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Best health insurance for parents visiting the USA from India - An overview

Given the high cost of health care in the US and the need for medical care for parents visiting the US while in an unfamiliar country, best health insurance to cover the unexpected costs of medical emergencies and unexpected illnesses and injuries is an important necessity. It is very important for parents who are usually above the age 60 or 70. It is very unlikely that the people in this age group might not need any medical attention

High Cost of US Health Care

As mentioned in our introduction, the US offers world class healthcare facilities to its visitors but is very expensive. Parents to the US don’t get free healthcare services in the country. If any of the parents who are travelling to the US face any new or acute onset of pre-existing condition illness or injury, depending on the severity of the issue can incur huge financial loss. An emergency care may cost anywhere between $150 to $1,000,000. The ambulance service costs itself could be as huge as $25,000 and critical care at $1,000,000. In case the illness or injury needs prolonged treatment then there may be a requirement for long stay at the hospital that eventually leads to a huge bill.

The common ailments that international travelers suffer are Heart attack (Myocardial Infraction), Stroke, Fractured limbs or Hip. The cost of routine physician visit is very expensive in the US.

The following are some typical examples of healthcare costs in the US as of 2018 (there is significant increase in costs with each passing year).

  • The common ailments like Diabetes Mellitus with Hyperglycaemia admitted to an emergency room would cost around $25,000.
  • A Stroke resulting in Intensive Care Unit (ICU) for about 10 days would cost $120,000.
  • A Heart attack treatment with medical bills for ambulance, hospital emergency room, ICU, EKG and MRI heart scans and continuing care from cardiologists would cost about $20,000
  • The average treatment cost of acute kidney failure in the USA is around $25,000.
Keeping the cost of health care in mind, what would be the cost of insurance for older travelers to USA?

The cost of insurance for senior citizen in USA plans depends on the following factors.

  • The age of the traveler
  • The maximum medical coverage limit
  • The co-insurance and deductible options
  • The length of insurance coverage
  • Any add-on coverages such as coverage for acute onset of pre-existing conditions and hazardous sports

Travelers can review the above factors while buying insurance for USA.

Common US Healthcare Terms of travel insurance

Deductible is an amount to be paid by the insured for the medical treatment before the actual insurance starts to pay the healthcare services. This is in addition to the co-pay or coinsurance. The insured will need to pay medical fees up to the deductible amount. Therefore the lower the deductible in an insurance plan, the higher is the premium or cost of the insurance plan. The concept of deductible is used by insurance providers to prevent frivolous use of insurance since the customer is liable for the initial payment and will hence use the travel insurance plan judiciously.

Co-pay or Copayment is the fixed amount that the insured will have to pay for the medical service availed. The amounts would usually differ depending on the service availed. The Co-pay and deductible will vary depending on the travel insurance plan chosen and travelers do have the option of No Co-pay and $0 deductible, however this will be more expensive that travel insurance with higher deductible.

Coinsurance is percentage of the total cost of the medical fee to be paid by the insured instead of paying a fixed amount. If the coinsurance is 10% on the travel insurance then the insured will have to pay 10% of the total cost of the bill. The Co-insurance is in addition to the deductible. The Co-insurance in travel insurance is typically capped 10% or 20% up to a certain amount (say $5000) of the medical bill and the insurance pays fully after that amount.

Riders are additional benefits that can be included to a standard travel insurance while buying the insurance. These benefits are otherwise not available in the standard insurance policy. For example parents traveling to the US can add acute onset of pre-existing coverage as an rider in some travel insurance plans.

Network and Out of Network - Generally most of the hospitals in US are linked with the Preferred Provider Organisation (PPO) networks .PPO network refers to the network of doctors and hospitals who have pre-defined working relationship with the insurance providers. Within a PPO network, when a senior citizen is at the hospital for a visit or treatment the hospital or the doctor charges the insurance provider directly. This is significantly cheaper and convenient for older travelers. The insurance provider will provide the insured with the list of hospitals and doctors in their destination country/state so that it will be easier for the older citizen to locate a suitable hospital for the treatment.

Out of network here the insured can go to any doctor in the US and will have to pay for the treatment themselves and then file for reimbursement. This can be confusing and time consuming for senior travelers. At times, it is possible that out of network doctors and hospitals may not be covered.

Senior Travelers can review the glossary for travel insurance to USA to understand other terms and also review our travel insurance guide for easy understanding to buy US visitor medical insurance.

Which is the best travel insurance for parents visiting USA from India?

