Visitors Care plan from International Medical Group (IMG)

Travel health insurance protects one in the event of unexpected illness or injury while traveling outside the country. It is a great opportunity to travel internationally but at the same time to make our travel and stay in an outside country an enjoyable and memorable experience purchasing travel health insurance is very essential. International Medical Group provides several travel medical insurance plans or visitor insurance plans classified broadly into 2 kinds namely Fixed and Comprehensive. Let's learn about the Visitors Care Fixed plan of IMG in more detail.

IMG Visitors Care travel insurance is a very popular Fixed or scheduled benefits travel medical insurance plan by IMG which is affordable and economical and serves travellers who are Non US citizens traveling outside their home country or country of citizenship. This plan does not have a co-insurance quotient like most other fixed travel insurance plans. This plan is especially popular for its "Heart Care plus" rider option for people of age 70 and above for covering acute onset of preexisting condition. This plan is one of the very few plans that provides this benefit of $2,500 for the sudden recurrence of preexisting condition for 70 and above with this rider option.

For people below age 70, purchasing this rider provides a coverage of $5,000 for acute onset of preexisting condition. For people 65 and over visiting US, this plan needs to be purchased within 30 days of arriving in the US. This requirement will be waived with proof of previous valid insurance. This plan provides policy maximum limit choices of Plan A - $25,000, Plan B - $50,000 and Plan C - $100,000 with deductible choices of $0, $50 and $100.

IMG This plan has incidental home country coverage where an insured person during the period of coverage may return to his/her country for a cumulative period of 2 weeks total and retain continuing coverage subjected to conditions specified in the Visitors Care brochure. When the traveller is subjected to medical expenses the plan will pay the Usual. Reasonable and Customary (URC) charges up to the maximum limit specified in the Schedule of benefits in the Visitors Care brochure. If this plan is purchased for a minimum of 5 days, it can then be renewed for a total of up to 2 years. Here is an example showing how the plan pays for the expenses.


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