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International student travel insurance covers students who are studying abroad for medical and travel-related risks. International student health insurance provides benefits such as emergency medical expenses, hospitalization, repatriation, study interruption, sponsor protection, compassionate visit, and more. Different student insurance plans have different levels of coverage, prices, and exclusions, so it is important to compare international student insurance on American Visitor Insurance and choose the best option for your needs and budget.

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Student travel insurance with Covid cover, Study abroad insurance Covid cover

The Covid pandemic had disrupted global travel with devastating impact from 2020 up to 2023. However, all countries around the world have now opened their countries for international travel, and with increased vaccination and natural immunity, Covid19 is now viewed as any other virus. As a result most Universities around the world have now resumed their classes on campus and students are expected to attend classes in the classrooms. However, given the risks of an infection it is prudent to have international student insurance which includes Covid coverage.

Students currently in their home countries are apprehensive about travel restrictions, study budgets, and challenges in completing their coursework. Some students who are already abroad have become more pessimistic of their expectations of what will be the impact of COVID-19 in their future study plans. They will probably consider online learning, or postpone their studies.

USA student insurance

Regardless of the academic decision, students planning to or those who are already studying abroad need to be prepared with good overseas student insurance with covid coverage. There are many things that a student needs to ensure while studying abroad, and given the pandemic health, finance, and safety tops the list. Living with a life-threatening virus around a student has to be safe enough and if contracted by the covid virus then need to have good student travel insurance with Covid coverage.

To help a student be financially stress free with good student abroad insurance with Covid coverage, we at American Visitor Insurance are committed to provide international students with the best study abroad insurance Covid-19 coverage. In the present situation several F1 visa international students, not enrolled in any classes are stranded in the US. These international students are not restricted to only buy student travel insurance plans but they can purchase short term US visitors medical insurance with Covid coverage. International students can also review and compare international student travel insurance covid coverage plans and find the best student abroad insurance with Covid19 coverage that fit their needs.

WorldTrips Covid19 Student travel Insurance

In the US, it was earlier mandatory that international students required to purchase a medical insurance which was compliant to the Affordable care act, ACA(Obamacare). With the Trump Administration removing this requirement, international students can buy student medical insurance that is offered with America Visitor Insurance. As long as a student is enrolled in the University they can purchase student insurance. Currently few student insurance plans are offering coverage for Covid19. The one popular exception is the Student Secure insurance plan offered by WorldTrips which covers Covid19 illness. Student Secure Elite insurance includes coverage for COVID-19/SARS-CoV-2 vaccine up to $150.

International Medical Group (IMG) Student travel Insurance Covid19

International Medical Group is offering coverage for Covid19 medical expenses. Following are the popular study abroad insurance plans that offers coverage for medical expenses from coronavirus.

GeoBlue Covid19 insurance for F1 students:

GeoBlue Covid19 student health insurance by Navigator for Student with coronavirus coverage covers medically necessary COVID-19 testing and treatment is covered.

TravelInsure student travel insurance with Covid cover

TravelInsure student health insurance by Study USA (Plus, Preferred and Platinum plans ONLY) offers international health insurance with coronavirus coverage for students outside their home country.
International Medical Group Covid19 Student health Insurance Patriot Exchange and Student Health Advantage offers coverage for medical expenses arising from Coronavirus.
Available for US Student abroad and international students in the US or outside their home country.
Available for US Student abroad and international students in the US or outside their home country.
WorldTrips Coronavirus international student health insurance Student Secure offers coverage for unexpected medical expenses related to Covid19 sickness.
Available for US Student abroad and international students in the US or outside their home country.
TravelInsure Covid19 student health insurance by Study USA (Plus, Preferred and Platinum plans ONLY) offers international health insurance with coronavirus coverage for students outside their home country.
Available for foreign students studying in the US and to US registered students studying abroad.
GeoBlue Covid19 Student health Insurance Navigator for Student offers coverage for international students in the United states for coronavirus sickness.
Navigator for Student Insurance offers worldwide coverage for students in United States.

Student health insurance for Covid19 – FAQ’s

01. Do international students need health insurance? Do f1 students need health insurance?

Yes, all students should have health insurance while in the US. The US health care costs are the highest in the world and even a small injury or accident can cost tens of thousands of dollars, while hospitalization can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Being healthy and taking care of oneself is naturally the highest priority, but accidents happen to us all and when we least expect and this is where Student insurance is invaluable. Students should have proper student health insurance before anything emergency situation arises so that you do not find yourself in serious debt.

02. Can international students get health insurance?

Yes, international students on the F1 visa can get F1 visa student medical insurance easily. We offer many popular student insurance plans on American Visitor Insurance even as most universities also offer student insurance. The student insurance on American visitor insurance is comparable in benefits offered and is much cheaper compared to University insurance which is expensive. Students should however clarify if the University allows students to but insurance outside the University, and if they can get the required insurance waiver for this student insurance.

03. What is the best health insurance for international students? What is the best insurance for international students?

The best student medical insurance will vary for different students. There is no single student insurance which will work as the best international student health insurance plan for all students. The factors to consider for the best student insurance is the coverage benefits, the provider network and the cost of the health insurance for international students. International students can compare US student insurance on American Visitor Insurance and buy it online.

04. How much does health insurance cost for a college student?

The health insurance cost for the college student will depend on the coverage benefits of the student insurance plan, the age of the student, the medical maximum coverage required and the deductible for the plan. The cost of student health insurance coverage within the US is more expensive when compared to coverage outside the US.

