Affiliate for visitor insurance

Marketing US travel and student insurance plans for international travel and international students:
You can increase your business and market our insurance products by becoming our affiliate. Becoming an affiliate is simple and involves very little paperwork from your end. A popular website which attracts our target customer base can generate significant revenue to you.

Steps to become an affiliate to market our insurance plans worldwide:

Please complete the contract form here if you are a licensed insurance agent in the USA or are residing outside the USA (those outside USA does not need any license) and wish to carry out international travel insurance or international student insurance business. Our affiliates can:

  • Market travel medical insurance for international visitors.
  • Market student medical insurance for international students.
  • Market trip cancellation insurance for international visitors.
  • Become an authorized agent for visitor medical insurance business in the US.
affiliate visitors insurance

Applying to become an affiliate

Please fill these contract forms and mail it to us at or fax at 888-640-9807