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Trawick International Insurance Plans

Trawick International Insurance offers short term travel insurance for international travelers. Insurance coverage includes travel medical coverage for tourists, students, scholars, businesses and groups. Trawick International provides Travel Insurance, Trip Protection and Student Travel Medical Insurance. Trawick International has designed the programs for those traveling to the USA, individuals traveling abroad, US Citizens who are traveling in the USA and non US citizens traveling from their home country but not visiting the USA. Trawick International offers worldwide network of physicians, hospitals and pharmacies. Trawick International has designed plans ideal for employees, corporations, schools, frequent world travelers, international students, study abroad programs, missionary trips and vacation traveler. Listed below are some products that Trawick offers for foreign residents visiting USA or transiting through the US on a transit visa
Ideal for: foreign residents visiting USA or en-route USA on transit visa
Purpose: These plans offer coverage for covered expenses, flexible deductible options and add on coverage.

fixed plans Fixed benefit plan
Safe Travel Visitors to USA Safe Travel Visitors Diamond(For Seniors)

comprhensive plans Comprehensive plans
Safe Travels USA Safe Travel USA Cost Saver Safe Travel USA Comprehensive

Group travel insurance

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Ideal for: Non-US citizens and Non-US residents traveling outside their home country except the USA.
Safe Travels International Safe Travels International Cost Saver

Ideal for: Anyone traveling outside their home country except the USA.
Safe Travels Schengen Visa

Ideal for: US citizens and US residents traveling outside the United States.
Safe Travels Outbound Safe Travels Outbound Cost Saver

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Ideal for: students residing temporarily outside their home country or country of permanent residence
Purpose: These plans offer coverage for medical expenses, mental & nervous and maternity.

International student
Collegiate Care Standard Collegiate Care Preferred Collegiate Care Gold Collegiate Care Silver

Student studying abroad
Study Abroad Basic Study Abroad Premier

Med E-vac insurance
Student Medical Evacuation
Ideal for: This plan offers standard trip cancellation coverage for US residents irrespective of their citizenship travelling inside US or to other countries and Non US residents traveling other countries except US.
Purpose: These plans offer coverage for medical expenses, financial losses, trip cancellation, trip interruption and others incurred while traveling.

For US residents
Safe Travels 3-n-1 Trip Protection Safe Travels Single Trip Protection Safe Travels First Class Trip Protection

For Non US residents
Safe Travels USA Trip Protection Safe Travels Multinational Trip Protection
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