OPT student health insurance, OPT medical insurance

International Students on a F1 visa and Optional Practical Training (OPT) status (hence not taking any courses) can purchase best health insurance plans for OPT students that we offer. Simply enter your age to get affordable quotes of different health insurance for f1 students on OPT plans.

Covid 19 OPT medical insurance for international students

There are many international students on OPT status who need health insurance for Covid19 illness. At American Visitor Insurance, we are committed to getting you the best Covid19 OPT medical insurance for Coronavirus coverage. There are few Covid 19 cheap OPT health insurance for Coronavirus plans:
  • Trawick International Covid19 insurance offers Safe Travels USA insurance which offers health insurance coverage for OPT students.
  • World Trips coronavirus insurance offers Atlas America OPT health insurance for Covid19 illness.
  • Seven Corners offers Covid19 Liaison Travel Plus insurance for OPT students and covers medical expenses arising from Covid19 illness.
  • Global Underwriters offers Diplomat America Insurance with Covid19 OPT medical insurance which covers expenses from coronavirus sickness.

Why buy US medical insurance for OPT?

  • International Students with the F1 visa are eligible to get internship on a work permit for 36 months for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) students and 12 months for non STEM students.
  • Since these students are no longer taking courses in the university, they are not eligible for student insurance.
  • International students cannot buy domestic insurance plans as they are not US citizens or US permanent residents (Green card holders).
  • We offer affordable health insurance for opt students in the USA and provide health insurance comprehensive coverage to international student on OPT.

Best medical insurance for F1 students on OPT

  • The affordable health insurance for visa OPT, or the STEM OPT student insurance plans that we offer have cheap F1 opt insurance rate and can be purchased for as few as five days and can be renewed (some of them want initial purchase of three months for future renewal).
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  • OPT health insurance F1 will cover all new medical ailments, injuries or accidents that may occur after the effective date of the insurance.
  • The Health insurance for students on opt will however not cover pre-existing ailments, maternity, dental or vision care or any preventative care such as health checkups or immunizations.

Best health insurance for OPT students in USA, OPT student health insurance

  • Comprehensive plan with worldwide coverage including and excluding the US for visitors traveling outside their home country.
  • Plan provides coverage for COVID19
  • Plan is suitable for OPT holders, H1 Visa holders, Green Card holders as a temporary health insurance plan during transition.
  • No arrival time restriction with this plan to come to the US.
  • This plan provides coverage for Corona and provides a policy maximum of $500,000
  • This plan is available for full time students enrolled in a college or University
  • Full time scholar affiliated with an educational institution and performing research for at least 30 hours per week.
  • People holding an F1 Visa ,OPT or a J1 Visa are eligible to buy this plan.
  • Students must reside outside their home country for the purpose of pursuing international educational activities.
  • Comprehensive plan for US citizens living abroad and Non US citizens visiting the US
  • Plan is suitable for OPT holders and does not have any arrival time restriction in the US.
  • Plan covers COVID19
  • This plan provides coverage for acute onset of pre-existing conditions upto the age of 70.
  • Plan is renewable for up to 2 years
  • Plan provides coverage for adventure sports with the optional rider.
  • This is a comprehensive plan for visitors or Non US citizens visiting the USA.
  • This plan provides coverage for COVID19 and needs precertification for getting tested for the virus.
  • This is not available for US citizens, residents and Green Card holders.
  • This plan provides coverage for one well doctor visit and this must occur within 21 days after the plan has become effective and the plan must be purchased for a minimum of 30 days.
  • This plan provides up to $1000 for acute onset of pre existing condition
  • This plan provides coverage for individuals outside their home country.
  • This plan is specifically designed to cover COVID19 illness and it provides coverage for COVID19
  • This plan provides worldwide coverage including and excluding the US.
  • Within the US, the co insurance of this plan for in network PPO covers 90% of the expense after the deductible and for outside the PPO covers 80% of the expense up to $5000.
  • Outside the US the co insurance for the plan is covered for 100%
  • This plan is available for Non US citizens coming to the US
  • This plan covers COVID19 as any new illness
  • This plan DOES NOT cover pre existing conditions
  • The plan also covers US citizens living abroad coming to the US on business trips or vacation while living outside their home country.
  • The covers 80% up to the first $5000 and then covers 100% coinsurance when a claim has been activated.

