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What does international student health insurance cover?

medical expenses

Health care expenses

Hospital medical expenses for sickness or accidents during coverage.
pharmacy drugs

Dental Coverage

Expenses from sudden dental pain and accidental dental injuries.
pre-ex condition

Sports Activities

Some plans cover high school sports activities.
repatriation of remains

Repat of remains

Repatriation of remains expenses to home country in case of death.
medical evacuation

Maternity Coverage

Some plans offer coverage for pregnancy, maternity and new born.
doctor visit

Doctor visit

Covers doctor visits in case of sudden injury or sickness.

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  1. How will I get insurance policy document?
  2. Can I renew my policy if I extend the duration of my studies?
  3. How soon can the insurance coverage start?
  4. What should I do if I want to change the policy start date after I have completed my online application?
  5. Am I obligated to buy the plan if I fill an insurance form from your site?
  6. I am F1 student trying to purchase Atlas plan. Can I pay by check or money order for purchasing this plan? Should I pay once in full amount?
  7. I am F1 student trying to purchase Atlas plan. Can I pay by check or money order for purchasing this plan? Should I pay once in full amount?
  8. I intend to buy a plan for my wife and son who are F2 dependents. As I understand pediatric problems of my son though not free will still be covered under the Atlas plan right?
  9. I read the brochure of the Patriot Exchange plan and found that only J1 and J2 Visa holders are eligible to buy it. Please correct me if I am wrong? I will be on F1 Visa and my dependents will be on F2 Visa.
  10. As a parent, should I purchase a student insurance plan for my child, or cover them through my medical plan?
  11. Who can buy the Student select health insurance?
  12. Can I purchase student insurance for family members (spouse and dependents)?
  13. When should I apply for student insurance?
  14. When does my student coverage start?
  15. How many times can the student insurance plan be renewed?
  16. How do we buy overseas travel insurance for a group of students?
  17. What are the requirements for buying group insurance for students?
  18. Please explain why your visitor plans are quite economical but have high coverage (80%-90% for the first-$5000-expense and 100% for the rest)? My school’s plan costs about $3,000 and just covers 85%-90% expenses no matter how much the expenses.
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