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About Travel Insure

USI Affinity Travel Insurance Services has served travelers just like you since 1973 to protect your travels. Whether you are on a quick business trip, the vacation of a lifetime, or even moving abroad to study somewhere new, let Travel Insurance Services put their 40+ years of expertise to help you find the insurance coverage you need.

Travel insurance services reviews

  • WorldMed Insurance

    Ideal for Sports CoverageAcute on set of pre-existing conditions
    • WorldMed Insurance is an international travel health insurance for people traveling outside their home country and is available to both US and Non US citizens.
    • Green Card holders in the USA and new immigrants are not eligible to purchase WorldMed Medical Insurance.
    • There are 2 plans under WorldMed Insurance - WorldMed Inbound and WorldMed Outbound.

    InterMedical Insurance

    Ideal for Traveling outside the U.SBudget-friendly Coverage
    • People traveling outside the U.S. and outside their home country Accident/Sickness Medical, Emergency Medical Evacuation and Assistance coverage.
    • Optional high limit Accidental Death & Dismemberment coverage.

    Visit USA Insurance

    Ideal for Plan for visitors to the USAAcute Onset of Pre-Existing Condition
    • Visit USA travel insurance is an excellent medical insurance for tourists and holiday travelers, parents of students studying in the United States, new immigrants and visiting scholars in the USA. Visit USA offers 3 plans to satify your requirements and budget - Budget, Standard and Superior.
    • Visit USA Budget is a Fixed benefit plan.
    • Visit USA Standard and Visit USA Superior are Comprehensive plans.
    • Travel Insurance Services Visit USA insurance offers coverage for COVID as a covered medical expense.
  • Study USA Insurance

    Ideal for Affordable student medical insuranceJ1 visa requirements
    • Medical insurance which meet the needs of international students and scholars, and meets or exceeds U.S. government student visa requirements.
    • Students studying outside their home country.
    • Travel Insurance Services Study USA (Plus, Preferred and Platinum plans ONLY) insurance offers coverage for COVID as any other illness.
  • Travel Insurance Select Insurance

    • Travel Insure Travel Select Insurance is an annual, renewable policy that includes comprehensive, major medical coverage inside and outside the U.S.
    • Travel Insurance Select Plan offers a choice of three Options to meet your needs and budget - Elite, Plus and Basic.

    Trip Care Complete

    • The Trip Care Complete Plan offers a choice of three Options to meet your needs and budget: Elite, Plus, and Basic.
    • Each option includes Trip Cancellation, Trip Interruption, Trip Delay, Medical Expense, Emergency Evacuation, and Baggage Loss/Delay coverage.
    • Offers coverage for cancel for any reason coverage at no additional price.
  • Voyager Annual Travel Insurance

    Ideal for Specifically designed for U.S. residentsBest annual travel insurance
    • Travel Insurance Services Voyager Annual plan is specifically designed for U.S. residents who travel frequently for business or pleasure.
    • Enroll just once a year and enjoy peace of mind knowing you have dependable medical coverage and assistance whenever you travel more than 100 miles from home. Go anywhere in the world, as often as you like, up to 90 days at a time. during the year with Voyager Insurance!
  • WorldWide Group Protector Insurance

    Ideal for Best for international tripsAcute onset of pre-existing condition
    • Travel Insure WorldWide Group Protector Insurance is an group plan with atleast 5 or more travelers travelling outside their home country (People traveling to or from the U.S).

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Best International travel insurance services – FAQ’s

01. Is Travel Insurance Services a reliable insurance company?

Travel Insurance Services is a member company of the USI Holdings Corporation which was established in 1973. TIS being a national insurance agency in Philadelphia – PA offers travel insurance solutions for individuals, groups and organizations worldwide. TIS have administered innovative travel insurance covers for International travelers.

They offer travel medical coverage for foreign nationals and temporary residents who otherwise were not insured while visiting the US. Travelers can customize the plans according to their travel needs. They have a good worldwide network of physicians, hospitals and pharmacies that are very well recognized.

02. Is there coverage for Covid illness in Travel Insurance Services travel insurance?

Yes, Travel Insurance services does offer covid travel insurance with their international travel insurance plans.

03. Is there a Cancel for any reason insurance cover with Travel Insure travel insurance?

Travel Insurance Select Elite Insurance has Cancel for any reason benefit which can be included at an additional cost within 21 days of the initial trip deposit/payment. To get the CFAR benefit travelers must cancel the trip at least two days prior to the scheduled departure date.

04. Is a Travel Insure service a good company?

Travels insure is a member of USI Affinity Travel Insurance, who has 40+ years of expertise to help travelers find the insurance coverage required for an international trip.

05. Can I purchase travel insurance from Travel Insure?

Travel Insure is one the most reputed travel insurance providers of the USA offering international travel insurance. USI Affinity Travel Insurance Services has served travelers since 1973 offering protection while traveling outside of one's own country. It offers coverage for a business trip, vacation or even relocating abroad to live or to study.

06. What cover does Travel Insure services offer as Covid travel insurance? Does it have Quarantine coverage for US travelers?

Travel Insure offers Covid coverage in their Travel Insurance Select Elite plan with Quarantine coverage as any other illness under the Medical Expense maximum. The Covid Quarantine Benefit in the Travel Insurance Select Elite plan provides coverage for accommodation due to a covered Trip Delay $2k/$250 per person per day and is included in the basic coverage. Travel Insurance Select Elite is available for US residents.

07. Why should I buy travel insurance from Travel Insure services?

Travel insure services offer worldwide coverage with adequate coverage with an affordable price. Travelers can get travel insurance, trip insurance for trip cancellation or trip interruption, international student insurance, group travel insurance and many more for international travelers to the USA and for individuals traveling abroad.

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Travel Insurance Select Elite plan Covid Quarantine Travel Insurance

  • Covid Quarantine Benefit: Travel Insurance Select Elite plan offers coverage for accommodation due to a covered Trip Delay $2k/$250 per person per day (12 hours) is included in the basic coverage.
  • Trip cancellation insurance for US residents.
quarantine coverage

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Testimonials - From Our Customers

I will most definitely take out insurance for all my future travel with this company as a result of my experience... We are getting older as are our parents so this gives us peace of mind in case the unforseeable happens. If it doesn't, it is money well spent for that peace of mind.


I was so happy with Travel Insurance Select because when my Egypt trip was cancelled, I was expecting a pro-rata refund, but to my delight received a full refund of premium. I've had multiple coverages with you and will continue to always use you.


I was really surprised at how affordable the policy was. I was able to get more than basic coverage and even that was not too expensive.


quarantine coverage

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