Tips on Air Travel

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Travel Tips


Stay hydrated

It is important to drink water and stay hydrated throughout the flight.

Keep the luggage light

Ensure that you have the least required hang carry baggage on your flight.

Avoid contact lenses

The pressurised cabins and dry air within the airplane can cause irritation in your eyes. It is better to wear glasses instead of contact lenses if possible.
skin moist

Keep your skin moist

To ensure that your skin does not dry, you should apply a good skin lotion and moisturiser.

Do not stay stationary

During the flight it is important to constantly move to ensure proper blood flow. You can exercise your legs even while seated, as well as walk in the aisles during long flights.

Stay comfortable

Make yourself comfortable in the flight. Wear comfortable clothing, nothing too tight, remove unnecessary layers of clothing, use a blanket if feeling cold.

Things to remember

travel tips

Prior to the flight

  • Get sound medical opinion prior to taking a long flight should you have any medical ailments, especially if you have any cardiovascular or respiratory ailments. Do carry any emergency medication that you need with you at all times.
  • Ensure proper rest before your flight
  • Get a proper night's sleep, have a light meal, do not get intoxicated or overeat just before your flight

At the airport

  • Do not rush your check-in. Give yourself enough time for security, any immigration, baggage and checking in procedures. Avoid stressing your body by rushing or carrying any heavy baggage. Try to stay relaxed at the airport both before and after your check-in process.

On the flight

  • Do not stay motionless in one position for too long, try to move your legs and walk around if possible. Wear comfortable clothing and stay hydrated during the flight. Chewing or swallowing helps equalizing your ear pressure during take-off and landing.

On arrival

  • Exercise lightly on arrival and you acclimatise to the new time zone. Do not stress yourself till you get over the jet lag.

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