Importance of comparing international student medical insurance

The new college semester is fast approaching and it is that time of the year when students are enrolling for the semester courses in US universities. It is a known fact that healthcare in the US is expensive and since it is not have a nationalized healthcare system, individuals have to pay for all medical expenses. This means it is required for the international students to buy good student health insurance as it is unimaginable to handle the healthcare costs out of pocket.
With many student health insurance plans available online in the market, it is cumbersome and complicated to find the plan that matches ones specific requirements. It is therefore important to make a check list of any specific requirements that the University needs to be satisfied.
With this being said, American Visitor Insurance has developed an excellent compare student medical insurance tool which helps international students find and buy the best student insurance plans of their choice. To get a free price quote here, the inputs needed are the students age, study duration(start date and the end date during which the insurance is required), preferred deductible, preferred medical policy maximum, country of citizenship and the student’s country for education.
On providing this information, the student is provided a summary list of available student health insurance plans that satisfy these requirements along with their premium price. Other relevant details about the plan displayed here are, Underwriter, Rating, Direct Billing details, Co insurance, Renewability and other benefits of the plan. To view more details on a particular plan, there is a "details " button available below the Price information. To see the coverage and benefit details there is a "Brochure" button available next to the "details" button.
All these student insurance plans are available for international students on the F1 visa (student Visa) in the US. It is important to get the specific University requirements while making the selection of the plan. Some of the most basic requested benefits are the coverage for pre-existing condition, pregnancy and maternity coverage, mental health and substance abuse, coverage for sports are available with these plans.
Benefits like preventive care services and wellness coverage are available only with some specific plans. Geoblue Navigator plan from the company Geoblue is the plan with preventive care services coverage. Wellness coverage is also available with the Study USA student insurance plan from USI Travel Insurance Services. These 2 benefits are not available in the other plans.
Coverage for pre-existing condition usually has a waiting period. This period can vary from 6 months or 12 months depending on the plan. There are popular plan section in the webpage where the plans are listed which are popular for unique reasons. Getting a price quote in this page will show many more plans and their details which is useful in getting the right plan.
These plans include student medical insurance for maternity coverage. There are also plans that provide sufficient coverage for student insurance for sports activities.
This tool is very helpful for the students to compare the University Requirements they have for health insurance with what is available in the market. The weblinks provided in this blog are resourceful to learn more about the student health insurance related features.

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