Best travel insurance for parents visiting USA from India are:

  • Patriot America Plus: Ideal for parents visiting USA, covers acute onset of pre-existing conditions till maximum limit (up to 70 years).
  • Visitors Protect: Available for individuals traveling outside their country of residence and traveling to the US, Mexico, or Canada, covers preexisting conditions up to 99 years.
  • INF Insurance: Provides coverage for Non-US Citizens & anyone visiting USA, Canada, Mexico and traveling worldwide outside their home country.
  • Atlas America: Available for Non-US citizens traveling outside their home country, Covers acute onset of pre-existing conditions till maximum limit (up to 79 years).
  • Safe Travel USA Comprehensive: Available for non U.S. residents and non U.S. citizens, traveling to the USA or USA and then other countries. Covers acute onset of pre-existing conditions up to 89 years.
  • Travel Medical Choice: Coverage for non-U.S. Residents and non-U.S. Citizens while traveling outside of Your Home Country. Covers treatment of acute onset of pre-existing conditions (up to 79 years).

Buying Parents Travel Insurance in US than in India

Purchasing US travel insurance for parents can provide coverage that is more tailored to the healthcare system and costs in the US. Local US knowledge and network ties may be beneficial in navigating the US healthcare landscape. If parents have existing healthcare arrangements or insurance within the United States, a US-based travel insurance plan may integrate more seamlessly with local healthcare providers. US Parents travel insurance policies are typically denominated in US dollars, which may be advantageous if parents expenses, including medical costs, will be in US dollars. This can help avoid currency conversion issues and potential fluctuations.

Most US travel insurance plans often have a network of healthcare providers and facilities within the US. This network can facilitate direct billing arrangements and easier access to medical services. It is easier dealing with a US-based insurance provider as they offer the advantage of easier communication due to language considerations and time zone proximity.

A US-based travel insurance provider usually have a better understanding of the local laws and regulations governing insurance in the United States, potentially simplifying claims processes. US travel insurance plans may come with comprehensive global assistance services, offering 24/7 support, including emergency medical evacuation, travel assistance, and coordination of services. US travel insurance providers may offer specialized coverage options that cater to specific needs of parents and senior travelers, such as coverage for pre-existing medical conditions, emergency medical evacuation or extended trip durations.

Ultimately, it's essential to carefully compare the features, coverage limits, and exclusions of different travel insurance plans for parents from India. Choose a plan that aligns with their travel itinerary, health needs, and preferences, and review all the terms and conditions before making a purchase.

What does visitor insurance for parents from India Cover?

Health insurance for Indian parents visiting USA typically provides coverage for various unexpected events and emergencies.

  • Emergency Medical Expenses: Coverage for medical expenses incurred due to sudden illness or injury during the visit. This may include doctor visits, hospitalization, prescription medications, and emergency medical transportation.
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation: If a serious medical condition arises, the insurance may cover the cost of transporting the insured back to their home country for medical treatment.
  • Repatriation of Remains: In the unfortunate event of death, the insurance may cover the costs associated with returning the remains to the home country.
  • conditions offer limited coverage, while others may exclude them. Always check the policy details regarding pre-existing conditions
Parents visitor insurance
  • Trip Cancellation or Interruption: Some plans may provide reimbursement for prepaid, non-refundable trip expenses in case the trip is canceled or interrupted for covered reasons, such as a medical emergency.
  • Travel Delay: Coverage for additional expenses incurred due to a covered delay, such as accommodation, meals, and transportation.
  • Lost or Delayed Baggage: Reimbursement for essential items if baggage is lost, stolen, or delayed during the trip.
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D): Coverage for accidental death or loss of limbs or eyesight during the trip.
  • Visitors insurance for Parents with Pre-existing Conditions: Some travel insurance for parents over 60 with pre existing medical

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Extending the US visitor visa for parents in the USA

Many parents visiting the US for limited travel are forced to change their travel plans even while on a temporary or short term US visa. These parents have to extend or renew their visa status in order to stay longer in the US. The following is the procedure to extend the US short term visa:
  • Parents should complete the I-539 form for extension of a Non-Immigrant Visa
  • Parents should submit a letter stating the reason with detailed explanation for extension.
  • Parents should submit a copy of form I-94 that that he/she received on entry into the US
  • Parents should provide documentary evidence that the extended stay is temporary along with the booked return tickets
  • Parents should provide proof that the stay is completely taken care and he/she are financially covered and will not be a public charge in the United States.
  • Parents should confirm that if the applicant has received any state benefits after 11-Feburary-2020; they need to be supported with proof of documents separately. The applicant should not have accessed any monetary state benefits or supplementary income from state post this period.

Pay the required renewal fees

Pay $370 filling fees +$85 for biometric fees depending on the petition at the USCIS.

