The vital factors on which are necessary to view, decide and purchase a plan are:

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All of the above factors filter the list of plans based on your requirements. American Visitor Insurance provides an user friendly resource that puts together all the Visitor Medical Insurance Resources available for a customer to get quotes, view specific plan details and to buy an insurance plan online. There are two kinds of plans "Fixed benefits and Comprehensive visitor insurance plans". The Visitor Insurance features facility helps you find the best visitor insurance for your needs. You can compare between two specific plans using our compare travel insurance plan benefits. People also want to know how to use the insurance, the procedures to file claim, renew or cancel a policy, find out the doctors in the Preferred provider organisation (PPO) network of the insurance company, the contact information for claims and much more. All these details including the buying procedure is explained in detail in the visitor insurance customer care section. Our Visitor insurance - Frequently Asked Question section provides answers for customers with different needs based on the purpose of travel and specific needs. Our Travel insurance forum section consists of the customer queries and answers to those queries. All these resources help customers who are otherwise little informed about the insurance industry make the right decision while buying visitor travel insurance.

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