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What does visitor travel insurance cover?

Health care expenses

Covers hospital expenses for sickness or accidents.

Doctor visit

Insures Doctor visits for sudden injury or sickness.

Pharmacy drugs

Doctor prescribed eligible pharmacy drugs expenses.

Pre-existing conditions

Some plans insure acute onset of pre-existing conditions.

Medical evacuation

Medical evacuation expenses to nearest facility included.

Repat of remains

Repatriation of remains to home country included.

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After rigorous searching for suitable student health insurances online, I stumbled upon the American visitor Insurance.
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We really thank American insurance team for providing great assistance in taking the insurance. We were successfully.
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Difference between f1 vs f2 visa, Health insurance for dependents of F1 visa

  • F1 Visa issued for full time students enrolled in any University in the US, college, high school, private elementary school, seminary or training program in the US.
  • F2 is issued for any dependents of F1 visa holder who will accompany F1 visa holder to the US. Like unmarried children under age 21 or the spouse.

Different types of US Visitors insurance

Fixed Benefit travel insurance

A fixed benefit travel insurance plan is the cheapest travel insurance plan option. Fixed benefit travel insurance is cheap because it has a fixed limit of coverage for different medical benefits.
Fixed benefit travel insurance plans work well in case of small ailments but can be inadequate in the event of a serious medical ailment or hospitalisation.

Comprehensive travel insurance

Comprehensive travel insurance plans provide exhaustive coverage for health expenses up to the policy medical maximum amount. In contrast to fixed benefit plans there are no limits for each benefit. Comprehensive insurance is more expensive when compared to fixed benefit plans but provides significantly better coverage in case of a medical emergency or hospitalisation.

Steps to buy
US F2 visa health insurance online

 1: Finding the available medical insurance for F2 visa plans

Complete the health insurance quote request form by providing details of the F2 visa holder and insurance requirements.

 2: Compare the different US F2 visa insurance options

Compare the price and the benefits of the different travel insurance for F2 visa holders options to identify what fits your needs best.

 3: Buy the best health insurance for F2 visa that you like

Purchase the plan that fits your requirements and budget best by using a credit card and completing the online application.

 4: Review the health insurance for F2 visa plan documents received by email

Review the visa insurance policy documents received by email closely for coverage details and relevant contact numbers.

us visitors insurance online

Patriot Exchange insurance ideal for F2 visa holders

Patriot Exchange insurance offered by International Medical Group (IMG) is an excellent health insurance plan supporting F1 & F2 visa. It is ideal because Patriot Exchange can be purchased by the F2 dependent even if the F1 scholar is not part of the Patriot exchange plan, as long as he or she is covered by another plan offered by the research or educational institution.

Factors that determine the cost of US F2 visa travel insurance plans

Age of the F2 visa holder

The cost of health insurance is directly proportional to the age of the applicant. The older the traveler and greater will be the cost of the F2 visa health insurance in USA.

Types of US F2 travel insurance

Comprehensive travel insurance which provide exhaustive coverage are more expensive than fixed benefit travel insurance.

Medical maximum coverage and deductible options

The price of medical insurance for US F2 visa is directly dependant on the maximum medical coverage and inversely proportional to the deductible of the plan chosen.

Region of coverage

Travel insurance for US F2 visa depends on the coverage region. The cost for health insurance for the United States is most expensive.

Duration of US visa insurance for F2 visa

The longer the duration of medical insurance required, the higher will be the cost.

F2 Visa Insurance - Faqs

01. Does US F2 visa insurance cover covid 19 for coronavirus illness coverage?

There are some USA Covid travel insurance plans available for F2 visa holders that cover covid 19 as a new illness. F2 visa Holders in USA can compare best F2 visa Covid health insurance plans and buy coronavirus coverage insurance online. These US F2 visa covid travel insurance offer coverage for medical expenses for treatment of Coronavirus treatment while in the USA.

02. Why is F2 visa health insurance necessary?

The F2 visa insurance is very important for dependents of F1 visa holders. When an F1 visa holder joins an US university, the F2 visa is issued to dependents (spouse and children less than 21 years). Typically US universities insist that F1 visa holder have proper student medical insurance offered by the college, however this requirement is usually not insisted on F2 visa holders either by the university or by the US immigration authorities.

