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F1 visa insurance - FAQ's

01. What are the eligibility requirements for buying International Student Health Insurance?

For foreign students coming to the USA Our plans are open to students who have a valid F1 or J1 visa and who are enrolled in a full-time academic/cultural program at an accredited school, college or university.

For US Citizens studying abroad Our plans are open to American students studying abroad, who are enrolled in a full-time academic/cultural program at an accredited school, college or university

02. Can I buy student medical insurance if I am already outside my home country?

Yes. You may purchase Student insurance regardless of how long you have been studying outside your home country, as long as you fulfill the eligibility requirements described earlier.

03. Do you have an insurance plan that offers coverage more than $500,000?

Yes, Geo Blue Navigator Student insurance offers unlimited annual and lifetime medical maximum.

04. I am a fulltime student on F1 Visa. Am I and my family eligible for Atlas plan?

Yes. So long as you are a full-time student you will be eligible for the period of time that you are enrolled in the university/school.

05. I am F1 student trying to purchase Atlas plan. Can I pay by check or money order for purchasing this plan? Should I pay once in full amount?

If you wish to make the purchase online you will need to pay by credit card only. If you wish to mail in an application form then you may pay by certified check or Money Order.

Due to the way in which the plan is structured you will need to make a one-time payment for the full period of coverage.

To fill in the application online here is the link to the application form: Buy Atlas America Insurance Online.

To print out an application form for mailing please go to the following link for the correct form. You will see a plan brochure and at the very end is the application form: Atlas America Paper Application.

06. My school requires an Insurance compliance form or a Waiver form to be completed as proof of my insurance. Can you do this for me? What should I do?

In order to get a compliance form signed we must first ensure that you select a plan that matches with the compliance form requirements and that the plan provider is able to sign off on it.

To do this what we suggest is that you first send us the compliance form by Email. We will check to see which of our plans match the compliance form and then check with the plan administrator to see if they agree to sign it. Once we have their approval we will inform you. Then you should purchase the international student Insurance. After your purchase (enrollment) is complete, simply fax your school's Compliance Form to us and we will ensure that it is completed and faxed back to your school.

07. I put my information to get a quote and then buy an insurance, however, it shows that J1 Visa requirements. I am international student, so I have F1 Visa but I am not J1 Visa holder. Which means I cannot buy a medical insurance from your company?

As a F1 visa international student, you can definitely buy the plans that we offer on American Visitor Insurance. The J1 visa requirements are specific requirements which some of our F1 visa plans also satisfy as required by the US consulates. To reiterate, as a F1 visa holder, you can buy the student insurance plans on American Visitor Insurance.

08. I am thinking to buy the one $100,000 coverage, $0 deductible plan for F1 and F2 Visa holder. Are there plans below $500,000 for F1 Visa holders?

There are several plans such as Patriot Exchange student insurance from IMG, Study USA student insurance from Travel Insure. If you need a plan from WorldTrips, then you can buy Atlas America insurance which is a comprehensive plan and suitable for F1 Visa holder unless the University has any specifications.

09. Do international students need health insurance?

Without doubt, all students should have health insurance while they are in the US. The US health care costs are the highest in the world and a minor injury or accident could set you back tens of thousands of dollars.

Being healthy and taking care of yourself is, of course, highly recommended, but accidents happen to us all and when we least expect. Students should have proper international student insurance before anything emergency situation arises so that you do not find yourself in serious debt.

10. Why should international students compare health insurance?

Most international student health insurance plans seem similar on first impressions. However, while they have many benefits in common and the premium is also similar, different student insurance plans do have some additional benefits or perhaps some specific constraints.

In order to choose the best plan based on the students requirements and to get sufficient coverage from the international student insurance plan, it is important to compare different features available in the student health insurance plan.

The following are important factors for comparing student health insurance plans:

Policy Maximum: This is the maximum amount on the insurance plan which normally ranges from $50,000 up to $1,000,000. This is the maximum a policy can cover in case of an extreme emergency as per the policy guidelines and conditions mentioned in the policy.

Deductible: The deductible options can range anywhere from $50 up to $5000 between the plans. A larger deductible means lower premium price and vice versa. Picking a large deductible thus low premium by choosing a comprehensive plan is usually recommended, as most of the comprehensive plans have an one time deductible and is cost effective.

Pre existing condition coverage: This is very important benefit factor as many students need this benefit. The student insurance for acute onset of pre-existing conditions have a minimum 6 month waiting period.

Student health insurance for mental illness and drug abuse: This coverage is required by most of the universities.

