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International Student Health Insurance

Highlights of International student insurance coverage benefits

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Key Highlights of Visitors Care

International health insurance for students

Student medical insurance for Croatian students in the USA

Student travel insurance FAQs

Commonly asked questions about international student travel insurance Croatia.
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Student insurance resources

Here are some useful resources to help you understand insurance.
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Factors for student insurance

Important factors to consider while buying international student travel insurance Croatian.
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j1 visa

Not on a F1 visa? Please review these other visa categories

J1 visa holders

Insurance for Croatia Exchange scholars for US J1 visa.

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F2 dependents

Insurance plans for dependents of an F1 visa holders.

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Tourist Visa

Travel insurance for Croatia citizens visiting the USA.

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J2 dependents

Insurance for Croatia J2 visa holders to satisfy visa requirements.

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OPT Status within F1 visa

Insurance plans for Croatia students on OPT status.

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Insurance for US Students in Croatia

Insurance plans for US students studying in Croatia.

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Steps to buy medical insurance for F1 students

international student insurance USA
The steps for buying the best student health insurance for international students in the US are:
  • Find out from your University/School/College if they offer the best health insurance for international students in usa.
  • If they offer health insurance for F1 students, is it mandatory to buy that University plan, or do they allow other F1 student health insurance plans.
  • If you are allowed to buy an alternative best health insurance for F1 students in USA, then compare cheapest insurance for international students on American Visitor Insurance.
  • Compare the cheap insurance for international students here with the University plan based on price as well as coverage benefits.
  • You can also buy health insurance for F2 visa holders and medical insurance for J2 visa holders if required.
  • Select the international student health insurance plan that best fits your budget and needs.
  • On buying the best health insurance for f1 students in usa, you will receive all the relevant documents by email.

Cheap student insurance for US from Croatia - Frequently asked question

01. What is student travel health insurance plan?

A travel health insurance (also known as visitors insurance) plan provides coverage for travelers outside their home country for both long and short trips as opposed to domestic health insurance which cover offers protection for the insured within their home country .The visitors medical insurance offers protection both for medical and travel accidents and illness while on an international trip. The insured receive medical care and assistance for unexpected medical and travel events while travelling overseas.
Visitor health insurance is available for all categories of the travelers like for vacationers, business men, Students, short visits and annual multi-trips depending on the duration of the stay and the visa type of the traveler.

02. What does visitors medical insurance cover in international student insurance Croatia?

A international student health insurance plan covers:

  • Any new sickness or injury that occurs during the trip after the start of the policy.
  • Accidents or illness occurred during the trip
  • Medical emergencies and medical evacuation
  • Cover for hospital treatment, doctor expenses and prescribed drugs
  • Some plans cover acute onset of pre-existing conditions
  • Dental emergencies (again offered by some insurance plans)

03. What does the student Croatian health insurance not cover?

  • Preventive care like routine health checks, physical examinations, inoculation, vaccination
  • Regular treatment for pre-existing conditions
  • Maternity coverage if conception occurs before purchase of visitor health insurance

04. How can the insured use student Croatian health insurance?

Hospitals and Urgent care – the Insured can produce their visitor medical insurance card at the urgent care in an event of falling sick or injured while in the US. If the insured requires medical assistance then he can visit a hospital where cashless medical services can be availed.
Prescriptions– The insured can buy prescribed medicines for a medical ailment that occurs during travel and file a claim for reimbursement along with the proof of the receipt.

05. Why American visitor insurance?

American Visitor Insurance works with reputed US travel insurance providers to give international travelers a wide range of travel insurance options. Our company has two decades experience in understanding the diverse requirements of international travelers and in offering appropriate travel insurance options to them. Our typical customers range from international travelers visiting family in the US, international students, J visa holders, H1b Visa holders, US travelers going overseas, travelers to Schengen countries who need travel insurance to satisfy visa requirements, trip cancellation customers to insurance their trip expenses, travelers looking for Covid19 travel insurance with quarantine coverage as mandated by certain countries, corporate professionals and business travelers who travel internationally regularly as well as other diverse traveling groups with unique needs.

Our licensed dedicated customer support team provide service at all times helping customers find the most appropriate travel insurance for their needs as well as guide them when using the insurance in the event of a medical or travel emergency. We also provide answers to all international travel insurance questions, reviews of different products, testimonials for customers as well as provide an user friendly travel insurance comparison tool where travelers can compare different products and get best health insurance quotes Croatia based on price as well as the coverage benefits. All of these tools help travelers make an informed decision while buying travel insurance.

