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Not on a F1 visa? Please review these other visa categories

J1 visa holders

Insurance for Saudi Arabia Exchange scholars satisfying visa requirements

F2 dependents

Insurance plans for dependents of an F1 visa holders

Tourist Visa

Health insurance plans for Saudi visiting USA on vacation

J2 dependents

Insurance for Saudi Arabia J2 visa dependants satisfying visa requirements

OPT Status within F1 visa

Insurance plans for Saudi students on OPT status

US Students in Saudi Arabia

Insurance plans for US students studying in Saudi Arabia

Few tips for Saudi students

These are few tips for Saudi students preparing to visit America to pursue their education. You can do a broad based research on your own to learn more about America and tips to tackle unique challenges that can exist in the American classroom.
English and Math
Prepare to have basic levels of English and Math knowledge. This can reduce a lot more academic pressure for you since low levels of English and Math will make it difficult while studying in the USA.
Scholarship in Saudi
The growth in the number of Saudi students traveling to the USA is largely fueled by the King Abdullah Foreign Scholarship Program, administered by the Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission (SACM). You can check your chances of being eligible for this Scholarship to pursue your education in America.
Cultural Shock
Saudi students coming to the USA should know a bit about the cultural aspects in the country to avoid any sort of shocks. American culture is very individualistic when compared to the communal culture in Saudi Arabia. Sometimes for Saudi students family takes precedence over academics. You have to balance these to achieve success in your academics.
F1 student visa is the visa permit given for international students coming to the USA to pursue education. The dependents of Saudi students coming to America need F2 visa permit to stay in the country. Students can apply for visa at the nearest embassy office.
Student medical insurance
Saudi Arabian students staying in the USA for a short period are not eligible to buy domestic health insurance in America. Staying uninsured can be risky since the health care costs are expensive and paying medical bills can be tough during medical emergency situations.
There are student medical insurance plans designed by American insurers to cover Saudi students during their period of stay in US both inside and outside the campus.

Student Health insurance plan highlights

  • There are over a 50,000 Saudi students in the United States.
  • Saudi students often go for higher education overseas by enrolling in the King Abdullah Foreign Scholarship Program.
  • Saudi Students in the US can buy student insurance at our website, which offers more affordable plans when compared to many University insurance options but are comparable in coverage.
  • Groups of two or more students can buy a Student group insurance plan
  • "Group insurance plans" are cheaper than individual student plans
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