Given the typical student budget of most F1 and F2 visa holders, and the fact that it is not mandatory, it is not uncommon to find them ignoring buying proper health insurance. However ignoring to buy health insurance for f2 visa holders can be a big mistake. In our experience, the F2 visa holders are typical children quite likely to need healthcare or even a young spouse who along with regular health care might need maternity coverage. Given the very high cost of US healthcare for f2 visa holders, it is really prudent to have adequate health insurance for F2 visa holders (health insurance for spouse visa).

The student insurance offered by many US universities are expensive but since it is often mandatory, F1 visa holders have to buy the University student insurance. This is often not the case for F2 visa insurance, and the F2 visa holder can buy other medical insurance outside of the University option. Here at American Visitor Insurance we offer affordable health insurance for F2 visas or spouse visa insurance.

Patriot Exchange is one of the best best health insurance for f1 student's dependants which an F2 visa holder can buy even if the corresponding F1 visa holder is not enrolled in the same plan. Along with this Patriot exchange student insurance, F2 visa holders can also buy other health insurance for f2 dependent visa which are affordable and work well for F2 visa holders. F2 visa holders can buy the most appropriate medical insurance for F2 visa in USA to their specific needs by comparing different US medical insurance for f2 visa holders.

03. What is the best insurance for f2 visa holder?

There is no single plan which fits the bill for the being the best health insurance for F2 visa holders. The most suitable F2 Visa Medical Insurance for different customers will depend on several factors such as the budget and any existing medical ailments.

However the Patriot Exchange student insurance offered by International Medical Group (IMG) is the only student medical insurance plan that F2 visa holders can buy even if the related F1 visa holder is not insured on this plan. All other student insurance plans will be available to F2 visa holder only if the F1 visa holder is also on the same student insurance policy. However F2 visa holders are eligible to buy US visitor medical insurance which work quite well for their needs.

04. Is it compulsory to have medical insurance for F2 visa in USA ?

Given the high cost of US healthcare, it is prudent to buy medical insurance while on a F2 visa. While an F2 visa holder cannot purchase US domestic health insurance, they can purchase US visitor health insurance for an F2 Visa holder from well reputed US insurance providers. Even if the person is already in the US on their trip, they can still purchase medical insurance for F2 visa holders starting the next day until they return home. The US F2 visa travel insurance must be purchased before anything happens in order to be covered.

05. Why American visitor insurance?

American Visitor Insurance works with reputed US travel insurance providers to give US visa holders a wide range of travel insurance options. Our company has two decades experience in understanding the diverse requirements of international travelers and in offering appropriate travel insurance options to them.

Our typical customers range from international travelers visiting family in the US, international students, travellers on different type of US visas to USA who need insurance to satisfy visa requirements, trip cancellation customers to insurance their trip expenses, travelers looking for Covid19 travel insurance with quarantine coverage as mandated by certain countries, corporate professionals and business travelers who travel internationally regularly as well as other diverse traveling groups with unique needs.

Our licensed dedicated customer support team provide service at all times helping customers find the most appropriate travel insurance for their needs as well as guide them when using the insurance in the event of a medical or travel emergency. We also provide answers to all US visa holder insurance questions, reviews of different products, testimonials for customers as well as provide an user friendly US visa insurance comparison tool where visa holders can compare different products based on price as well as the coverage benefits. All of these tools help visa holders make an informed decision while buying travel insurance.

06. What is an F2 visa?

An F2 visa is a non-immigrant visa issued by the United States to dependents (spouses and unmarried children under 21 years old) of F1 visa holders, who are international students pursuing academic programs in the U.S.

07. Is health insurance mandatory for F2 visa holders?

While health insurance is not a strict requirement for F2 visa holders, it is strongly recommended given the very high cost of US healthcare. Having proper F2 visa health insurance coverage can help protect F2 visa holders from high US medical costs and unexpected healthcare expenses.