Visa extension processing

The USCIS will issue a receipt with 13-digit case number on submission of the extension application. Parents should provide this case number to check the status of the application and its processing times (customer service number helpline number is: 1-800-375-5283).

While parents are in the US in an unplanned situation thanks to the COVID pandemic, it is very important to buy the best Covid travel insurance for parents to secure them from unexpected illness. Travelers can compare popular travel insurance to buy good US visitor Covid insurance for parents.

  • Policy Maximum#1
  • Deductible#2
  • Available for green card holders.
  • Key Features:  This plan provides accident and sickness medical coverage with Acute onset of pre-existing conditions coverage up to 69 years.
  • Policy Maximum#1
  • Deductible#2
  • Pre-existing Coverage
  • Key Features: Great coverage for a great price.
  • Policy Maximum#1
  • Deductible#2
  • Best for travelers expecting first-class medical coverage
  • Key Features Covers Acute onset of pre-existing conditions coverage up to 70 years.
  • Policy Maximum#1
  • Deductible#2
  • Covers Acute onset of pre-existing conditions.
  • Key Features: This plan is always eligible for purchase no matter what age and how long a person has been in the US

INF Standard


by INF inf logo
  • Policy Maximum#1
  • Deductible#2
  • Fixed benefit plan for parents visiting the USA
  • Key Features: This plan has a minimum purchase requirement of 30 days. Fixed benefit plan for new sicknesses & accidents.
  • Policy Maximum#1
  • Deductible#2
  • Covers Acute on set of pre-existing conditions.
  • Key Features: Visitor Secure insurance as an affordable scheduled benefit plan for visitors to USA. High maximum available.
  • Policy Maximum#1
  • Deductible#2
  • Available for green card holders.
  • Key Features: Safe Travels Elite offers Scheduled Benefits accident and sickness medical coverage.Cheap US visitor medical insurance plan.

#1 Maximum Coverage is the maximum eligible medical expenses that the plan will cover.

#2 Deductible is the amount of expenses that must be paid out of pocket before an insurer will pay any expenses.

The need for health insurance for parents visiting the USA

Parents often from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh visit their children and grandchildren in the USA or Canada. These parents visiting the US from India, Nepal, Pakistan or Bangladesh need good health insurance coverage as health care costs continue to rise every year. Even though you get sophisticated medical care, there are huge costs involved and visitors insurance usa for parents from India is a necessity.

Emergencies can occur when least anticipated and burden travelers with huge medical bills. To avoid this, you need US visitors medical insurance for parents. Care should be taken to understand visitors insurance for Indian parents options, as well as the coverage for pre-existing conditions, given that parents are elderly and likely to have existing ailments.

Best health insurance for parents to USA with pre-existing conditions

What is the difference between visitor insurance for parents from India with full coverage for pre-existing conditions and coverage for acute onset of pre-existing conditions.

Most of the US visitors insurance plans for parents provide coverage for "Acute Onset of Pre-Existing Conditions". This basically provides coverage in the event of an existing medical ailment becoming life threatening and needing emergency medical care. This coverage will usually have exclusions for coverage of gradual or slow worsening of the existing ailment.

INF is one of the few companies which offers USA travel insurance plans for parents to the US with full coverage for pre-existing ailments. INF offers best travel insurance for pre existing medical conditions with full Pre-Existing conditions coverage. This means INF visitors insurance for parents with pre-existing conditions coverage insures any in-patient, out-patient, urgent care, specialist, doctor visits, anything related to pre-existing conditions. The INF plans treat the pre-existing conditions like any new sicknesses. Prescription Medications are also covered when prescribed for a recent medical incident caused by a pre-existing condition. However, maintenance medications like Lipitor are not covered under this plan. This also means INF will not have exclusions that are typical in 'acute onset of pre-existing conditions'. Some of the common pre-existing condition exclusions are:

  • A limit on the coverage for certain adverse medical events like a myocardial infraction, heart attack or other Cardiac events.
  • A limit on the number of occurrences within the insured period.
  • Explicit exclusions for certain ailments like Urinary Tract infections, Kidney infections or Bladder infections.

This also explains why 'Full pre-existing conditions coverage' is more expensive than coverage only for 'acute onset of pre-existing conditions'. However, please note the INF does not support medical tourism, where patients buy this insurance simply to get medical treatment for an existing ailment.

Why are INF Full travel insurance pre existing conditions plans more expensive than other travel insurance covering pre existing conditions?
The Full pre-existing conditions coverage plans treat any issue related to a pre-existing condition like a New Accident and Sickness, subject to the policy maximum and deductible limits. This explains why 'Full pre-existing conditions visitor insurance coverage' plans are more expensive than coverage only for 'acute onset of pre-existing conditions'.