05. Is there any age limit to purchase international student travel insurance?

The age limit for buying international student insurance varies depending on the insurer and the plan you choose, but generally, students between 18 to 35 years old can purchase international student travel insurance.

06. How long can I be covered by international student travel insurance?

The duration of international student medical insurance coverage depends on the length of your study program, your visa status, and your insurer's policy. Most international student insurance on American Visitor Insurance allow you to buy your coverage for up to 12 months or more.

07. What are the requirements for international student travel insurance?

The international student health insurance requirements may vary depending on your destination country, your visa type, and your school's policy. Some countries and schools may have mandatory health insurance requirements for international students, while others may allow you to choose your own plan. You should check with your embassy or the university/college/school to find out what the specific requirements are for your situation.

08. What are the benefits of international student travel insurance?

International student travel insurance provides peace of mind and financial protection while you are studying abroad. These are most important since you are in a foreign country.

Some of the common benefits are:

  • Emergency medical expenses: This covers the cost of medical treatment for accidents or illnesses that occur during your trip. It may also include emergency dental services, medical evacuation, and repatriation of remains.
  • Travel-related benefits: These may include coverage for baggage loss or delay, flight delay or cancellation, passport loss, personal liability, legal expenses, and more.

09. What are the exclusions of international student travel insurance?

International student travel insurance may not cover certain events or situations, and these are clearly indicated in the policy documents. Some of the common exclusions are:

  • Pre-existing conditions: These are medical ailments that you have or had before purchasing the plan. They may not be covered unless there is a waiting period or an additional premium for pre-existing coverage.
  • Elective treatments: These are medical treatments that are not medically necessary or urgent, such as cosmetic surgery, dental implants, fertility treatments, etc.
  • Preventive treatments: Preventive medical treatments such as vaccinations etc are usually excluded from student medical insurance plans.
  • Hazardous activities: These are activities that involve a high level of risk or danger, such as extreme sports, adventure sports, martial arts, etc.
  • War and terrorism: These are events that involve armed conflict, civil unrest, violence, or acts of terror.
  • Alcohol and drugs: These are events that involve the consumption or abuse of alcohol or drugs.

Factors for health insurance cost in USA for international students

Student’s age

The student’s age determines the cost of US student medical insurance. The prices for f1 visa US student insurance increases with the age of the student.

The length of coverage

The price of student health insurance in the US can be either monthly or on a daily basis. The price increases with the duration of coverage required.

Maximum medical coverage

Student health insurance USA cost is directly dependent on the medical maximum coverage required. The cost of F1 student medical insurance is less for lower medical maximum and increases with higher medical maximum coverage.

Steps to compare and buy
Best International student insurance

 1: Finding the available best health insurance for international plans

Complete the student insurance quotes request form by providing details of the student and insurance requirements.

 2: Compare the different medical insurance options

Compare the price and the benefits of the different travel insurance options to identify what fits your needs best.

 3: Buy the student health insurance that you like best

Purchase the plan that fits your requirements and budget best by using a credit card and completing the online application.

 4: Review the students medical insurance plan documents received by email

Review the travel insurance policy documents received by email closely for coverage details and relevant contact numbers.

Step by step student travel insurance

Resourceful international student health insurance information

Student travel insurance FAQs

Commonly asked questions about student travel insurance.
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Student insurance resources

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Factors for student insurance

Factors while buying best international student health insurance USA.
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Good Covid19 study abroad insurance

Studying abroad, outside one’s home country is always a dream for many students. Each year many thousands of students who aspire to study abroad enroll into higher education in a university abroad. The United States, Canada, the UK, Australia, Netherlands, France and Germany are some of the most popular destinations for international students. However, due to the sudden breakout of the coronavirus pandemic restrictions have been placed all across the globe, that has shattered dreams or delayed plans for studying abroad in the near future. Students who are already studying abroad are seeing major disruptions. Mid-term closing of universities, suspended programs, real classes replaced by virtual classes and disrupted air travel and visa processes have all disrupted university education in most nations.

Students are anxious to know if they will be able to complete the course that they had applied for in the due course of time, if they will be able to get the preferred jobs that they had applied for before the outbreak of Covid-19. Students worrying about their visa expiry, cut off dates to start working post their course, some students who were recalled back to their home country are apprehensive if they can return to the universities that they were studying to complete their course. CIEE, the study abroad provider organization even decided on March 15 2020 to suspend all spring semester programs worldwide.

Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) report states that about 50 % of Science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) students in India have dropped the plan to study abroad post the Covid19 pandemic. Similarly students worldwide are unsure of what the future holds for them.

In the wake of the COVID19 students and universities equally are adapting quickly to altering circumstances. Institutions have reacted very quickly to the increasing demand for online delivery of courses. A surprising percentage of students currently studying abroad are taking classes online. Aspiring students can speak to international student’s resolution in pursuing the study abroad to see if there are viable study abroad opportunities such as online learning or delaying their study plans abroad.

Studying outside the home country amongst the coronavirus pandemic is very stressful. Constant worry if you have contracted Covid19, whether or not you have study abroad insurance pandemic coverage for covid-19? There is a need for the best international medical insurance. It’s very important to have a medical insurance while you are away from home studying and living by yourself abroad. Proper student medical insurance will cover you for all unforeseen medical expenses like doctors’ fees, operation charges, laboratory charges and all treatment given to you in an event of emergency hospitalization.

Not having good student medical insurance outside the home country is very risky and expensive, you will land up paying huge bills in case of any injury or unexpected medical emergency. So it’s best to be careful. Studying abroad remains a priority for many students, however COVID-19 has made it difficult to answer the question of when and how to make their dream of studying abroad come true.
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