08. Can F2 visa holders enroll in the university's student health plan?

In some cases, universities allow F2 visa holders to enroll in their student health insurance plans. However, this varies by institution. It's important to check with the university's international student office to confirm eligibility. F2 visa holders can easily buy appropriate US F2 visa health insurance on American Visitor Insurance.

09. What does F2 visa health insurance typically cover?

F2 visa health insurance plans usually cover a range of healthcare services, including doctor visits, hospitalization, prescription medications, emergency care, preventive services, and more. The coverage details vary based on the specific insurance plan. You can compare F2 visa insurance on American Visitor Insurance based on price as well as coverage details and make an informed decision while buying F2 visa insurance.

10. Can F2 visa holders purchase insurance from their home country?

F2 visa holders might be able to buy health insurance from their home country, however it is important to ensure that the coverage meets U.S. requirements and standards. Healthcare costs can be significantly different in the U.S., and not all international plans provide sufficient coverage. F2 visa holders can easily buy F2 visa insurance on American Visitor Insurance by comparing several plans based on price as well as benefit details and make an informed decision.

11. Are there insurance plans specifically designed for F2 visa holders?

Yes, there are US student insurance plans tailored to the needs of F2 visa holders. These plans available on American Visitor Insurance offer benefits and coverage that cater to the unique healthcare needs of individuals accompanying international students.

12. What are the consequences of not having health insurance for F2 visa dependents?

While there might not be direct visa status implications for F2 visa dependents who lack health insurance, the financial risk of not having coverage can be substantial. Medical care in the U.S. is very expensive, and having good student health insurance helps mitigate the financial burden.

13. Can F2 visa holders use the same insurance as their F1 visa spouse?

In some plans available on American Visitor Insurance, F1 visa holders can include their F2 visa dependents on their student health insurance plan. However, this depends on the policy and the specific insurance provider.

14. How do I choose the right insurance plan for my F2 visa dependent?

F2 visa holders can buy the best F2 visa insurance for their specific needs on American Visitor Insurance by comparing several plans. When selecting an F2 visa insurance plan, consider factors such as coverage limits, deductibles, co-payments, network of healthcare providers, and overall cost. Ensure the plan meets the F2 visa holders healthcare needs and budget.

15. Can F2 visa insurance cover maternity care?

Yes, some insurance plans for F2 visa holders offer maternity coverage, however it is important to understand any waiting period for the coverage. If you or your dependent require maternity care, be sure to choose a plan that includes this coverage and understand the details of the coverage, including any waiting periods.

US student F2 dependents visa insurance FAQs

US Medical insurance for spouse visa

Health Insurance is essential not just for F1 visa holders but also for F2 Visa holders (dependants of F1 visas). Given the high cost of US healthcare, the Affordable care act, commonly known as Obamacare had in fact makes it mandatory for everyone in the US to have health insurance. The cost of US healthcare has continued to increase even though F1 and F2 visa holder are not expected to satisfy Obamacare unless living in the US for more than Five years..

Irrespective of the individual mandate, it is too risky to not have proper health insurance given the high cost of US healthcare. It is therefore strongly recommended to have proper medical insurance coverage for the spouse or children of an F1 visa holder. The plans that we offer do not satisfy ACA requirement but are designed for F2 visa holders to help them handle high US healthcare costs, especially in emergency medical situations.

Student health insurance with maternity coverage for dependents

Students and scholars on F or J visas have the best student health insurance for maternity coverage. However, the benefits have been reduced a few years ago such that the best coverage is 80% coverage of costs, so the students will have to be aware that they will be responsible for a portion of all costs. Also note that unless their wife is the J1 visa holder they will have to be the primary on the policy and the wife (with J2) will be secondary. Also note that prices are different for the primary and the spouse, so when students quote the prices, quote them for two people at the same time since the cost will be much higher for the wife's coverage.

There are four policies that cover maternity at an 80% coverage without a set limit on benefits. Here is the list in order of their approximate cost. Note that conception has to occur after the start of the plan and most plans ask that students must let them know at least three months before the delivery date.