Does INF travel insurance really offer coverage for all preexisting conditions?

In short the answer is Yes. INF insurance will cover any pre-existing conditions ranging from blood pressure, diabetes, to kidney complications and arthritis. All of these issues are all covered by the INF Premier, INF Elite, Elite Plus and INF Elite 90 best travel insurance for pre existing conditions

Compare the best travel insurance for full pre-existing conditions plans INF Premier & INF Elite best travel insurance for pre-existing conditions.

Note: **Both the Premier plan and Elite plan have a fixed pre-existing condition maximum limit up to which the pre-existing condition would be covered.

Travel insurance for acute onset of pre-existing conditions

Travel insurance tips for travelers with pre-existing conditions

Here are some travel insurance tips for travelers with pre-existing conditions

  1. Choose a travel medical insurance plan that covers pre-existing conditions.
  2. Read the policy carefully to understand what is covered and what is not.
  3. Be aware of waiting periods for coverage of pre-existing conditions.
  4. Consider purchasing a US foreign national health insurance policy with higher coverage limits.
  5. Take a copy of your medical records and a list of medications with you when you travel.
  6. Be sure to take your prescription and medication with you during your trip.
  7. Learn how to access healthcare at your destination.
  8. Contact your US foreign health insurance provider immediately in case of any medical emergency.
  9. Disclose all pre-existing conditions when purchasing visitor health insurance.
  10. Follow all necessary procedures to submit a claim for reimbursement of medical expenses.

How does travel insurance for pre-existing conditions work?

The travel health insurance plans which cover pre-existing conditions have clear definitions of what is a pre-existing condition, the look back period for pre-existing condition, whether the travel insurance coverage is limited to acute onset of pre-existing conditions, and if it provides full coverage for pre-existing conditions the coverage limit within the policy for pre-existing conditons. Any travel health insurance coverage for pre-existing conditions will depend on all these.

Pre-existing conditions coverage - FAQ's

01. How do I know if my pre-existing condition is covered by travel insurance?

Unfortunately, this simple question has a fairly complicated answer. The answer is: it depends. Firstly, it depends on whether you are a US resident traveling outside the US or a visitor to the US. US residents can purchase trip cancellation insurance that can cover pre-existing conditions and even plans that are travel medical only without cancellation often are more generous in their coverage of pre-existing conditions. These plans may have specific requirements in order to waive the usual exclusion of coverage for pre-existing conditions (like purchase them within a certain number of days of your initial trip deposit or that you have a primary domestic insurance plan in the US), so you should check these details carefully if this is important to you.

Non-US residents or US residents traveling into the US have much more limited options to insure their pre-existing conditions are covered. Some plans offer coverage for "acute onset" of pre-existing conditions. However, this is misleading, since a careful look at their definition excludes chronic or congenital disorders from such coverage. Chronic illnesses are those that worsen over time and congenital disorders are issues one is born with. They exclude emergencies due to chronic illness because they will say that is not "acute" it is simply a worsening of your condition. There are only two policies we know of that offer coverage for pre-existing medical conditions. They are INF Premier and INF Elite plans.

Firstly, they define pre-existing conditions in the following way: A pre-existing condition is a condition for which the insured received treatment or took medication for in the previous 12 months before the start of the policy. If the medication dosage has not changed and is taken as a maintenance medication, this would NOT count as a flare up or treatment of the condition. In that case, very stable conditions that have no flare ups in the past 12 months are not even excluded as pre-existing conditions. Conditions that have had flare ups or doctor recommended treatment or change in medication, are still covered by the plans but with a higher deductible and a lower maximum.

INF Elite (also INF Elite 90) are comprehensive plans offering fairly complete coverage. INF Premier is a fixed plan. Find details on these plans here.

The above plans must be purchased for at least 90 days and can be quite pricey for seniors, but they offer the only real coverage for chronic conditions.

The other option, of course, is to take a plans with little ($1K) or no coverage for pre-existing conditions and take a risk that that condition will not flare up during the trip.

02. What is the difference between Full Pre-Existing & Acute Onset Insurance?

Acute onset of a pre-existing condition can be defined as the sudden & unexpected occurrence of a pre-existing condition which requires in-patient, emergency hospitalization within 24 hours of exhibiting first symptoms. The main difference between acute onset & full pre-existing is that with Full Pre-Existing coverage, is that one is covered for all pre-existing conditions and associated medical costs and this includes follow up visits, hospitalizations and doctor’s visits, etc. The acute onset coverage will only cover the in-patient hospitalization expense.

