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Travel insurance with trip protection coverage - Highlights

Trip cancellation

Reimbursement for loss of pre-paid, non-refundable payments.

Medical evacuation

Transportation to or between hospitals as needed.

Trip delay

Reimbursement of food and lodging expenses due to delay in travel.

Lost baggage

Pays sum for lost or delayed luggage by airline.

Medical expenses

Covers cost of treatment for sickness or injury during your vacation.

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Travel medical insurance with no trip protection - Highlights

Health care expenses

Covers medical costs for sickness or accidents during travel.

Doctor visit

Covers cost of clinic or doctor visit.

Pharmacy drugs

Expenses from doctor prescribed eligible medications.

Medical evacuation

Transportation to or between hospitals as needed.

Repat of remains

Return of moral remains to home country or local burial.

Visitor Travel Health Insurance Resources

Here are some useful resources to help you understand visitor insurance.

Visitor Insurance is a travel/medical cover that provides coverage for any sickness or injury that you might experience while traveling outside your home country. Health Care costs are very high and the insurance will be your life saver when you encounter any events of sickness or injury.

These visitor health insurance plans for the US also offer Coverage for pre- existing conditions as well.

The United States is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. The country has seen a significant rise in the arrival of international visitors during the past two decades from around 40 million in 2003 to close to 80 million now.

visitors medical insurance

However the healthcare Costs in the USA for Expatriates and visitors is exorbitant, and it is imperative that visitors are well informed and have the appropriate Health Insurance for visitors to the US.

Find out Healthcare cost in USA

US travelers insurance, Travel health insurance USA

Trip cancellation travel insurance

Insure the trip expenses within and outside the USA along with health of traveler.

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Cancel For Any Reason

Insure your vacation with the option to cancel for any reason travel insurance.

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Quarantine travel insurance coverage

Travel insurance with coverage for Quarantine in case of infection.

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International Visitor Travel Health Insurance Resources

About Insurance

Why visitor Insurance?

Learn the importance of visitor insurance while outside your home country.

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Claims Informations

Find out the Claims Process and How Travel Insurance Works.

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How to buy?

Step by step information to purchase the suitable plan online.

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Insurance Glossary

Commonly used terms in international health insurance.

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How does it work?

Find out the details of how a policy works when you incur a medical expense due to injury or sickness.

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Types of Visitor Insurance Plans

Fixed vs Comprehensive

Understand the difference between these 2 kinds of plans to see if they are suitable for you.

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Trip vs Travel vs Global

Confused whether to buy trip or travel or global insurance? Know the differences!

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Group Insurance

Travelling in Groups? Be it on vacation, on work, on educational tour or to take part in sports activities.

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Insurance Categories?

We have plans suitable for different categories.
Student! Visitor! J1 Scholar! OPT holder! New Immigrant! Maternity! Sports! and much more!

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Tools to find Insurance

Find the Best coverage

Find out the right plan for your category and their price information.

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Find the Best US immigrant Insurance

Best eligible health insurance plans for green card holders, permanent residents and new immigrants

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Compare coverage

Compare the plan benefits by comparing them with one another from different insurance providers.

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Factors for travel insurance

Here are some vital factors that you need to keep in mind while buying travel health insurance.

visitors insurance| Student insurance
Compare Plans

Select from the given list of plan comparison options to compare the benefit

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Visitors medical insurance links

Visitors to USA

Travel health insurance plans from popular insurance providers for visiting USA.

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US travelers outside USA

Travel insurance coverage for medical expenses related to hospitalization, medical evacuation and repatriation.

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Travel to Europe

Insurance plans satisfying visa requirements for visiting Schengen countries.

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Visitors insurance - frequently asked questions

01.  Why is travel insurance to USA so expensive?

There is no denying that travel insurance to USA is sadly very expensive. The main reason for this is simply because the cost of healthcare in the USA is very expensive and the travel insurance USA costs are directly related to the healthcare costs.

One more factor for some USA travel insurance plans to be very expensive is that there are specially designed travel insurance USA plans available for older travelers, with higher medical coverage as well as some plans with coverage for pre-existing ailments.

02.  Does this visitors insurance have direct settlement or payment?

We get many inquiries about how the insurance works and if you must pay up front and submit a claim to get reimbursed or if the insurance company will directly pay the provider. This is an excellent question and one which many clients do not understand. Many US residents are used to showing our ID cards and having all the bills directly paid (albeit slowly) and then paying our portion some time later to the provider.