  • Study USA Preferred Covers 80% of eligible expenses, after the deductible, up to $15,000 inside network and Usual, reasonable, and customary up to $15,000. You may be responsible for any charges exceeding the payable amount for out of network.
  • Study USA Platinum Covers 80% of eligible expenses, after the deductible, up to $25,000 inside network and Usual, reasonable, and customary up to $25,000. You may be responsible for any charges exceeding the payable amount for out of network.
  • Student Secure Elite, Select and Smart plans also cover at 80/70% to the maximum of the plan. The Select plan can be purchased with a $300k maximum, Smart plan can be purchased with a $250k maximum and the Elite can be purchased with $500k.
  • Student Health Advantage Platinum has a $5000 maximum limit to maternity and newborn care coverage. It has a $1 million maximum and a $35 deductible and covers at 80/60%. The plan also covers pre-existing conditions with a 6 month waiting period.

  • Plan Maximum#1
  • Deductible#2
  • coronavirus Travel Medical Choice covers COVID19
  • Key Features:  Acute onset of pre-existing conditions coverage of $10,000 for visitors up to 64 years and $5,000 for 65 to 74 years in USA.
  • Plan Maximum#1
  • Deductible#2
  • coronavirus COVID19/Pre-existing Coverage
  • Key Features: Offers coverage for acute onset of pre-existing conditions for visitors aged under 70 years.
  • Plan Maximum#1
  • Deductible#2
  • coronavirus Covers eligible costs related to COVID19 illness.
  • Key Features Coverage for sudden or unexpected recurrence of pre-existing conditions up to $2,500. Plan life - 5 days up to 12 months

Atlas America


by WorldTrips
  • Plan Maximum#1
  • Deductible#2
  • coronavirus Covers eligible costs related to COVID19 illness.
  • Key Features: This plan is always eligible for purchase no matter what age and how long a person has been in the US

INF Standard


by INF
  • Plan Maximum#1
  • Deductible#2
  • coronavirus Plan covers COVID -19
  • Key Features: This plan has a minimum purchase requirement of 30 days. Fixed benefit plan that treats Coronavirus as a new sickness
  • Plan Maximum#1
  • Deductible#2
  • coronavirus Plan covers COVID -19
  • Key Features: Visitor Secure insurance as an affordable scheduled benefit plan for visitors to USA. High maximum available.
  • Plan Maximum#1
  • Deductible#2
  • coronavirus Plan covers COVID -19
  • Key Features: Safe Travels Elite is a fixed benefit plan that covers COVID19 expenses and treated as any other sickness

#1 Maximum Coverage is the maximum eligible medical expenses that the plan will cover.

#2 Deductible is the amount of expenses that must be paid out of pocket before an insurer will pay any expenses.


F2 Visa Insurance Blog by Christina Longbrake
We get many international student customers that are interested in purchasing insurance for a dependent while they are on an F1 visa. The dependent, on F2 visa, can purchase insurance for themselves.

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F2 visa Information

  • The F2 visa is issued for dependents of F1 visa international students in the USA. This can be for a spouse or for minor children.
  • As long as the F1 visa holder remains in the USA legally the dependents with the F2 visa can also stay in the US. In other words, the F2 visa status is not valid once the principal F1 visa holder loses his or her legal visa status.
  • The law does however allow F2 visa holders to change their status within the country.

One can enjoy the following privileges on the F-2 visa

  • F2 visa holders are entitled to enter the country with his/her spouse or join him/her later.
  • Dependents with F2 visa can travel in and out of the country or stay in the US as long as the principal applicant F1 visa holder's status remains valid.

Forum Discussions

F2 Visa insurance required Documentation

A valid passport.

F2 visa applicants must prove with documents that there is sufficient financial resources to meet their expenses while in the USA. Example; bank statements, affidavits of support.

A valid Form I-20 or DS-2019. Submit this form to the International Office with all required certification. The issue date on these forms needs to be after the date of marriage in order for the spouse to apply for a visa.

A marriage or birth certificate showing the relationship to the F-1 student.

