Buying International student health insurance with different payment options

International student medical insurance International students who enroll in the US Universities as well as US students studying outside the US have to satisfy one important requirement of the University, which is to have adequate health insurance. International students are not eligible for the domestic health care options and they need to buy health insurance that satisfies the requirements specified by the University. Most Universities in the US have student health insurance plans which the student can buy to qualify for basic health coverage. They can also buy student health insurance outside of the University options as these can be cheaper while providing similar coverage. However most Universities might expect students to complete an insurance waiver form to ensure that the external student insurance satisfies the university requirement.
The student insurance plans that we offer in American Visitor Insurance are accepted in most US universities. Along with being cheaper, some of these plans also provide the flexibility of monthly payment. Compare international health insurance for students using our user friendly compare engine. However this monthly payment option is not available in all student insurance plans. Listed below are details of the different plans with information about those plans which offer the monthly payment option.
Navigator plan from Geoblue:
Geoblue navigator plan is offered by Geoblue and is a great student health plan. They have coverage for pre-existing conditions, preventive care services and many others that are common on the student health insurance requirement list. The premium payment for this plan can be made on a monthly basis, even though this is an annual plan. This plan is mainly available for US citizens and US residents. Legal residents and foreign nationals coming to the US as students and faculty are also eligible to apply to this plan. Other required benefits such as pregnancy, maternity are included in this plan. This is the only plan that is flexible with many benefits like pre-existing condition coverage, preventive care services cover availability.
Student Health Advantage plan from IMG:
Student Health Advantage plan is a student insurance option which satisfies most US Universities requirements. This is offered by International Medical Group (IMG). This plan provides coverage for pre-existing condition after a waiting period. This plan has provision to cover mental health, pregnancy, maternity, sports... There are 2 levels for this plan namely Standard and Platinum. The Platinum plan provides a higher policy maximum as high as $1,000,000. This plan can be purchased for any number of days or months. The plan has a maximum lifetime of 5 years. The premium payment can be made monthly or an upfront one-time payment for the duration as indicated in the application form. This is a comprehensive plan and meets the requirements of US international student visas like F1 and US research scholars visas like the J1 visa.
Study USA plan from USI Travel Insurance Services:
Study USA plan is a plan from the company USI Travel Insurance Services. This plan is suitable for students on F1 Visa and research scholars on J1 Visa. This plan is available for a year and the payment is one time upfront payment for the selected duration. This plan is unique compare to the other student plans where it provides 100% coverage for one wellness checkup for the certificate period of the plan. There are 4 levels in this plan namely Basic, Standard, Preferred 300 and Preferred 500 with the change in the policy maximum options. There is coverage available for pre-existing conditions after a waiting period and coverage available for pregnancy in this plan except the Basic plan.
Liaison Student Series from Seven Corners:
Liaison Student Series plans from Seven Corners have been recently redesigned to make it popular with international students coming to the US. The plan has three levels namely Liaison Student Economy, Liaison Student Choice and Liaison Student Elite. The premium payment for these plans need to be made upfront at once. These plans have a unique benefit where vaccinations are covered as required by the school or the University. Comparing the plans might be helpful to choose the right one. The plans have a lifetime maximum of 364 days and can be renewed up to this time.
Patriot Exchange from IMG:
Patriot Exchange plan is from IMG and is available for international student on F1 Visa and research scholars and exchange students on J1 Visa. The premium payment with this plan is one time upfront payment for the opted duration. The plan has a special benefit where it is available to the spouse on F2 or J2 regardless of F1 or J1 being as the primary holder on the plan. This is not available with the other plans. This plan has a maximum lifetime of 2 years and the plan can be renewed after 12 months.
Student Secure plans from TokiomarineHCC:
The Student Secure plans offered by Tokiomarine HCC is one of the more popular plans among the student insurance options for international students on an F1 Visa and research and exchange scholars on the J1 Visa. This plan is another plan that has the flexibility of making the premium payment on monthly basis. This plan has four levels namely Student Secure Select, Student Secure Budget, Student Secure Smart and Student Secure Elite. The Elite plan has the highest policy maximum option of $1,000,000 and the others vary and have a lower policy maximum. The plan is renewable and can be renewed every 6 months. It can only be renewed continually for 4 years after which a new plan must be purchased.

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