Vacation Rental insurance

Vacation rental cancellation insurance

The IMG Vacation Rental insurance plan is underwritten by Sirius America is ideal for travelers who want coverage for vacation rental investment in case of trip cancellation and trip interruption. If also offers coverage for travel and baggage delay along with access to our non-insurance emergency travel assistance. Travelers can recover non-refundable, unused payments and deposits when a trip is cancelled or interrupted due to a covered reason.

IMG Vacation Rental cancellation Travel Insurance Highlights

  • Trip cancellation coverage up to 100% of trip cost.
  • Trip interruption coverage up to 125% of trip cost.
  • Coverage for airline reissue or cancellation fee reimbursement.
  • Coverage for registration fee or event ticket reimbursement.
  • Minimum Trip Cost to be Insured is $500.
  • Maximum Trip Length is 31 days.
  • This plan is available upto 99 years.
  • This plan is not renewable

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Plan benefits of IMG Vacation Rental Insurance

  • Latest Date Plan Can Be Purchased 1 day before departure
    Trip Interruption Up to 100% of the non-refundable insured trip cost
    Airline Reissue or Cancellation Fees- $50
    Reinstate Frequent Traveler Awards - $75
    Registration Fees or Event Tickets - $500
    Trip Interruption Up to 125% of the non-refundable insured trip cost
    Missed Trip Connection Up to $500
    Rental Car Damage and Theft Coverage Up to $40,000
    Medical Evacuation and Repatriation of Remains Benefit Up to $75,000
  • Baggage and Personal Effects $250 max per article, to a maximum of $1,500
    Baggage Delay? Up to $200
  • Common Carrier Accidental Death? Up to $50,000
  • Accident & Sickness Medical and Dental Expense? Up to $30,000
    Dental Expense Sublimit Up to $1,000
    Premiums Refund You may submit a cancellation request and receive a full refund within 10 days from the effective date of your coverage, as long as your trip departure date has not occurred and you have not filed a claim. The policy is non-refundable after 10 days.
    Coverage Type Secondary

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Vacation Rental Insurance Insurance Restrictions

Vacation Rental Insurance is not offering coverage for residents of Belarus, Russia, or Ukraine and travelers visiting Belarus, Russia, or Ukraine.


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IMG Trip Cancellation Insurance - FAQ's

01. When does the insurance coverage start on the IMG trip cancellation insurance plan?

The trip cancellation insurance coverage starts on the day following the purchase of the policy. The trip cancellation insurance plan will cover the traveler for factors such as trip cancellation even before the departure date of the trip.

02. Can one cancel the IMG trip plan?

Yes, one can cancel the IMG plan if there is no claim on the policy and if the traveler :

  1. Requests for cancellation is made within the 10 day free look period after buying the insurance
  2. Requests for cancellation before the start of the trip
03. What does the trip cost include?

The trip costs will include all non-refundable expenses such as the airline ticket costs, cruise expenses, hotel booking costs .... In the event of an unplanned cancellation of the trip, these expenses which would otherwise be lost will be covered by the IMG trip cancellation plans.

04. Can I renew or extend my IMG trip plan?

No, the IMG plans are not renewable.

05. What are the differences between Trip Cancellation and Trip Interruption benefits?

Trip cancellation coverage is available if the entire trip is cancelled even before the start of the trip (this is even before the trip start date). Trip interruption coverage is applicable only after the start of the trip. Trip interruption comes is applicable if the trip is cancelled for a valid covered reason (unless you have the Travel LX plan which covers CFAR), after the start of the trip and here the insured traveler has to return to his/her home country.

06. What are the coverage differences between the different IMG plan options - Lite, SE, and LX?

You compare the coverage differences between the three IMG plans IMG travel insurance Comparision

07. Do your trip cancellation insurance plans cover the cost of additional accommodation for an individually-ordered quarantine?

There isn’t a specific “accommodation” benefit, but benefits could apply under IMG travel Insurance’s Travel Delay benefit. Travel delay would reimburse up to the per day, per person policy limit (varies between plans) for additional meals, accommodations, and local transportation expenses. A requirement to quarantine is a covered event under each of these benefits. In addition, if medical treatment is sought due to symptoms, the medical expense benefit would apply as well. Benefits would apply to an insured traveler OR a travel companion.