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What does visitor travel insurance cover?

Health care expenses

Covers hospital expenses for sickness or accidents.

Doctor visit

Insures Doctor visits for sudden injury or sickness.

Pharmacy drugs

Doctor prescribed eligible pharmacy drugs expenses.

Pre-existing conditions

Some plans insure acute onset of pre-existing conditions coverage.

Medical evacuation

Medical evacuation expenses to nearest facility included.

Repat of remains

Repatriation of remains to home country included.

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An overview

Medical insurance for US citizens living abroad visiting US

There are millions of travelers traveling to the US from all parts of the world. Among them we often come across US citizens residing abroad coming back to the US for short visits. Travel insurance or travel health insurance is a critical requirement while you are traveling to the US. This is especially true given the Covid19 pandemic, as travelling during the pandemic is risky and there are higher chances for unforeseen events during travel.

It gets a little tricky for US citizens residing abroad coming to the US to get a suitable travel health insurance for their short term stay as they are few options available for them. This is true because many companies will not provide insurance for US citizens regardless of where they live most of their time. Please note that this includes people with dual citizenships.

Coverage for US citizens visiting USA

For US citizenship, it is better to be on the safe side and purchase a policy suitable for this situation and enter the US passport information on the application so that there are no issues. There are however options available for US citizens residing abroad and coming to the US for short term with the intent to return to their home countries outside USA.

Patriot America Plus and Patriot Platinum America can be used by US citizens as long as they maintain a residence outside the US and are visiting the country for a short visit. The Patriot America Plus insurance plan offered by IMG is specifically designed for short term visitors to USA and is a hugely popular choice among tourists to America. The policy covers "acute onset of pre-existing conditions" up to the maximum of the plan purchased for persons under 70 years of age.

The company recently added the benefit of copays of $25 for urgent care centers and $15 for walk-in clinics which are paid INSTEAD of the deductible each time these facilities are used. There is a sports rider that can be added for additional cost to cover skiing, snorkeling, surfing, and other common recreational sports. Persons under 70 years of age can get up to $1 million maximum coverage. As of Sept 1, 2020, the plan also covers COVID-19 illness up to the maximum of the policy. Please note the Patriot America plan does NOT cover COVID!

International Medical Group

Very recently, IMG has updated their plan eligibility requirements such that US citizens who reside abroad can purchase either the Patriot America Lite or the Patriot America Plus plans for their travel into the US (assuming they intend to return to their foreign address).

Please note that US citizens relocating to the US, should apply for domestic coverage right away upon arrival or the “window” for their application may close until the start of the new year. The Patriot Plans offer excellent economical choices either with coverage for pre-existing conditions for persons under 70 (Patriot America Plus plan) or without this coverage (Patriot America).

Travel insurance for US citizens visiting USA
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General - FAQ's

Can US citizens purchase Covid19 American travel insurance that will cover them for coronavirus expenses for a trip into the US?

Yes. There are some medical insurance for US citizens living abroad visiting USA that cover COVID-19 like any other illness. US citizens can use our search engine to compare USA travel insurance with covid coverage for US citizens visiting USA.

They cannot be sick before the start of the policy for coverage to be valid (otherwise it will be considered pre-existing).

Popular travel insurance for US citizens visiting USA

Patriot America Plus plan for US citizen living outside coming to the US

I am a US citizen living in Australia and returning to the US to help support my ageing parents. I plan to remain in the US for a few years and want to find short term insurance to cover me until I can enroll in an ACA plan. Can I apply for Patriot Plus? I have national health and private health insurance in Australia and have purchased travel insurance but it has a COVID exclusion.

questionDear Margaret,

Thank you for contacting us at American Visitor Insurance!
Yes, you can purchase Patriot America Plus plan. Here are the details:
Patriot America Plus can be purchased by visitors visiting America and the plan provides worldwide coverage including or excluding America.

Until the age of 80, the plan provides a policy maximum options for $50,000 $100,000 $500,000 or $1 million and it offers coverage for "acute onset" of pre-existing conditions up to the maximum of the plan for persons under 70 years of age. This plan has a new benefit where you can pay a $15 copay at an urgent care center INSTEAD of the deductible (this is waived if you chose a $0 deductible). This plan covers COVID-19 like any other

Patriot America Plus
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Another great option is from Trawick International. Their Safe Travels USA Comprehensive plan can be purchased for either $50,000, $100,000, $250,000, $500,000 or $1 million for persons up to 64 years (up to $100,000 if 65+) and it has a coverage for "acute onset" of pre-existing conditions of up to $1,000.

The price of the policy for younger travelers makes it an economical option for coverage of acute onset of pre-existing conditions up to the medical maximum for those under 70 years. The policy is available from any state in the US or can be purchased from abroad. This plan also covers COVID-19 like any other illness.

Safe Travels USA
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Health insurance for US citizens living abroad visiting USA

Covid travel insurance for US citizens visiting the United States

There are two US insurance providers who offer short term Covid travel insurance for US citizens visiting the US while living outside the United States

  1. Global Underwriters
  2. International Medical Group

The following are the Covid travel insurance coverage plans for us citizens living abroad visiting US

Global Underwriters US travel insurance for US citizens

Diplomat America Insurance by Global Underwriters offers coverage for covid as a new sickness. It is available for US citizens residing outside USA and travelling to the US. Diplomat Long term Insurance must be bought for a minimum of 3 months and has a plan maximum options of $500,000 and $1,000,000 for medical expenses. Pre-existing ailments are however excluded, which means that travelers infected before the plan effective date, will be considered as an pre-existing medica condition and will not provide coverage for that ailment.

International Medical Group (IMG) travel insurance:

International Medical Group (IMG) travel insurance offers Covid travel insurance for USA. The Patriot America Plus Covid Insurance and Patriot America Platinum coronavirus insurance include COVID coverage up to the policy maximum.

US visitors insurance providers

You can find reliable US insurance providers like International Medical Group(IMG), Seven Corners, WorldTrips, Global Underwriters, Travel Insure, GeoBlue, HTH Worldwide and INF insurance.

US visitors insurance providers

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