OPT student insurance FAQs

How much do OPT Student Health Insurance Plans cost?

The OPT Student Health Insurance Plans cost varies depending on the age of the OPT student and the duration of coverage required. The older the student the higher will be the OPT medical insurance cost. The longer the duration of travel insurance required, the greater will be the cost of OPT Health Insurance for F1 Students.

Our Health insurance for OPT students quote comparison facility lists the opt student health insurance plans that satisfy your requirements comparing them based on price and benefit. Compare health insurance for OPT students and compare free OPT medical insurance quotes to find the best opt insurance online.

The US immigration authorities do not make it mandatory for students on Optional Practical Training (OPT) status to buy student insurance. However, given the very cost of healthcare in the US, and the relatively low cost of OPT insurance for the relatively young students, it is very logical to buy good OPT insurance which will cover the health of the student while he/she is on the OPT status.

Students on OPT status will not need any OPT student insurance if they have health insurance coverage from the institution where they are doing their Optional Practical training.

OPT insurance reference to the health insurance for international students in the United States when they are on the Optional Practical Training (OPT) status of the students visa (F1 visa). International students in the US who are in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) education stream are provided the OPT status after their required coursework for three years. International Students in the US who are not categorized under the STEM programs are usually given the OPT status for 1 year after completing their university coursework.

International F1 visa students on the OPT visa in the US are not mandated by the US immigration authorities to have US health insurance OPT. However most US universities insist to have good Student health insurance plan for OPT students.

Even if the Universities do not insist of student health insurance coverage, it is prudent to buy good international student medical insurance given the very high cost of healthcare in the US. Given the relatively young age of international students, the cost of student health insurance is quite low, and it is really very risky to be uninsured while living in the United States.

The best health insurance for international students on opt will depend on the unique needs of the student. There is no single plan which will qualify as the best student health insurance plan for all students. While some students will be looking for the cheapest student insurance, others will be looking for the most comprehensive coverage even if the cost is higher. The factors to be considered while buying student insurance are the coverage benefit details and the PPO network on the student insurance plan, the cost of the student insurance plan and the option to buy it on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Covid 19 OPT insurance is available for foreign students. International students can review and compare visitor insurance plans and find plans with Covid coverage that fit your needs. International Students can also buy the Student Secure Covid19 health insurance plan from World Trips: which will cover eligible medical expenses resulting from COVID-19/SARS-CoV-2.

Health insurance for OPT student visa holders

I wanted to inquire about the Patriot Exchange and Student Health Advantage Standard insurance plans. Can students on OPT apply? If so, can they apply before receiving the EAD card, perhaps after submitting the OPT application or even before that?

Thank you

questionDear Customer,
We have specific plans for OPT holders. Here is one popular plan:
Atlas America:
This plan is suitable for OPT holders and is a comprehensive plan.
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I have enrolled in the Safe Travels USA Comprehensive policy by Trawick International since November 2020. I just wanted to reconfirm that if the policy covers F1-OPT students and if there are any terms and conditions that I might want to keep in check before renewing the policy further? Does this plan cover Covid-19?

Thanks and regards,

questionDear Bhrigu,
Yes, you can use this plan for OPT status. Since there are no arrival time restrictions in the US with this plan, OPT holders can buy this plan. You just have to remember to renew before the policy expires.

Here are the plan details on our website:
This plan is suitable for OPT holders and is a comprehensive plan.
Covid-19 testing will be covered if it is considered to be medically necessary. Yes a doctor's report is needed. The insurance company for this plan is Trawick International. Their requirement says that precertification is required to be done for Covid related coverage. Please call the company at 888-301-9289 to pre certify and let them know that the coverage is needed for Covid-19.

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Factors to consider for F1 students on OPT buying health insurance
Important factors to consider while buying university comparable student health insurance.
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