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International students health insurance - Overview

International student insurance offers medical and travel insurance benefits to students on F1 visa in the US and international students studying outside their home country. Many top rated insurance providers offer cheapest health insurance for international students in USA and worldwide. In the US, most of universities student health insurance plans that are quite expensive. Here we offer best health insurance for international students in USA that provide university comparable health insurance for international students studying in the usa. International students studying in popular study abroad destination countries like Canada, the UK, Australia, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Ireland can also buy these international student insurance plans offered by US companies.
international student insurance

Highlights of medical insurance for international students in USA

  • Available for F1 visa students, J1 visa exchange holders, M1 visa holder and their dependents.
  • Satisfies most of the Student visa requirements.
  • Affordable and university compliant.
  • Availability of University waiver form.
  • Ideal for International Student groups.

Benefit details of student insurance

The benefits offered under international student medical insurance varies from insurer to insurer. You can refer to this page and take a quick glance at some of the common benefits offered under different plans. The details provided on this page will be useful for students to quickly review the benefits and select a plan that can best suit their individual requirements.

Compare and buy international health insurance for students online

Use our easy insurance compare quote engine. International student health insurance benefits can be reviewed and compared. You need to fill the quotes form with your basic information to get competing quotes.
  • All the available options from top rated insurance providers will be displayed.
  • You can now easily compare different plans based on their price and coverage details.
  • You can select the plan a few plans to compare the benefits in detail and select the best international student insurance and buy it online quickly.
  • For applicant who are not taking any courses in the University but are on Optional Practical Training (OPT) or the Curricular practical training (CPT) in the US can compare OPT insurance plans.
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