IMG  International Medical Group (IMG) travel insurance for Covid19

IMG offers international travel insurance Covid19 coverage for coronavirus

Buy Covid 19 travel insurance for Coronavirus Travel insurance for Coronavirus Covid

IMG international travel insurance covid19 coverage plans for coronavirus

  • Non US citizens traveling individually or in groups to the USA
  • US citizens living outside USA can buy this while visiting the US
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  • Coverage for Non US citizens travelling outside their home country
  • US citizens living outside USA can buy this while visiting the US
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Does International Medical Group(IMG) travel insurance cover covid 19 illness? Does IMG cover covid19 illness in their travel insurance?

International Medical Group offers IMG insurance covid19 travel insurance starting September 1st, 2020 with coronavirus coverage with the following IMG insurance plans for visitors.
Customers who would like to renew or extend their IMG travel insurance existing plans set to expire on or after September 1st and wish to receive the new covid 19 IMG coverage benefits should let their existing plan expire and then purchase a new plan. Extending or renewing their existing plan will not provide the additional benefits listed above

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