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Travel insure Study USA health insurance

Study USA student health insurance

Your domestic health insurance at your home country will not provide any coverage abroad. To study in a foreign country you must make sure that you have adequate international student insurance. This is to cover your medical expenses that can be a nightmare in the absence of a student health insurance plan. You need a reliable health insurance plan that can give you adequate coverage and benefit options according to your requirements.

Study USA plan offered by Travel Insurance Services provides medical coverage with excellent network of health care providers and satisfies the basic University requirements for International students.

With the Study USA health care plan you can get:

  • Savings of as much as 70% over many school plans.
  • Your choice of coverage levels for policy maximum, deductible and premium that will meet your need and requirements.
  • Get instant confirmation and ID Card by purchasing Study USA online that can provide immediate proof of coverage.
  • Up to 364 days of consecutive coverage and renewable for up to 4 years.
  • Waiver form completion at the earliest by the Study USA team at Travel Insurance Services.

Study USA HealthCare Insurance insurance plan provides 100% coverage for one wellness exam during the entire certificate period which is not available with many other student insurance plans. This plan is also a good option for J1 and J2 Visa holders who are exchange scholars. The plan's schedule of benefits includes coverage for maternity for a covered pregnancy, coverage for mental health disorders, coverage for intercollegiate sports activities... You can review how the Study USA insurance plan works.

International Student Health Insurance Coverage highlights

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Ron W

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Thank you for such helpful information. You've impressed me as I have contacted other companies and haven't gotten half of the information from them that you have sent me. I will take what you've said into consideration.


Study USA HealthCare Insurance plan highlights

Study USA international student insurance

  • Overall Maximum Limit?: $100K, $300K, $5M per injury or illness;
  • Insurance Provider: Travel Insurance Services
  • Plan Name: Study USA
  • Insurance Carrier: Travel Insurance Services
  • Study USA Insurance satisfies J1 visa requirements

Study USA travel insurance Rating
AM Best Rating: "A" (Excellent)
Study USA travel insurance Underwriter
Lloyd’s of London - Syndicate 4141

Study USA Insurance - Key highlights

  • Study USA health insurance provides affordable student medical insurance to foreign students studying in the US and outside of the US students studying abroad.
  • There are 3 variations of this plan namely Basic and Preferred
  • The overall policy maximum option that the Basic and Standard plans provide are $200K and the Preferred plan provides $600K.
  • The maximum limit for injury and sickness option with the Basic and Standard plan is $100K and the Preferred plan provides $300K.
  • The pre existing condition waiting period applies for the Standard and the Preferred plans. The Standard plan has a 12 months waiting period and $500 max per Certificate period. The Preferred plan has a 6 months waiting period.
  • The deductible options for the Basic plan is $250 for in network and $500 for out of network and for the Standard plan it is $100 in network and $250 out of network and for the Preferred plan it is $50 in network and $150 out of network.
  • The emergency room deductible for Basic plan is $500 per incident,$350 per incident for the Standard plan and for the Preferred plan it is $250 per incident.
  • Coinsurance for claims incurred outside the US is covered 100% after deductible up to maximum limit.
  • Coinsurance for claims incurred inside the US, for in network 80% after the deductible up to maximum limit and for out of network payment, URC charges are applicable. For the Preferred plan, for in network 80% after the deductible up to $25000 and 100% after deductible up to maximum limit.
  • There is one wellness routine exam covered for 100% per member with the Standard and Preferred plan.
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation is covered for $50K lifetime maximum with the Basic plan, $250K lifetime maximum with the Standard plan and $500K lifetime maximum with the Preferred plan.


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Study USA insurance for international students studying in the USA - FAQs

01. Is Travel Insurance Services a reliable insurance company?

Travel Insurance Services is a member company of the USI Holdings Corporation which was established in 1973. TIS being a national insurance agency in Philadelphia –PA offers travel insurance solutions for individuals, groups and organizations worldwide. TIS have administered innovative travel insurance covers for International travelers.

They offer travel medical coverage for foreign nationals and temporary residents who otherwise were not insured while visiting the US. Travelers can customize the plans according to their travel needs. They have a good worldwide network of physicians, hospitals and pharmacies that are very well recognized.

