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How will I get insurance policy document?
Yes. After your enrollment is processed, your Certificate of Insurance will be mailed to the mailing address you specified while enrolling.
Yes, as long as you remain eligible (see FAQ 1). To renew your policy online you may do so 24 hours before your policy lapses. If you wish to renew via fax or mail then please allow at least 10 business days for renewal.
The coverage will come into effect as early as the following day after you complete your enrollment online, provided you correctly complete your Online Enrollment and correct payment is received.
Please send any corrections to us in writing by email, fax or mail and we will confirm the changes. When sending correspondence, please include a daytime phone number and reference your Online Order Transaction number.

Several of our student plans do cover pre-existing health conditions. Pre-existing conditions are defined by the policy as "an injury, illness or condition which was contracted or which first manifested itself, or for which a licensed physician was consulted, or for which treatment or medication was prescribed, prior to the effective date of the insurance plan.

Most plans will exclude a pre-existing condition from coverage for a short waiting period of 6 to 12 months following the effective date of coverage unless stipulated by State or Federal regulation. A Covered Person seeking coverage of a pre-existing condition must fulfill this waiting period without any gaps in insurance.

Yes, many of our policies do cover pregnancy of an insured student or enrolled spouse if the pregnancy begins during the coverage period. They do not cover the pregnancy of a dependent child.
Atlas America will not cover pregnancy. However once the child is born you may cover the baby by filling in an additional form, we can help you with this when the time comes.
Insurance Company(IMG) will need to know ahead of time about the hospital, etc where the delivery is to take place to arrange payment and pre-authorize benefit payment. As soon as you find out you are pregnant, then call IMG customer service (M-F 9-4 EST) to find out what you should do.
Student Health Advantage Details
As long as you do NOT let the coverage lapse (forget to renew your policy when it expires) there will not be a break in coverage and a pregnancy started in the first year will continue to be covered in the next year of the policy. Should the policy lapse, then you may have issues getting coverage for an existing pregnancy. Conception must occur AFTER the start date of the policy. There is no waiting period or other condition.
Student Health Advantage Details
Yes, your example is accurate. You would pay only one $100 deductible for one sickness regardless of how many times you had to go to the doctor for the follow up etc.
This would have to be allowed by the university. Also, a co-pay is a payment made evert visit (unlike the deductible), so in your above example, the $5 would be paid for first visit, another $5 for follow up.

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