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Travel Insurance Services

About Travel Insure

USI Affinity Travel Insurance Services has served travelers just like you since 1973 to protect your travels. Whether you are on a quick business trip, the vacation of a lifetime, or even moving abroad to study somewhere new, let Travel Insurance Services put their 40+ years of expertise to help you find the insurance coverage you need. Some insurance plans offered are as follows:

Travel Insure international student health insurance for Coronavirus

Covid student health insurance by Study USA (Plus, Preferred and Platinum plans ONLY) offers international student health insurance with coronavirus coverage for students outside their home country.

Travel insure Covid19 travel insurance renewal or extension of insurance

During this pandemic, many students may be stuck in their destination country and unable to fly home due to travel restrictions. Students enrolled in the Study USA plans and they need to extend their stay in the U.S. until they can get a flight, they can extend their insurance policy accordingly.

To extend a Study USA policy, please renew Study USA insurance online.

  • Who is eligible to buy Intermedical insurance?
    U.S. citizens and residents who are traveling outside the U.S. and outside their home country.
    Applicants traveling from one country outside the U.S. to another country outside the U.S.

    I have already left the United States, can I buy Intermedical insurance?
    Yes you can purchase Intermedical insurance and the coverage will begin on the next day after enrolment.

    Can I renew Intermedical insurance?
    No Intermedical insurance cannot be renewed. A new policy has to be purchased on expiration of the existing policy.

    Will Intermedical insurance offer coverage in USA?
    Please contact us for specific plans which provide travel insurance coverage for US citizens visiting the US.
  • How do I get the college waiver form for Study USA?
    After purchasing Study USA insurance, please fill in your portion of the information in the college waiver form and sign it. The form has to be sent to Travel insurance Services either though fax at (610) 537-9851 or through email it to Travel Insurance Services will complete the form and fax it back to the school within one business day.

    Can I buy Study USA if I am already outside my home country and studying?
    Yes, you can buy Study USA insurance as long as you satisfy the eligibility requirements.

    Can the Study USA insurance plan be renewed?
    Yes, the Study USA plan can be renewed up to a period of 4 years as long as the eligibility requirements are satisfied.

    The Study USA plan can be renewed before the existing policy expires. You can renew the plan at
    Study USA Renewal

    Contact Information:
    Fax: 610-537-9828
    Mail: Travel Insurance Services
    3070 Riverside Drive
    Columbus, OH 43221
    If there is a rise in premium, payment can be done by fax or mail. When sending credit card details, please include the credit card number, expiration date, security code, and a statement authorizing Travel Insurance Services to charge the additional amount.

Contact our customer service team, we are here to help you!

Travel Insurance Services - Common questions

01. Is Travel Insurance Services a reliable insurance company?

Travel Insurance Services is a member company of the USI Holdings Corporation which was established in 1973 .TIS being a national insurance agency in Philadelphia –PA offers travel insurance solutions for individuals, groups and organizations worldwide. TIS have administered innovative travel insurance covers for International travelers .

They offer travel medical coverage for foreign nationals and temporary residents who otherwise were not insured while visiting the US. Travelers can customize the plans according to their travel needs. They have a good worldwide network of physicians, hospitals and pharmacies that are very well recognized.

02. Is there coverage for Covid-19 illness in Travel Insurance Services travel insurance?

Yes, Travel Insurance services offers covid 19 travel insurance for coronavirus with their Travel Insure insurance plans.

03. Is there a Cancel for any reason insurance cover with Travel Insure travel insurance?

Travel Insurance Select Elite Insurance has Cancel for any reason benefit which can be included at an additional cost within 21 days of the initial trip deposit/payment. To get the CFAR benefit travelers must cancel the trip at least two days prior to the scheduled departure date.

04. Is a Travel Insure service a good company?

Travels insure is a member of USI Affinity Travel Insurance, who has 40+ years of expertise to help travelers find the insurance coverage required for an international trip.

05. Can I purchase travel insurance from Travel Insure?

Travel Insure is one the most reputed travel insurance providers of the USA offering international travel insurance. USI Affinity Travel Insurance Services has served travelers since 1973 offering protection while traveling outside of one's own country. It offers coverage for a business trip, vacation or even relocating abroad to live or to study.

06. What cover do Travel Insure services offer in Covid travel insurance? Does it have Quarantine coverage for US travelers?

Travel Insure offers Covid 19 coverage in their Travel Insurance Select Elite plan with Quarantine coverage as any other illness under the Medical Expense maximum. Covid Quarantine Benefit in the Travel Insurance Select Elite plan provides coverage for accommodations due to a covered Trip Delay $2,000/$250 per person per day is included in the basic coverage. Travel Insurance Select Elite is available for US residents.

07. Why should I buy travel insurance from Travel Insure services?

Travel insure services offer worldwide coverage with adequate coverage with an affordable price. Travelers can get travel insurance, trip insurance for trip cancellation or trip interruption, international student insurance, group travel insurance and many more for international travelers to the USA and for individuals traveling abroad.

08. Does Visit USA Insurance cover covid illness? Does Visit USA covid travel insurance cover coronavirus?

Visit USA travel insurance covid - Travel Insurance Services Visit USA coronavirus insurance offers coverage for COVID-19 as a covered medical expense

09. Can US visitors get health insurance?

Yes, US visitors can get short term health insurance for the length of their stay in the US. Given the cost of US healthcare, it is very important to buy adequate US travel health insurance. At American Visitor Insurance, we work with reputed US insurance providers who offer US visitors health insurance. Visitors can compare different US visitor health insurance plans and buy the plan that suits their needs.

10. Do I need travel insurance to go to USA?

The cost of US healthcare is very expensive and it is very important for US visitors to buy proper US travel health insurance. The Trump administration has recently made it mandatory for prospective US immigrants to buy health insurance while coming to the US. We hear from visitors, that the consular services are insisting on US visit insurance even for non-immigrant visas for coming to the United States.

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