Group student insurance

Group student travel insurance

Compare and buy group student travel insurance.
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Student sports group travel insurance

Compare and buy group student sports travel insurance.
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Advantages of our US Student insurance compared to University insurance

  • The student medical insurance on American Visitor Insurance are designed specifically for international students.
  • Our US Student insurance options offer comparable coverage to University insurance plans but are significantly cheaper.
  • These US student health insurance provide coverage throughout the country and are not limited to the proximity of any college.
  • Some of our student medical insurance for OPT status can be bought even if the student is not taking courses on campus.
  • We offer health insurance for international students as well as for the spouse and dependents of the student visa holder even if the primary visa holder has a different insurance.
  • The medical insurance for international students on American Visitor Insurance travels with the student and is not limited to any University. Unlike any University insurance, if the student switches a college, the health insurance for the is valid in the new University as well.
  • These US students insurance plans are valid till the end of the policy period even after the student has graduated. This is very useful for students who are on the OPT status in an F1 visa
  • We offer exchange student insurance plans that satisfy J visa requirements as mandated by US consulates.

Compare Student health insurance USA cost

How much does International student insurance USA cost? How much does health insurance for foreign students cost per month?

The cost of international students health insurance depends on different factors like the age of the student, the duration, the medical coverage, the deductible and the co-insurance for the plan. Additionally the student health insurance cost in the US also depends on coverage for mental illness, dental expenses, hazardous sports, maternity and coverage for pre-existing ailments. Here at American Visitor insurance we have calculated the cost of health insurance for international students to help you compare and make an informed choice while buying the plan.

Factors for health insurance cost in USA for international students

Student’s age

The student’s age determines the cost of US student medical insurance. The prices for f1 visa US student insurance increases with the age of the student.

The length of coverage

The price of student health insurance in the US can be either monthly or on a daily basis. The price increases with the duration of coverage required.

Maximum medical coverage

Student health insurance USA cost is directly dependent on the medical maximum coverage required. The cost of F1 student medical insurance is less for lower medical maximum and increases with higher medical maximum coverage.

Liberty Statue

Why American visitor insurance?

  • Wide range of Student insurance options for croatia students is USA
  • Student travel insurance with Covid19 and quarantine coverage included
  • Cheap international student health insurance with benefits similar to University plans
  • Resourceful user friendly Student travel insurance comparison tool
  • Customer support with support for claims settled in the USA
  • 24/7 licensed US travel insurance agent support
  • Guaranteed cheapest student medical insurance prices
  • Relevant US student health insurance blogs, articles and FAQ's
  • Student insurance reviews to help decide on plans

Student travel insurance links

Travel medical Insurance from Student FAQ

Frequently asked questions about travel insurance for Student.

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Queries and answers about international student travel insurance for Croatia.

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Buying student insurance options

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International student medical insurance – Blogs and Articles

Compare best student insurance online

Compare different US students medical insurance plans online.

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Best medical insurance for international students in USA

Compare US international student insurance to find the plan for your budget and needs.

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Going to the US to Study?

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Popular countries among international Students

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Best health insurance in Croatia for US students

Is it too late to buy student travel insurance for Croatia?

It's never too late to buy student travel insurance for Croatia. The only time it is too late is if a person is already sick or injured. As long as the student is healthy, you can purchase a Croatia student travel insurance to have coverage for future accident or illness. Compare and buy the best student travel insurance for Croatia.

How much does student travel insurance cost for Croatia?

The cost for the Croatia student travel insurance varies depending on the age of the student and the duration of coverage required. The older the student the higher will be the cost. The longer the duration of Croatia travel insurance required, the greater will be the cost.

Croatia student travel insurance quote comparison facility lists the travel insurance that satisfy your requirements comparing them based on price and benefit. Compare student travel insurance Croatia and free quotes online.

international student insurance USA

US student trip cancellation Insurance

Student travel insurance with trip cancellation coverage is also called trip cancellation insurance or trip interruption insurance and offers coverage to protect students against financial losses in case they need to cancel or interrupt their travel plans for covered reasons. Student trip cancellation insurance is useful for US students who are studying outside the USA or participate in international educational trips. This Student trip cancellation insurance helps reimburse non-refundable expenses incurred for the trip, such as airfare, accommodations, and other prepaid costs.
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US student trip cancellation Insurance

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