F2 Visa Insurance Restrictions

Employment Regulations - F2 visa holders in the USA can not accept employment and earn income. In case the F2 visa holder wants to work in the US then he/she will have to get a work visa. With the work visa they can get a temporary approval to live and work in the US. It is illegal for foreigners to work in the USA without proper visa and will be expelled from the country

Studying on a F2 visa - F2 spouse are not supposed to join full time university in the USA or any part time courses toward completion of degree. F2 children are allowed to participate in full-time elementary or secondary study (kindergarten through 12th grade.)

Resourceful Health Insurance for F2 visa medical insurance

Visitor insurance resources Visitor Insurance Resources

F2 visa medical insurance resource

Health insurance for F2 visa holders while in the US.

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Factors for travel insurance Factors for Travel Insurance

Medical insurance for F2 visa insurance factors

Important factors to consider while buying health insurance for F2 visa holder.

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Types of visitor insurance Types of Visitor Insurance

Types of insurance for F2 visa

Understanding different types of US F2 visa medical insurance options, fixed benefits vs comprehensive coverage.

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Claims Procedure Travel Claims Procedure

F2 visa insurance claims procedure

Information for F2 visa holder insurance claims process.

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There are so many F2 visa holders currently in the US either without proper health insurance, or having medical insurance that does not provide coverage for Covid19. At American Visitor Insurance, F2 visa holders can find the ideal medical insurance by using our compare visitors medical insurance. Currently the following companies offering medical insurance which includes coverage for Covid19.

Seven Corners health insurance for F2 visa holders:

Seven Corners offers Travel Medical Plus Insurance as health insurance for F2 visa holders in USA.

Global Underwriters health insurance for US F2 visa holders:

Diplomat America Insurance by Global Underwriters is available for Non-US citizens or residents travelling to the US. Pre-existing ailments are however excluded, which means that travelers infected before the plan effective date, will be considered as an pre-existing medical condition and will not provide coverage for that ailment.

International Medical Group insurance for US F2 visa holders:

International Medical Group (IMG) travel insurance offers the Patriot America Plus Covid Insurance and Patriot America Platinum coronavirus insurance include COVID coverage up to the policy maximum.

WorldTrips health insurance for F2 visa:

Atlas travel insurance will cover eligible medical expenses in the US and this includes any expenses resulting from Covid19.

Please know we are here to help you make the best, informed decision to get coverage even for COVID19! Let us know how we can assist you. Feel free to contact us by email us or phone at any time.

Popular forum entries and discussions for F2 visa insurance

Best health insurance for F2 Visa holder


I’m an international student and I’m looking for insurance plans for my husband and daughter who both hold F2 Visa. The insurance plan must cover the following: Medical benefits of at least USD 100000 per accident or illness; remains repatriation coverage of at least USD 25000 per person covered, coverage for expenses associated with medical evacuation to the international student’s home country of at least 50,000 per person covered; and Deductibles that do not exceed 500 per accident or illness. Could you please let me know if there’s anything I can further pursue?

Thank you,
Dear Yanping,

The Patriot Exchange plan is a very economical plan that can be used to meet F2 visa requirements and for international students. The plan can be purchased for the F2 visa holder as long as the F1 visa holder already has coverage from their institution. The deductible can be $500 or less with no further costs for the insured (most plans have coinsurance which still must be paid after the deductible). Also, if the institution has a health center, you can pay only a $5 copay for each visit for additional benefit and savings. You can purchase this plan with a sports rider to cover such activities such as downhill skiing.

All these benefits make it a popular and excellent choice. This is the only student plan available for F2 while F1 is already on a plan.

To get details for Patriot Exchange (including brochure, PPO, claims information) and to get a free quote and/or buy Patriot Exchange insurance, please visit the below link:

atlas premium
Please let us know if you have any further questions or concerns. We would be happy to assist you! The F2 visa holders are also eligible to purchase the visitor insurance plans.
Customer care
(877) 340 7910

USA visa health insurance, Visitor visa health insurance USA

Student health insurance for US Colleges and Universities

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F2 visa medical insurance information

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Commonly asked questions about F2 Visa health insurance.

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