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iTravelInsured Travel Sport Insurance


IMG iTravelInsured Travel Sport insurance is specifically designed for adventure-seekers and offers flexible sport and adventure travel protection while away from home. Whether traveling for a fly-fishing trip, a mountain biking expedition, or a weekend soccer tournament, with worldwide coverage, international claims specialists, and access to 24-hour emergency assistance services, the iTravelInsured Travel Sport plan gives travelers Global Peace of Mind as they explore the world. This adventure sports insurance is available only for US residents and offered coverage both within the US as well as overseas.

Regarding the Volcanic activity in Iceland

Regarding the recent volcanic activity in Iceland, IMG’s travel protection plans (including iTravelInsured plans) purchased prior to November 16, 2023, may provide coverage for benefits if travelers’ plans are affected by this natural disaster.

As of November 16, 2023, our travel insurance carrier partners consider this natural disaster a foreseeable event. Claims are not payable if a natural disaster is foreseeable prior to the effective date of the plan. Therefore, plans purchased on or after November 16 will not be eligible for coverage for losses due to this volcanic activity.

Note: Customers should refer to their plan documents for complete terms and conditions as coverage may vary by plan and state.

iTravelInsured Travel Sport Insurance - Key Features

With iTravelInsured Travel Sport coverage, travelers' trip investments are protected if a trip cancellation or interruption occurs for a covered unforeseen reason.

Examples of covered perils include, but are not limited to:

  • Sickness, injury, or death of an insured, a family member, a travel companion, or a guide/outfitter
  • Weather delay at the sporting competition or event to which the traveler is specifically traveling, causing the event to be rescheduled or canceled
  • Inability to take part in a competition, performance, or volunteer program due to sickness or injury
  • Cancellation or rescheduling of a sporting competition, entertainment event, festival, or concert, which was the sole or primary purpose of the trip

Other coverage benefits of the plan include:

  • Baggage delay, loss, or damage
  • Sports equipment rental
  • Medical evacuation services
  • Emergency accident and sickness medical expense, natural disaster, political, or personal security evacuation
  • Search and Rescue

Key highlights of iTravelInsured Travel Sport Insurance

  • Adventure sports plan for domestic and international destinations.
  • Maximum trip duration: 90 days
  • Maximum age insured: 65 years
  • Coverage type: Secondary
  • Trip cancellation benefit up to 100% & interruption benefit up to 125% of trip cost.
  • $250K medical coverage for unexpected illnesses & accidents while abroad.
  • Last date plan can be purchased - 1 day before departure
  • Pre-Existing Condition Exclusion Waiver: Yes, within 21 days of final trip payment.
  • Pre-Existing Condition Review Period: 60 days.
  • $1M coverage for emergency medical evacuation & $50K for search & rescue.
  • $5K sports equipment rental coverage if your equipment is lost, stolen or damaged.

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Plan benefits of IMG iTravelInsured Travel Sport Plan insurance

  • Trip Cancellation 100% of insured trip cost per person
    Trip Interruption 125% of insured trip cost per person
    Travel Delay Up to $250 per day per person ($5,000 max per person)
    Medical Evacuation Up to $1M per person
    Return Transportation Included
    Transportation of Children/Child Included
    Bedside Visit Transportation to Join You Included
    Supplemental Accident Maximum limit per covered accident: $300
    Repatriation of Remains Up to $1M per person
    Political or Personal Security Evacuation $150k per person
    Natural Disaster Evacuation $150k per person
    Search and Rescue Up to $50k per person
  • Baggage Damage or Loss $3k per person ($250 max per item)
    Baggage Delay Up to $750 per person ($100 max per day)
    Sports Equipment Rental $5k per person
  • Emergency Accident and Sickness Medical Expense Up to $250k per person
    Dental Expense Sublimit Up to $1k per person
    Hazardous Sports Up to $5k per person
    Air Flight Only $25k per person
  • Sickness, injury or death of insured, a family member, a travel companion, or guide/outfitter Yes
    A weather delay at the sporting competition or event to which you are specifically traveling, causing the event to be rescheduled or canceled Yes
    Unable to participate in skiing, diving, a competition, a performance, an activity or volunteer or mission program due to sickness or injury Yes
    Your sporting competition, performance, volunteer or mission program, concert, entertainment event or festival which was the sole or primary purpose for your trip is rescheduled or canceled Yes
    Insured’s primary residence or destination being rendered uninhabitable Yes
    Documented theft of passports/visas Yes
    Involved in a merger, job loss or job relocation Yes
    Documented traffic accident Yes
    Unannounced strike Yes
    Inclement weather that causes delay or cancellation by your common carrier Yes
    Mechanical breakdown of the common carrier Yes
    Evacuations due to national disasters Yes
    Emergency military duty for a natural disaster Yes
    A terrorist incident Yes
    Revoked military leave Yes
    Bankruptcy or default an entity that directly provides travel arrangements Yes
    NOAA hurricane warning or watch at destination Yes
    Court order to appear as witness Yes
    Jury duty Yes
    Hijack Yes
    Travel alert or travel warning for levels four (4) and higher or an evacuation order or travel ban Yes

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IMG iTravelInsured Travel Sport Plan Restrictions

  • Please note that this product is not currently available for sale in the states of : Florida, Kansas, Maine, Minnesota, Missouri, New York, Oregon, Vermont and Washington.
  • iTravelInsured Travel Sport Insurance is not offering coverage for residents of Belarus, Russia, or Ukraine and travelers visiting Belarus, Russia, or Ukraine.


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IMG Trip Cancellation Insurance - FAQ's

01. When does the insurance coverage start on the IMG trip cancellation insurance plan?

The trip cancellation insurance coverage starts on the day following the purchase of the policy. The trip cancellation insurance plan will cover the traveler for factors such as trip cancellation even before the departure date of the trip.

02. Can one cancel the IMG trip plan?

Yes, one can cancel the IMG plan if there is no claim on the policy and if the traveler :

  1. Requests for cancellation is made within the 10 day free look period after buying the insurance
  2. Requests for cancellation before the start of the trip
03. What does the trip cost include?

The trip costs will include all non-refundable expenses such as the airline ticket costs, cruise expenses, hotel booking costs .... In the event of an unplanned cancellation of the trip, these expenses which would otherwise be lost will be covered by the IMG trip cancellation plans.

04. Can I renew or extend my IMG trip plan?

No, the IMG plans are not renewable.

05. What are the differences between Trip Cancellation and Trip Interruption benefits?

Trip cancellation coverage is available if the entire trip is cancelled even before the start of the trip (this is even before the trip start date). Trip interruption coverage is applicable only after the start of the trip. Trip interruption comes is applicable if the trip is cancelled for a valid covered reason (unless you have the Travel LX plan which covers CFAR), after the start of the trip and here the insured traveler has to return to his/her home country.

06. What are the coverage differences between the different IMG plan options - Lite, SE, and LX?

You compare the coverage differences between the three IMG plans IMG travel insurance Comparision

07. Do your trip cancellation insurance plans cover the cost of additional accommodation for an individually-ordered quarantine?

There isn’t a specific “accommodation” benefit, but benefits could apply under IMG travel Insurance’s Travel Delay benefit. Travel delay would reimburse up to the per day, per person policy limit (varies between plans) for additional meals, accommodations, and local transportation expenses. A requirement to quarantine is a covered event under each of these benefits. In addition, if medical treatment is sought due to symptoms, the medical expense benefit would apply as well. Benefits would apply to an insured traveler OR a travel companion.