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US students studying abroad in Argentina

There are over 3,500 US students studying in Argentina. There are several factors attracting US students to Argentina. To begin with, Argentina has a very good educational system with many excellent universities. The country also boasts of a diverse geography which includes the amazing Andes Mountains, pristine forests and beautiful beaches. The vibrant cultural life adds to the charm of Argentina, and last but not the least, there is the charming capital - Buenos Aires. Buenos Aires which is home to nearly 10 million residents is an elegant city with an very much European-influenced sophistication. In brief, thanks to its diverse landscape ranging from natural and remote wilderness to the bustling Buenos Aires metropolis Argentina has something to offer everyone. For students, the popular programs include history, architecture, Latin arts, Spanish language and International Business.
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Before you start studying in Argentina - buy good student medical insurance

US students choosing to study in Argentina should buy good international student insurance. This is very important since US regular health insurance has little coverage outside US borders.

Not on a F1 visa? Please review these other visa categories

J1 visa holders

Insurance for Argentinian Exchange scholars satisfying visa requirements

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Insurance for US Students in Argentina

Insurance plans for US students studying in Argentina

Is it too late to buy student travel insurance for Argentina?

It's never too late to buy student travel insurance for Argentina. The only time it is too late is if a person is already sick or injured. As long as the student is healthy, you can purchase a Argentina student travel insurance to have coverage for future accident or illness. Compare and buy the best student travel insurance for Argentina.

How much does student travel insurance cost for Argentina?

The cost for the Argentina student travel insurance varies depending on the age of the student and the duration of coverage required. The older the student the higher will be the cost. The longer the duration of Argentina travel insurance required, the greater will be the cost. Our Argentina student travel insurance quote comparison facility lists the travel insurance that satisfy your requirements comparing them based on price and benefit. Compare student travel insurance Argentina and get free quotes online.
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Student Health insurance plan highlights

  • The student insurance offered by colleges and universities are expensive.
  • The student insurance plans displayed here are provided by reputed companies and are very popular with international students as they provide coverage comparable to the university coverage but at lower rates.
  • Groups of 2 or more students enrolled in a university can view the "GROUP INSURANCE QUOTES".
  • The student group insurance quotes are available with discounted premium.
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