03. What services are covered under visitors insurance full pre-existing coverage?

The list of covered services under Visitors insurance full pre-existing conditions coverage can be found on the American Visitor Insurance website of the INF Premier, INF Premier Plus, INF Elite, INF Elite Plus and INF Elite 90. INF plans are open to green card holders

Travel Insurance - Pre-existing conditions coverage

Compare and buy best pre-existing plans
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INF travel insurance for parents visiting USA from India

INF travel insurance is popular among Indian parents visiting the USA. INF plans are ideal travel insurance for Indian parents visiting USA as it provides accident & sickness coverage as well has pre-existing conditions coverage that is especially important for parents and older travelers visiting family in the USA ,Canada, Mexico and traveling worldwide outside their home country.

  • INF Premier Insurance:
    • INF Premier Travel Insurance is a fixed travel medical insurance plan.
    • Coverage for Pre-Existing Conditions to $1M.
    • INF Premier plan provides full pre-existing condition coverage which includes doctor appointments, blood tests, specialty care, urgent care visits and hospital stays up to 99 years.
    • Minimum purchase of 90 days is required with this plan
    • Covers accident & sickness while traveling to USA ,Canada, Mexico and traveling worldwide outside their home country.
  • INF Elite Insurance:
    • INF Elite Travel Insurance is A rated comprehensive travel medical insurance plan
    • This plan provides coverage for full pre-existing conditions up to 99 years of age.
    • This plan offers coverage for minimum of 90 days up to 364 days
    • Covers 80% of Eligible Medical Expenses
    • Acute Onset is Considered New Sickness
  • INF Safe Traveler USA Insurance:
    • Covers eligible accident & sickness (excluding pre-existing conditions) while traveling USA ,Canada, Mexico and traveling worldwide outside their home country.
    • Non-Insurance Dental, Vision, Hearing & Prescription Discount Card Included for INF members
    • Sickness & Accident Plan with 80% in network coinsurance.
    • Minimum purchase of 30 days is required for this plan
    • Available for non-US citizens ages 0-99
  • INF Elite Plus Insurance:
    • COVID-19 Medically Necessary Testing & Treatment covered as any other new sickness
    • Covers Preventive & maintenance care and coverage for full body physicals.
    • Coverage for TDAP, Flu, etc Vaccines.
    • 90% of eligible medical expenses.
    • Stable pre-Existing conditions are covered as new sickness.
    • Covers accident & sickness while traveling to USA, Canada, and Mexico.
    • There is a minimum purchase of 90 days required to buy this plan
  • INF Elite 90 Insurance:
    • COVID-19 Medically Necessary Testing & Treatment covered as any other new sickness
    • Covers 90% of eligible medical expenses
    • Comprehensive plan with full pre existing condition coverage which is unique.
    • Pre-existing complications from covid-19 covered
    • There is a minimum purchase of 90 days required to buy this plan
    • Covers accident & sickness while traveling to USA, Canada, and Mexico
  • INF Safe Traveler USA 90 Insurance:
    • COVID-19 Medically Necessary Testing & Treatment covered as any other new sickness
    • Covers 90% of elgibile medical expenses
    • This is a comprehensive plan too but does not cover pre existing condition
    • Minimum purchase of 30 days is required for this plan
    • Covers eligible accident & sickness (excluding pre-existing conditions) while traveling to USA, Canada, and Mexico
    • Covers accident & sickness while traveling to USA, Canada, and Mexico
  • INF Standard Insurance:
    • COVID-19 Medically Necessary Testing & Treatment covered as any other new sickness
    • Covers All new medical conditions including Virus Related Sickness
    • Fixed-Benefit Plan for Parents visiting the USA
    • Available for all Non-US Citizens
    • Fixed-Benefit Plan which covers all Age Groups 0-99+
    • Covers accident & sickness while traveling to USA, Canada, and Mexico
Compare INF travel insurance plans

Compare travel insurance benefits offered by INF Premier, INF Traveler USA, INF Elite and INF Standard plans.

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Steps to buy
US visitor travel insurance for parents online

 1: Finding the available US travel insurance for parents

Complete the travel medical insurance quote request form by providing details of the parents and their requirements/needs.

 2: Compare the different Parent travel insurance options

Compare the price and the benefits of the international parent travel insurance options to identify what fits your needs best.

 3: Buy the travel insurance that you like best

Purchase the plan that fits your requirements and budget best by using a credit card and completing the online application.

 4: Review the parents insurance plan documents received by email

Review the travel insurance for parents policy documents received by email closely for coverage details and relevant contact numbers.