Cancellation and Renewability: Each plan have their unique cancellation and renew-ability policies. It is important to pay attention to it if there is any ambiguity while booking insurance initially.

Sports and other unique activities: Some international student insurance offer student intercollegiate sports insurance for intercollegiate and interscholastic sports. Based on these factors, American Visitor Insurance provides an excellent compare student medical insurance facility where getting quotes as per students’ requirements. Once the required information is entered in the form, a summary of popular student insurance plans are displayed which can be compared.

11. Does international student insurance cover covid19?

At American Visitor Insurance, we offer several international student health insurance with Covid19 coverage. The Covid-19 cover provides coverage just like any other illness irrespective of the variant Earlier international students in the US had to buy affordable care act, ACA (Obamacare) compliant medical insurance, however recent changes have removed this requirement.

12. Can I go to any doctor or hospital, or am I limited to my school's Student Health Center or a preferred provider network?

For Foreign Students Studying in the U.S.A: You may choose any of these options. If you choose to be seen at your Student Health Center (and it is equipped to treat your particular condition), you will receive the in-network benefit. Also note that several plans waive the deductible for visits to the Student Health Center. If you use a doctor or hospital within the extensive preferred provider network, you will pay a lower deductible and reach your plan limits more slowly than if you go outside the network.

For US Citizens Studying Abroad: Most of our policies do not have a Preferred Provider Network outside the USA and so you may choose to be seen at the Student Health Center or by any doctor or hospital and receive the in-network benefit. If you go to the Student Health center (and it is equipped to treat your condition), your deductible for such incidents will be waived. You may also use any doctor or hospital of your choice. The Emergency Assistance Company can help you locate a doctor or hospital in the country where you are studying.

13. Is there a network provider available in my area?

Most of our plans have extensive provider networks. To get more details on a particular plan's network please go to the individual plan summary online or call our 24 hour customer care line at 1877-340-7910.

14. How will I receive care at an In-Network hospital if there are no Network providers in my area?

If there is no provider from your network qualified to provide the care needed within a 50 mile radius of your residence, you may choose to be treated outside the Network by a non-network provider. In this situation, benefits will be paid at in-network level.

15. Will this policy cover me if I travel outside the U.S.?

As long as you fulfill one of the eligibility requirements, the plan will cover you worldwide, except in your country of permanent residence/country of Citizenship.

16. Can I renew my policy if I extend the duration of my studies?

Yes, as long as you remain eligible. To renew your policy online you may do so 24 hours before your policy lapses. If you wish to renew via fax or mail then please allow at least 10 business days for renewal.

17. How soon can the insurance coverage start?

The coverage will come into effect as early as the following day after you complete your enrollment online, provided you correctly complete your Online Enrollment and correct payment is received.

18. What should I do if I want to change the policy start date after I have completed my online application?

Please send any corrections to us in writing by email, fax or mail and we will confirm the changes. When sending correspondence, please include a daytime phone number and reference your Online Order Transaction number.

19. Does this plan cover pre-existing conditions?

Several of our student insurance cover acute onset of pre-existing conditions. Pre-existing conditions are defined by the policy as "an injury, illness or condition which was contracted or which first manifested itself, or for which a licensed physician was consulted, or for which treatment or medication was prescribed, prior to the effective date of the insurance plan.

Most plans will exclude a pre-existing condition from coverage for a short waiting period of 6 to 12 months following the effective date of coverage unless stipulated by State or Federal regulation. A Covered Person seeking coverage of a pre-existing condition must fulfill this waiting period without any gaps in insurance.

20. Does this plan cover f1 student pregnant insurance?

Yes, many of our international student insurance cover pregnancy of an insured student or enrolled spouse if the pregnancy begins during the coverage period. They do not cover the pregnancy of a dependent child.

21. How much does health insurance cost for a college student?

The health insurance cost for the college student will depend on the international student insurance coverage benefits, the age of the student, the medical maximum coverage required and the deductible for the plan. The cost of student health insurance coverage within the US is more expensive when compared to coverage outside the US.

22. I'm an international graduate student who will be studying full time at Boston College. Would you be able to suggest any other medical insurance plan that provides preventive care services than the one offered at the university (UHC) so that I can waive the enrolled medical insurance plan at Boston COLLEGE?

GeoBlue student insurance is a student health insurance plan that provides preventive care services along with the other benefits that are usually available with all student health insurance plans.

23. How will I get insurance policy document?

As soon as you complete buying the student insurance online your Certificate of Insurance will be emailed to the Email ID in the online application.

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