Types of visitor medical insurance plans in the US

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Explanation of the above categories

  • Visitors Insurance (Tourists): The coverage is designed for visitors, tourists and travelers coming to the USA, Canada or any foreign country for a short period stay.
  • Pre-existing coverage: There is limited coverage for persons with stable pre-existing conditions that will cover them in case of sudden emergency due to their pre-existing condition. Some illnesses and conditions are excluded and clients should ask a customer service representative or read the exclusions to the policies.
  • F1 Visa (International Student) Insurance:  International students coming to the US on the F1 visa, as well as US or other international students traveling outside their home countries can buy these plans.
  • J1 visa Insurance: J visa holders and their dependents can buy our J visa plans. Review quotes and select a plan to buy online.
  • Schengen visa Insurance: The coverage can satisfy health insurance requirements mandated by the consulate for Schengen Visa.
  • US Green Card/Immigrant Insurance: New immigrants who have recently arrived in the USA and need health insurance coverage till they are eligible for domestic insurance can compare and buy these plans. Find the best eligible health insurance plans for green card holders, permanent residents and new immigrants
  • Long term Insurance: These plans offer long term global coverage.
  • Nanny Insurance: Nannies and au pairs who are non US citizens can buy this plan to get health insurance coverage while staying in the United States.
  • Maternity Coverage: If the visitor is not already pregnant and is planning to get pregnant then see some of the available options for them with maternity benefits.
  • Adventure Sports coverage: We have coverage available for adventure sports with most of our plans. Please click on this link to find out the coverage available for your sports activity.
  • Group Insurance:  Insurance Quotes for group of travelers
  • Other US visas:  Review other US visa status for foreign nationals visiting USA

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