Health insurance for Parents

Different types of Visitor Insurance for parents visiting USA

Fixed Benefit travel insurance for parents

A fixed benefit travel insurance plan is the cheapest travel insurance plan option available for parents. Fixed benefit travel insurance is affordable for parents because it has a fixed limit of coverage for different medical benefits.
Fixed benefit plans work well in case of small ailments but can be inadequate in the event of a serious medical ailment or hospitalisation, especially for parents who are typically older travelers.

Comprehensive travel insurance for parents

Comprehensive travel insurance for parents provide exhaustive coverage for health expenses up to the policy medical maximum amount. In contrast to fixed benefit plans there are no limit constraints for each benefit. Comprehensive travel insurance is more expensive when compared to fixed benefit plans but provides significantly better coverage in case of a medical emergency or hospitalisation. These plans work well for parents given that they are older.

Best insurance for parents visiting USA from India – Forum

Dear Sir/Madam,

My mother is already in the US. I am looking to buy an insurance for her. I was wondering if I can purchase the INF plans?

Dear Mohammad,

Thank you for contacting us at American Visitor Insurance for your visitor medical insurance needs!.

If the person is already in the US, then they cannot purchase the HOP plans offered by INF. They can purchase any of the other INF plans, but there will be a 5 day waiting period for any new sickness and 15 days for Covid-19. It is also required for customers in this situation to send an I94 and health attestation form signed and dated.

Please let us know if you have any more questions.

(877) 340 7910

Parents visitors health insurance in USA, Visitors insurance for parents from India

How to compare and buy plans?

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Tips for parents international travel

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Travel Medical insurance tips

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Health tips for parents traveling overseas

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US immigrant insurance mandatory for prospective Green card parents

The Trump administration had introduced rules making it mandatory for prospective new US immigrants to show proof of adequate US health insurance while applying for the immigrant visa. The US government states that new immigrants without proper health insurance in the US are becoming a burden to the US hospitals and US medical system, and finally adding the cost of their healthcare to the US taxpayers. Once this policy comes into effect, prospective new Green card parents would be asked for proof of immigrant health insurance. The visa to enter the US can be denied if the consular office is not satisfied by the provided proof of health insurance in the US.

The US short term health insurance plans offered here work ideally for prospective for prospective new US immigrants. After purchasing the visitor immigrant insurance plans on our website, customers will receive the immigrant insurance document by email. Customers can show this immigrant insurance document as proof of US health insurance while applying for the tourist visa or Immigrant visa.

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Find the best US New Immigrants health insurance plans

Best travel insurance for Indian parents visiting USA - FAQ's

01. Is there an age limit to buy visitors insurance for parents?

For some visitor insurance for parents traveling to usa, and in some situations, yes, there is an age limit. For example, if you want a global medical policy, you must apply before you are over 65 years old. However, many short term travel health insurance policies are available for people of any age. What changes as you get older, particularly for people over 70, is the maximum available for you.

Most travel health insurance for parents visiting USA from India only offer $50,000 or less maximum coverage to customers 70+. If you are not seeing visitor insurance for parents traveling to usa on our website, lower the maximum coverage available and you may see more options for you to buy the best travel insurance for parents visiting the U.S.

02. Does travel insurance for parents visiting USA cost increase at age 65?

Many visitors insurance for parents do have a price difference between age 64 and 65. However, for persons under 70 years of age, they still get many great benefits and a wide range of maximum policy coverage limits available to them. Check out the best travel insurance for parents visiting the U.S. over 65 years to explore your options!

03. Can you get visitor insurance for parents if you are over 80 years?

Absolutely! There are many policies that we offer that are available as visitor insurance for parents traveling to usa over 80 years. You may have to reduce your maximum limit (we suggest choosing range between $26,000 to $50,000 to see the most options), but you should be able to find a good visitor health insurance for parents visiting USA from India. We offer the best travel Insurance for Parents Visiting USA over 80 years from top insurance providers.

04. Why American visitor insurance?

American Visitor Insurance works with reputed US travel insurance providers to give parents traveling to the USA a wide range of travel insurance options. We have nearly two decades experience in understanding the diverse requirements of parents visiting the US and in offering appropriate travel insurance options to them. Our typical customers range from older parents visiting family in the US to students, working professionals on H1B or J1 visas to US citizens traveling overseas who are looking for Covid travel insurance with quarantine coverage as mandated by certain countries.

Our licensed dedicated customer support team provide service at all times helping customers find the most appropriate senior citizen travel insurance for their needs as well as guide them when using the insurance in the event of a medical or travel emergency. We also provide answers to all international travel insurance for parents questions, reviews of different products, testimonials for customers as well as provide an user friendly travel insurance comparison tool where senior citizen travelers can compare different products based on price as well as the coverage benefits. All of these tools help parents make an informed decision while buying travel insurance.

