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Geoblue Trekker Essential insurance

Trekker Essential Insurance offers maximum coverage of $500,000 for sickness and accidents. Covers unlimited trips in a year each trip not excceding 70 days. It covers pre-existing conditions for medical services and medical evacuation.

GeoBlue Trekker Essential Review

Insurance provider
Trekker Essential insurance rating
AM Best Rating: "A-" (Excellent)
Policy maximum
$500,000, For Individuals aged 70-95 up to $100,000.
Deductible options
Plan life
Upto 12 months
Trekker Essential insurance Underwriter
GeoBlue Trekker Essential is underwritten by 4 Ever Life
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GeoBlue Trekker Essential insurance summary

What is the eligibility to buy Trekker Essential Insurance?
  • Applicant's home country must be the US
  • Applicant's age must be under 95 years
  • Travelers enrolled in a primary plan are eligible
  • The initial payment must be made in the home country before departing from one of these states
  • For children under age 6, must be enrolled with a parent, aunt, uncle or grandparent

GeoBlue Trekker Essential plan highlights
  • Coverage of COVID-19 testing and treatment.
  • Up to $500,000 for sickness and accidents
  • $250,000 medical evacuation benefit.
  • Covers pre-existing conditions for medical services and medical evacuation.
  • Unlimited trips in a 12 month period (70 days max. per trip)
  • Requires a primary health plan; however, the primary plan does not need to be a Blue Cross and/or Blue Shield medical plan in order to be eligible.
  • No hospital pre-certification penalty.

Plan benefits of Trekker Essential insurance

  • Surgery, anesthesia, in-hospital doctor visits, diagnostic X-ray and lab
    Office Visits: including X-rays and lab work billed by the attending physician
    Surgery, X-rays, In-hospital doctor visits
    In-patient medical emergency
  • Outside the U.S. Outpatient prescription drugs
    100% of Reasonable Charges up to $2500
  • Ambulatory Surgical Center
    Ambulance Service (non-Medical Evacuation)
    100% up to $1000
  • Dental Care required due to an Injury
    100% of Covered Expenses up to $300 maximum per Trip Period and $200 per tooth
    Dental Care for Relief of Pain
    100% of Reasonable Charges up to $200 per Trip Period.
  • Physical and Occupational Therapy
    6 visits per Period of Insurance. $100 Maximum payment per visit.
    Repatriation Of Remains
    Emergency Medical Transportation
    Bedside Visit
    Maximum Benefit per Trip Period up to $2,500 for the cost of one economy roundtrip airfare ticket to the place of the Hospital Confinement for one (1) person.
    Hazardous Activities
*Benefits and Eligibility vary for South Dakota residents.

GeoBlue Trekker Essential Insurance - Common Questions

Are Geoblue Travel insurers a reliable insurance company?

GeoBlue is the trade name for the international health insurance programs of Worldwide Insurance Services, an independent licensee of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association.Geoblue travel insurance for more than 20 years have assisted globally in the complications of international healthcare and provide confidence for its members to travel safe and peacefully.

The travel insurance solutions provided by Geoblue provide excellent coverage for US citizens traveling overseas, travelers on work, study, Expats who live and travel internationally often.

Is there coverage for Covid-19 illness in Geoblue travel insurance?

GeoBlue Voyager plan covers COVID-19 as a covered illness up to age 95.The essential treatment is covered however there may be policy deductible applicable.

Is Geoblue Travel insurers a good company?

GeoBlue is the trade name for the international health insurance programs of Worldwide Insurance Services, an independent licensee of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association.GeoBlue provides easy access and peace of mind to travelers and expats living around the globe.

Their elite network of providers, innovative online tools, telemedicine tools and exceptional customer service set completely different standards for a full, reliable, suitable protection of your health and safety in the global community.

What cover does a Geoblue Travel insurer offer in Covid travel insurance? Does it have Quarantine coverage for US travelers?

Geoblue provides coverage for Covid-19 as a new sickness in their Covid travel insurance covers. They have various travel insurance plans for Short-term travelers, multi trip travelers, student plans and long term insurance plans with coronavirus coverage. No, coverage for quarantine is not available with the Geoblue travel insurance plans.

Why should I buy travel insurance from Geoblue Travel insurers?

GeoBlue is a self-governing licensee of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association who offer borderless access with a premium quality healthcare system with high-tech service for all travelers to feel secure while traveling around the world. Travelers can be rest assured that their travel requirements will be covered for a safe trip.

Who can buy Trekker Essential plan?
  • Leisure traveler
  • Business traveler
  • Early retiree/Medicare
  • Employers, Chamber of Commerce, retirement communities
  • Financial consultants
What are the key highlights of Trekker Essential insurance?

Following are some of the key benefits of buying Trekker Essential short term travel health insurance

  • Up to $250,000 international medical limit
  • Illness and accident
  • Emergency medical transportation
  • Supplemental coverage
  • An annual plan for multiple trips
How GeoBlue Trekker Essential insurance plan works?
  • Customer signs up online, at least 1 day prior to departure.
  • Sale is tracked to you when the customer uses your unique web link or brochure.
  • Welcome information is sent electronically or via mail. Member has instant access to their electronic ID card, claim forms and more.
  • Members are invited to register on the website, mobile site or app.
  • Buy once, travel all year. Travelers receive a renewal notice each year.

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US Eligible States

Following are the US Eligible States :

Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, New York, New Jersey, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming

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