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International students medical compare insurance is available to get free quotes for international student insurance by popular US student health insurance providers. These medical insurance for international students plans satisfy most of the US university requirements while being more affordable. Some of these international student medical insurance plans provide worldwide coverage for students outside their home country. Please enter required information and to compare student medical insurance quotes along with the benefit details:

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How much does international medical insurance cost for students?

International students can benefit from very reasonable rates, as low as $37 per month for coverage in the US (less for coverage outside the US). However, if there are specific requirements that must be met, you may have to choose a pricier plan. The good news is that most of student medical insurance plans are much less than the plan costs offered by the institutions themselves. Note that if the institution requires the plan to be ACA compliant, then you will be forced to purchase their offered plan since none of our international student insurance plans meet ACA requirements
student group travel insurance

Group travel insurance for students

Students traveling overseas in groups can purchase the group insurance plans. This makes it a lot easier to administer the plan and these plans are cheaper than buying individual student travel plans


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International Medical Insurance plans for US students studying outside their home country

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Students medical insurance information and articles

International student health insurance

Students when they travel outside their home country to study along with the university academic experience also get an opportunity to experience a new culture and to see different parts of the world and meet new people with varied backgrounds. However when you are outside your home country you are also vulnerable to fall sick given the new living environment, cuisine and weather. Your domestic health insurance may not cover you in a foreign country therefore a good student health insurance plan is necessary to keep you secure in the event of a medical emergency.

Following are the list of popular countries where international students and US students visit to pursue their studies.

Nationalities of large international student groups in the US

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