05. Will I be responsible for any unpaid medical bills of my parents who are visiting the US?

If you have sponsored your parents visit and have completed the I-134 Form during their visa application, then you can be held responsible for any medical bills. The I-134 form is an Affidavit of Support declaring to the U.S. government that the visa applicant, in this case your parents, will be financially supported by the sponsor (you) in the United States. This is to remove the risk of the visa applicant from becoming a public charge (financial liability) to the US government. As the sponsor, you will be responsible for any living and healthcare expenses of the visa applicant while in the United States.

In the event that the visitor visa holder needs healthcare services, the healthcare provider can hold you who provided the I-134 form, ie 'Affidavit of Support' responsible for any medical bills that are not paid by the visitor to the US. Given the high US healthcare costs it is important that you as the sponsor ensures that any parents has best health insurance coverage as long as the I-134 Affidavit of support is valid. At American visitor insurance, we have excellent US travel health insurance for visitors visa applicants.

06. How long is I-134 Affidavit of Support valid?

An Affidavit of Support is enforceable until the visa applicant either becomes a US citizen, or is credited with 40 quarters of work (which is typically 10 years).

07. Can I buy visitors travel insurance for my parents visiting the US?

Yes, you can buy visitors travel insurance for your parents when they are visiting the USA. All you need is their travel dates, and information from the passport such as the date of birth and passport number. There are many US travel insurance providers that offer coverage for international visitors which work very well for parents or relatives visiting the USA from India. When choosing a travel insurance policy for your parents, you should consider their specific needs and look for coverage for pre-existing conditions if they has existing medical ailments.

It's important to carefully review the policy details, terms and conditions before buying any travel insurance to ensure that it meets your specific needs and provides adequate coverage as you need it. You can compare different US travel insurance plans, benefits and coverage options from various travel insurance companies on American Visitor Insurance to find the best fit for your parents.

08. Is it cheaper to buy travel insurance separately for my parents?

No, the cost of the insurance is the same whether you buy two independent plans or have one visitors insurance for both parents. Having separate plans however does offer greater flexibility should one of your parents travel back to your home country early. It is prudent and important to compare options from different providers on American Visitor Insurance so that you can find the best value for your money.

09. Why is the US travel insurance so expensive for elderly parents?

US parents visitor insurance is expensive for elderly parents due to their higher vulnerability to health issues, the very high cost of healthcare in the USA, and the level of coverage required for pre-existing conditions or other special medical needs.

10. How much does travel medical insurance cost for parents visiting the U.S.?

The cost of travel medical insurance for parents visiting the U.S. depends mainly on the following factors.

  • Age of the parents: Older travelers, such as parents or seniors, will have higher premiums due to the increased likelihood of health issues.
  • Duration of Stay: Shorter visits have lower travel medical insurance costs compared to longer stays.
  • Medical Coverage Level: The extent of coverage you choose (basic coverage vs. comprehensive coverage) as well as the medical maximum amount will impact the cost.
  • Insurance Provider: Different insurance companies offer varying rates for similar coverage, so it's compare quotes on American Visitor Insurance.
  • Pre-Existing Conditions: Coverage for pre-existing medical conditions will increase the cost significantly, and some policies may exclude coverage for such conditions.
  • Deductibles and coinsurance: Policies with higher deductibles and coinsurance tend to have lower premiums, but they require you to pay more out-of-pocket if you need medical care.
  • Any additional Add-Ons: Some policies offer optional add-ons like coverage for trip cancellation, trip interruption, or baggage loss, which can increase the overall cost.
  • Maximum coverage Limits: Policies may have limits on the maximum coverage amount, which can affect the premium. Higher coverage limits often result in higher premiums.

11. Can I add my parents to my health insurance USA?

No, adding parents to your health insurance plan is generally not allowed unless they meet specific criteria as dependents, such as being financially dependent and meeting age requirements. Health insurance plans typically cover spouses and dependent children, with age limitations for children. When it comes to international travel insurance for parents visiting USA it is recommended that each parent has their own individual policy. They can purchase travel medical insurance or a separate short-term health insurance plan during their stay in the U.S.

12. What type of visa for parents visiting USA?

Parents visiting the USA can apply for a B-2 Tourist Visa. The B-2 visa is designed for individuals who wish to visit the U.S. for tourism, or traveling.

13. I am very healthy, do I still need Travel insurance?

Parents visiting the USA can apply for a B-2 Tourist Visa. The B-2 visa is designed for individuals who wish to visit the U.S. for tourism, or traveling.While being in good health is certainly great, travel insurance is not solely about covering medical expenses for unhealthy travelers. Even healthy traveler especially parents and senior travelers can encounter an accident or face unexpected situations or emergencies during their travels. Unexpected events such as family emergencies or other unforeseen circumstances could force you to cancel or cut short your trip.

