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US students studying abroad in Japan

Studying in Japan, the 'Land of the Rising Sun' is an unique cultural and educational experience. Despite the language barrier, it is enriching for international students given the high quality of academics and the innovative spirit of its economy. Japan has been one of the most dynamic economies of the past few decades and despite its aging population will continue to be a significant player in the coming years.

While embarking on a study abroad program in Japan, it is important for US students to buy proper international student medical insurance. Most US health insurance plans provide limited coverage outside US borders and given the cost of healthcare in Japan, it is important to be adequately insured with student medical insurance.
Japan student insurance usa

Not on a F1 visa? Please review these other visa categories

J1 visa holders

Insurance for Japan Exchange scholars satisfying visa requirements

F2 dependents

Insurance plans for dependents of an F1 visa holders

Tourist Visa

Health insurance plans for Japan citizens visiting USA on vacation

J2 dependents

Insurance for Japan J2 visa dependants satisfying visa requirements

OPT Status within F1 visa

Insurance plans for Japanese students on OPT status

Insurance for US Students in Japan

Insurance plans for US students studying in Japan

Information for Japanese Students in USA

These are few tips for Japanese students preparing to visit America to pursue their education. You can do a broad based research on your own to learn more about America and tips to tackle unique challenges that can exist in the American classroom.
While still in Japan
You can research contact details and make a list of schools or colleges or universities that you are interested in. You can search for courses and subjects and can apply from Japan. Many universities also have online enrollment process for international students.
Contact University or School or College
Those who have already decided where to pursue their studies can contact that university or school or college to learn more about the application and admission process. There will be an officer to help you at every education institutions for international students.
Choosing the US for studies
Japanese undergraduate and graduate level students planning their education in the USA can learn about the institution and the state by speaking to alumni or collecting information online.
USA is a vast country
As we all know the US is a vast country and each state can be different from the next and finding information about different states will go a long way during your stay. You can also identify the best university or state for your educational interests.
Application Process
The application process is extensive and often confusing for Japanese students. The time limit before which applications have to be submitted and documents required can vary hgely from institution to institution. Japanese students can get all this information by speaking to the concerned college or by visiting the college website.
Finances for studies and stay
One critical concern for international students is finance. You have to carefully plan your finances while studying in the USA. Manage your budget smartly and do not make your expenses a burden on your finances.
Staying in the USA
Before coming to the US, ensure that you have a valid Student Visa, Student Insurance, Travel Itinerary and other legal Documents.
American 'way of life'
The social and economic aspects of living in the USA are very different when compared to Japan. Learn more about the diverse cultural, social and economic aspects of living or studying or working in America.
English Language
Japanese students in the USA must be aware that the US is an English speaking nation. You might find Japanese friends or people who can speak Japanese but learning English and improving your ability to express yourself in English is of paramount importance. There are classes to learn English both at Japan and the US. Take time to learn English which will be most useful while staying in the USA.

Student Health insurance plan highlights

  • The student insurance offered by colleges and universities are expensive.
  • The student insurance plans displayed here are provided by reputed companies and are very popular with international students as they provide coverage comparable to the university coverage but at lower rates.
  • Groups of 2 or more students enrolled in a university can view the "GROUP INSURANCE QUOTES".
  • The student group insurance quotes are available with discounted premium.
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