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Travel Insurance Services

About Travel Insure

USI Affinity Travel Insurance Services has served travelers just like you since 1973 to protect your travels. Whether you are on a quick business trip, the vacation of a lifetime, or even moving abroad to study somewhere new, let Travel Insurance Services put their 40+ years of expertise to help you find the insurance coverage you need. Some insurance plans offered are as follows:

Review of Travel Insurance Services

Visit USA Budget logo
Visit USA Budget is a Fixed benefit plan. There are two plans - Plan A with policy maximum $50,000 up to age 79 years and $20,000 for above 80 years. Plan B offers a policy maximum of $150,000 up to age 69 years
Hospital room and board: Plan A covers up to $1,500 per day, 30 days maximum and Plan B covers up to $2,750 per day, 30 days maximum.
Intensive care unit: Plan A covers up to $2,500 per day, 8 days maximum and Plan B covers up to $4,000 per day, 8 days maximum.

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Visit USA Standard logo
Visit USA Standard is a Comprehensive benefit plan. There are two plans - Plan A with maximum coverage of $75,000 up to age 79 years and $20,000 for those above 80. Plan B covers a maximum coverage of $200,000 up to age 69 years
Visit USA Standard plan covers Accidental death and dismemberment, Emergency medical evacuation up to $250,000 lifetime maximum. It covers acute onset of pre-existing conditions up to $20,000 for travellers up to 65 years and $2,500 for older travelers.

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Visit USA Superior
Visit USA Superior is a Comprehensive benefit plan with a maximum coverage of $250,000 up to 79 years and $20,000 for travellers above 80 years.
It has additional coverage like optional intercollegiate or interscholastic sports rider up to $20,000 and Optional hazardous activities rider up to the overall maximum limit. Other benefits include Crisis Response, Mental Health Disorders, Lost Checked Luggage, Travel Delay and more.

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Worldmed logo
WorldMed Insurance is an international travel health insurance for people traveling outside their home country and is available to both US and Non US citizens. Green Card holders in the USA and new immigrants are not eligible to purchase WorldMed Medical Insurance. There are 2 plans under WorldMed Insurance: WorldMed Inbound, WorldMed Outbound.

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InterMedical Insurance
People traveling outside the U.S. and outside their home country
Accident/Sickness Medical, Emergency Medical Evacuation and Assistance coverage. Optional high limit Accidental Death & Dismemberment coverage (up to $500,000).

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Voyager Annual logo
Travel Insurance Services Voyager Annual plan is specifically designed for U.S. residents who travel frequently for business or pleasure.
Enroll just once a year and enjoy peace of mind knowing you have dependable medical coverage and assistance whenever you travel more than 100 miles from home. Go anywhere in the world, as often as you like, up to 90 days at a time. during the year with Voyager Insurance!

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Study USA
Students studying outside their home country
Medical insurance which meets or exceeds the requirements set by the Department of State, Immigration & Naturalization Services and NAFSA. Widely accepted by U.S. universities.

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Travel Insurance Select Insurance
U.S. or Canadian residents
TravelInsure Travel Select Insurance is an annual, renewable policy that includes comprehensive, major medical coverage inside and outside the U.S. Travel Insurance Select Plan offers a choice of three Options to meet your needs and budget: Elite, Plus and Basic.
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Travel Insure WorldWide Group Protector Insurance is an group plan with atleast 5 or more travelers travelling outside their home country.

Travel Insure international health insurance for Coronavirus

An insured individual is eligible for treatment of Coronavirus provided they do not contract the Coronavirus in a country for which there is a CDC Warning Level 3. This is the specific exclusion, which will apply should a new CDC warning be issued for another country:
Exclusion language:
Charges resulting from a disease outbreak in a country or location for which the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued a Level 3 Travel Warning if:
  • The warning has been in effect within the 6 months immediately prior to your date of arrival, or
  • You have failed to depart the country or location within 10 days following the date the warning is issued.

Frequently asked questions about Travelinsure insurance plans coverage for Coronavirus

As of the CDC Global Warning Level 3 on March 27th, any insured not already located in a destination under a CDC Warning Level 3 has 10 days of coverage for charges related to COVID-19. Those already in a country under a CDC Warning Level 3 would have 10 days of coverage based on the date the warning for that country was first issued. Insureds will continue to be covered for eligible Non-Covid-19 related expenses after the 10 days have elapsed.

They will have coverage through April 6th for COVID-19, which is the tenth day following the global warning on March 27th. After this, COVID-19 will no longer be covered, though coverage for all other eligible expenses will remain in place.

COVID-19 will not be covered under any current policy due to the CDC Global Warning Level 3. Policies will continue to cover other illness and accidents as per the policy wording. I understand that new coverages/plans may be considered in the future, though at this time no policies will be covering COVID-19.

Travel Insurance services insurance coverage for Coronavirus (Covid 19)

The USI global medical policies have an exclusion based on the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Warning to avoid travel (level 3). Travelers who contract coronavirus in areas with a level 3 advisory will not be covered for coronavirus illness. If your travel began under a level 2 advisory and changed to level 3 during your trip, you will be covered even if they contracted it after the updated warning was issued.

Travel insure Covid19 travel insurance renewal or extension of insurance

During this pandemic, many travelers/students may be stuck in their destination country and unable to fly home due to travel restrictions. Travelers/students enrolled in the Visit USA or Study USA plans and they need to extend their stay in the U.S. until they can get a flight, they can extend their insurance policy accordingly.
To extend a Visit USA policy, please send an email with your request to
To extend a Study USA policy, please Click here to know more.

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