While medical coverage is an important aspect of travel insurance, it offers a comprehensive list of benefits that go beyond health considerations. US health insurance for visiting parents provides financial protection and peace of mind in case of unexpected events, which can happen to anyone. Given the relative cheap cost of travel insurance when compared to the cost of international travel, it is a great idea to buy the best travel insurance for parents.

14. What type of travel insurance for parents should I buy for USA?

When traveling to the US, there are different types of travel insurance for parents, depending on your specific needs and the nature of your trip. US insurance providers on American Visitor Insurance offer different types of insurance benefits for parents. When traveling to the US having the best US travel health insurance for senior citizens is strongly recommended due to the high cost of healthcare in the U.S. If parents have pre-existing medical conditions, choose US travel insurance that offers coverage for pre-existing conditions, subject to specific terms and waiting periods. Not all plans automatically cover pre-existing conditions.

Ensure that the travel insurance policy explicitly includes coverage for emergency medical evacuation. This coverage is essential if your parents face a severe medical condition or injury requiring evacuation to the nearest suitable medical facility. It's important to ensure that the chosen insurance plan complies with any visa-specific requirements and provides adequate coverage for potential medical expenses during your stay in the U.S. Keep in mind that U.S. immigration policies may change, so it is crucial to check the latest information and requirements on the official US government website when planning to apply for a U.S. visa.

15. Will travel insurance for parents cover everything?

Travel insurance policies vary widely, and while they provide coverage for many situations. It is therefore important to compare plans on American Visitor Insurance to understand what the travel insurance plan covers. Parents Travel insurance typically include a set of benefits, exclusions, and limitations, and it's essential to carefully read the policy terms and conditions to understand what is covered and what is not.

Common Inclusions in travel insurance:

  • Emergency Medical Expenses: Coverage for medical expenses incurred due to illness or injury during the trip.
  • Travel Delay: Reimbursement for additional expenses incurred due to travel delays.
  • Lost or Delayed Baggage: Coverage for lost, stolen, or delayed baggage and personal belongings.
  • Emergency Evacuation: Coverage for the cost of emergency evacuation to the nearest adequate medical facility.

Common Exclusions in travel insurance:

  • Pre-existing Conditions: Many policies exclude coverage for pre-existing medical conditions unless specified otherwise.
  • High-Risk Activities: Some policies may not cover injuries or incidents related to high-risk activities such as extreme sports or certain adventure activities.
  • Unforeseen Circumstances: Some policies have specific criteria for what is considered an "unforeseen circumstance" leading to trip cancellation or interruption.
  • War and Terrorism: Acts of war or terrorism may be excluded from coverage in some policies.
  • Intentional Acts: Injuries or damages resulting from intentional or reckless behavior may not be covered.
  • Losses Due to Alcohol or Drug Use: Incidents related to the use of alcohol or illegal drugs may not be covered.

16. What is the different between travel insurance and visitors insurance?

"Travel insurance" and "visitor insurance" are terms that are sometimes used interchangeably, but they can refer to different types of insurance products, and their meanings may vary depending on the context.

Travel Insurance also called trip cancellation insurance:

  • Scope: Travel insurance is a broad term that encompasses various types of insurance coverage designed to protect travelers from financial losses or unexpected events during their trips.
  • Coverage: It typically includes benefits such as trip cancellation/interruption, emergency medical expenses, travel delay, lost baggage, and other related protections.
  • Duration: Travel insurance is often purchased for a specific trip or period of travel, whether domestic or international.
  • Applicability: It is suitable for a wide range of travelers, including those going on vacations, business trips, or other types of travel.

Visitor Insurance also known as Travel health insurance:

  • Scope: Visitor insurance specifically caters to individuals who are visiting a foreign country like the US or Europe, often for a short duration, and need coverage for medical expenses or other unexpected events during their stay.
  • Coverage: The primary focus is on providing medical coverage for illnesses or injuries that may occur during the visit. Some visitor insurance plans may also include coverage for travel-related incidents.
  • Duration: Visitor insurance is typically designed for short-term stays, and coverage is usually available for a specified period, such as a few days to several months.
  • Applicability: It is intended for individuals visiting another country temporarily, especially to the US or Europe where healthcare is very expensive as tourists, family members, or friends.

In summary, while travel insurance is a broader term that encompasses various types of coverage for different types of trips, visitor insurance specifically targets individuals visiting a foreign country and emphasizes medical coverage for the duration of their stay.

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