02. What are the benefits of Study USA insurance?

WorldMed Insurance is an international travel health insurance for people traveling outside their home country and is available to both US and Non US citizens.

Green Card holders in the USA and new immigrants are not eligible to purchase WorldMed Medical travel america insurance. This includes coverage for medical expenses, evacuation, repatriation, emergency reunion, pre-existing conditions and other related benefits.

03. How much does Study USA insurance cost?

The cost of the Study USA insurance will vary depending on the age of the traveler, the type of coverage, the travel destination and the duration of travel. Typically, visitors travel insurance policies cost can start even as low as $1 per day, but will be much higher for older travelers.

04. How do I purchase Study USA insurance?

You can purchase Travel Insure services on American Visitor Insurance at buy Study USA insurance. You can also call them at (877)-340-7910 to get more information on how to apply for Study USA insurance from licensed insurance agents.

05. What are the requirements for applying for Study USA insurance?

The main requirements for applying for Study USA insurance is the travelers passport details and the travel dates. You can apply for Study USA insurance online on American Visitor Insurance or call (877)-340-7910 to get help while applying.

06. Is a Travel Insure service a good company?

Travels insure is a member of USI Affinity Travel Insurance, who has 40+ years of expertise to help travelers find the insurance coverage required for an international trip.

07. Can I buy Study USA if I am already outside my home country and studying?

Yes, you can buy Study USA insurance as long as you satisfy the eligibility requirements.

08. Can the Study USA insurance plan be renewed?

Yes, the Study USA plan can be renewed up to a period of 4 years as long as the eligibility requirements are satisfied.

09. How do I renew my coverage?

The Study USA plan can be renewed before the existing policy expires. You can renew the plan at
Study USA Renewal

10. While renewing the Study USA plan, can an eligible dependent be added?

Yes, an eligible spouse or child can be added to the plan while renewing it.

11. How does the insurance cover my expenses whether I treated in the student health center, inside a PPO network or outside PPO network?

For Non US students in USA
Treatment at the student health center can enjoy the in-network benefit.
Treatment within the PPO network - Expenses are covered at a lower deductible and coinsurance than when you get treated outside network.
The student can also visit any doctor or hospital by contacting the Emergency Assistance Company who will help you find a doctor or hospital.
For US students studying outside USA
Treatment at student health center or any doctor or hospital can enjoy the in-network benefit.
If treated at a student health center first can waive the deductibles.
The student can also visit any doctor or hospital by contacting the Emergency Assistance Company who will help you find a doctor or hospital.

12. Are pre-existing conditions covered by Study USA?

Yes, pre-existing conditions are covered after a waiting period of a minimum of 6 months

13. Is pregnancy covered by Study USA?

Yes, pregnancy is covered if the conception occurs after the plan effective date.
No coverage for pregnancy of the dependent child.

14. Does Study USA cover travel outside US?

Yes Study USA offers worldwide coverage for students outside their home country.
For every 3 months of coverage, Study USA offers 15 days of coverage in the home country.

15. What are the hospitalization expenses that must be pre-certified?

The following expenses must always be pre-certified:

  • Inpatient care
  • Any Surgery or Surgical Procedure
  • Care in an Extended Care Facility
  • Home Nursing Care
  • Durable Medical Equipment
  • Artificial limbs
  • Computerized Tomography (CAT Scan)
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
  • Maternity
  • Newborn care

16. If there are no in-network doctors or hospitals in my area, where can I get the treatment?

You can use an out-of network doctor or and out-of network benefits will be paid.

17. If there are changes in my policy how do I get it corrected?

The corrections can be sent to, or by fax or mail and they will confirm the corrections.
Please send the applicant's name, a daytime phone number and reference your Transaction Number.
Contact Information:
Fax: 610-537-9828
Mail: Travel Insurance Services
3070 Riverside Drive
Columbus, OH 43221
If there is a rise in premium, payment can be done by fax or mail. When sending credit card details, please include the credit card number, expiration date, security code, and a statement authorizing Travel Insurance Services to charge the additional amount.

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