Because the insurance companies that issue plans for visitors are much smaller than our domestic companies, many providers will say "We don't take this insurance." What that means is they do not want to call the insurance company and arrange direct payment for you. In that case, you can still use the provider, but you will have to pay up front and submit a claim to get reimbursed.

Some clients take this message from the provider to mean their insurance is no good. Nothing could be farther from the truth. All the policies we offer can be used at any doctor or hospital you desire -- they are meant to be used in an emergency and the closest place may or may not be in the PPO network (if that is an issue). So, you don't have to worry about that.

All that means is you will have a little more legwork on your end to get your reimbursement. The good news is the claims forms are all available on our website to download and they are very straightforward. You do not need to be a doctor to fill them out. Be sure you keep a copy of anything you send in for yourself and simply follow the directions on the claims form for the insurance policy you purchased.

You should expect to get repaid within a couple weeks if they get all the documentation they need. Be sure, if you have a client zone login, to check on your claim from time to time to be sure you have done your part to move the process along. There is one company, called GeoBlue which works with a very large network that does claim to have "guaranteed" direct bill pay (IF you do use a BlueCross/BlueShield provider).

I would personally take this with a grain of salt since nobody can make someone make a phone call if they are unwilling to do so. However, the network is very popular and extensive and may provide some reassurance to a traveler to the US. This company also has providers abroad in over 100 countries as well, but I do assume these are less numerous. Happy traveling!

03.  How do I file a travel insurance claim?

The actual forms and instructions on filing a claim vary slightly by company. For certain, each company has a form (usually only one page front and back) to be filled out. The full instructions for submission of the form are on the form itself and all the forms can be downloaded from our website (for companies we work with). There can be two different forms for medical expenses and other expenses (baggage loss, etc), so check to make sure you have the correct form.

If the provider will not set up a direct payment with the insurance company, you will have to pay for all bills out of your pocket. Keep all receipts and documents you are given. Fill out the claims form as instructed, make a copy of all documents for yourself and mail, fax, or email the document as instructed to the insurance company.

If you have a login for your insurance policy, use that to check on the status of the claim to make sure they receive all the necessary documentation they require (careful reading of the instructions will help, but they may need something more from the provider which you may be able to expedite in person).

Then, you simply have to be patient as the process unfolds. Those of us that are US residents know that this can take weeks with our own medical insurance as they work out their process. Some clients are shocked to get a bill in the mail soon after a stint in the hospital or at a doctor's office (even if they did get direct billing).

Just hang on to the bill and give the insurance company at least two weeks before giving them a call. Do not pay anything until you have heard back from the insurance company. As we say, "chill and let it ride" until you get your insurance company to do their part!

04.  Can a tourist get health insurance in USA?

Yes, international tourists can and should buy travel health insurance in USA. Given the high cost of US healthcare, it is very risky to travel without the best short term health insurance for UK visitors to USA. UK tourists can compare different travel health insurance online and then buy travel insurance for USA Visitors to get coverage as early as the following day.

05.  How much does visitor health insurance cost?

The cost of UK travel health insurance for USA depends mainly on the following factors; The age of the traveler, the duration of travel health insurance coverage, type of travel insurance (fixed vs comprehensive coverage), any add on coverage requirements, or the need for health insurance for visitors to usa with pre-existing conditions.

Customer Support

Some links for customers to access information on online renewal, claims department address/contact numbers, finding network of hospitals/doctors, cancellation procedure, customer care contact numbers and how to find Schengen visa letter?

Annual Travel insurance

Find the contact details of the insurance companies

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Search hospitals / doctors

Get the information on PPO network for the providers

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Insurance claims contact

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Insurance renewal details

Find online renewal details of your purchased plan.

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Insurance cancellation

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Find Schengen visa letter

How to get Schengen Visa Letter after buying the plan.

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Visitor insurance benefits

Visitor Insurance plans offering specific benefits.

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Cruises travel insurance

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US travel insurance

Visitor Insurance for USA

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US citizens Traveling Abroad

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Pre-existing insurance

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US visitors insurance providers

You can find reliable US insurance providers like International Medical Group(IMG), Seven Corners, WorldTrips, Global Underwriters, Travel Insure, GeoBlue, HTH Worldwide and INF insurance.

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