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What are the eligibility requirements for buying International Student Health Insurance?
For foreign students coming to the USA Our plans are open to students who have a valid F1 or J1 visa and who are enrolled in a full-time academic/cultural program at an accredited school, college or university.
For US Citizens studying abroad Our plans are open to American students studying abroad, who are enrolled in a full-time academic/cultural program at an accredited school, college or university
Best health insurance for OPT students in USA, OPT student health insurance
Atlas America Insurance
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  • Comprehensive plan with worldwide coverage including and excluding the US for visitors traveling outside their home country.
  • Plan provides coverage for Covid-19
  • Plan is suitable for OPT holders, H1 Visa holders, Green Card holders as a temporary health insurance plan during transition.
  • No arrival time restriction with this plan to come to the US.

Student Secure Elite
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  • This plan provides coverage for Corona and provides a policy maximum of $500,000
  • This plan is available for full time students enrolled in a college or University
  • Full time scholar affiliated with an educational institution and performing research for at least 30 hours per week.
  • People holding an F1 Visa ,OPT or a J1 Visa are eligible to buy this plan.
  • Students must reside outside their home country for the purpose of pursuing international educational activities.
Safe Travel USA
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  • This is a comprehensive plan for visitors or Non US citizens visiting the USA..
  • This plan provides coverage for Covid-19 and needs precertification for getting tested for the virus.
  • This is not available for US citizens, residents and Green Card holders.
  • This plan provides coverage for one well doctor visit and this must occur within 21 days after the plan has become effective and the plan must be purchased for a minimum of 30 days.
  • This plan provides up to $1000 for acute onset of pre existing condition
Patriot Exchange Insurance
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  • This is a student insurance plan for international students and exchange scholars enrolled in full time University
  • This plan covers Covid-19 and covers the expense for illness.
  • This is very popular among F1 Visa and J1 Visa holders.
  • Unique feature of this plan is J2 and F2 visa holders can buy this plan without J1 and F1 Visa holders being on the plan.
seven corners
Liaison Travel Plus Insurance
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  • This plan provides coverage for individuals outside their home country.
  • This plan is specifically designed to cover Covid-19 illness and it provides coverage for Covid-19
  • This plan provides worldwide coverage including and excluding the US.
  • Within the US, the co insurance of this plan for in network PPO covers 90% of the expense after the deductible and for outside the PPO covers 80% of the expense up to $5000.
  • Outside the US the co insurance for the plan is covered for 100%
Global underwriters
Diplomat America Insurance
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  • This plan is available for Non US citizens coming to the US
  • This plan covers Covid-19 as any new illness
  • This plan DOES NOT cover pre existing conditions
  • The plan also covers US citizens living abroad coming to the US on business trips or vacation while living outside their home country.
  • The covers 80% up to the first $5000 and then covers 100% coinsurance when a claim has been activated.
Yes. Dependents (spouse and/or child under age 18) of enrolled students may apply for insurance with the student, or within 31 days of birth, legal adoption, marriage or arrival in country of study. If your dependents are not eligible for Student insurance, they may enroll in one of our other plans for people outside their home country.
Yes. You may purchase Student insurance regardless of how long you have been studying outside your home country, as long as you fulfill the eligibility requirements described earlier.
International Students in the USA with the F1 (Students) visa are eligible to get internship on a work permit for 12 months. Since these students will no longer be taking courses in the university, many schools do not provide student insurance. These students on Optional Practical Training (OPT) will not be eligible for international student insurance as eligibility for these insurance plans require full time enrollment in the school. International students also cannot avail of domestic insurance plans as they are not US citizens or permanent residents (Green card holders). However, we offer insurance plans for OPT students which are both affordable and comprehensive in their coverage.
Yes, Navigator for Students offers unlimited annual and lifetime medical maximum.
Yes. So long as you are a full-time student you will be eligible for the period of time that you are enrolled in the university/school.
If you wish to make the purchase online you will need to pay by credit card only. If you wish to mail in an application form then you may pay by certified check or Money Order.
Due to the way in which the plan is structured you will need to make a one-time payment for the full period of coverage.
To fill in the application online here is the link to the application form: Buy Atlas America Insurance Online
To print out an application form for mailing please go to the following link for the correct form. You will see a plan brochure and at the very end is the application form: Atlas America Paper Application
As long as the paediatric visits are for any new sickness or injury, they are covered but routine checkups, vaccinations/immunizations are not covered.
Patriot Exchange plan is available for F1 and F2 Visa holders too. It is one of the few plans that allows J2 visa holders to buy the plan when the J1 visa holder is not enrolled in the Patriot Exchange plan as a result it is highlighted in the policy brochure.
In order to get a compliance form signed we must first ensure that you select a plan that matches with the compliance form requirements and that the plan provider is able to sign off on it.

To do this what we suggest is that you first send us the compliance form by Email. We will check to see which of our plans match the compliance form and then check with the plan administrator to see if they agree to sign it. Once we have their approval we will inform you. Then you should purchase the international student Insurance. After your purchase (enrollment) is complete, simply fax your school's Compliance Form to us and we will ensure that it is completed and faxed back to your school.
As a F1 visa international student, you can definitely buy the plans that we offer on our website. The J1 visa requirements are specific requirements which some of our F1 visa plans also satisfy as required by the US consulates. To reiterate, as a F1 visa holder, you can buy the plans on American Visitor Insurance
There are several plans such as Patriot Exchange from IMG, Study USA from Travel Insure. If you need a plan from HCCMIS, then you can go for Atlas America which is a comprehensive plan and suitable for F1 Visa holder unless the University has any specifications.

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