Pre existing condition insurance plan providers- Frequently Asked Questions

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Traveler's age
Dependents (< 18 years)
5. Citizenship
6. Countries where coverage is required
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6. Mailing & permanent address
7. How long has the traveler been in USA?
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Explanation about Pre existing conditions coverage

  1. What is a Pre - Existing Condition?
  2. What are the Pre - Existing Coverage options available for visitors?
  3. What types of pre-conditions are covered? For example, at this age of above 80 its pretty normal for someone to have hypertension (moderately high BP)
  4. Is there any look back period for pre-existing condition coverage? If so what is the look back period for pre-existing conditions by the different insurers who offer visitor insurance ?
  5. What does "no pre-ex" and "pre-ex" mean? What is the difference?
  6. Are there any medical tests required to buy pre existing visitor insurance?
  7. Do you need a medical report of the person with the pre-existing condition?
  8. Will we get a document stating that we have insurance and stating that the pre-existing condition is covered?
  9. Can you suggest any insurance that will cover pre-existing conditions irrespective of the costs concerned for this coverage?
  10. Which are the plans that cover Pre - Existing conditions?
  11. How do insurance companies find out whether pre-existing conditions covered or not covered?
  12. Why should I worry about pre-existing conditions?
  13. Why should we buy insurance if the main treatments are not covered under pre-existing medical conditions?
  14. Why should I bother getting insurance if pre-existing conditions are not covered?
  15. Can I get pre-existing conditions covered?
  16. Are some illnesses excluded from coverage?
  17. What is pre-certification?
  18. What is the difference between full coverage for pre-existing conditions and coverage for acute onset of pre-existing conditions
  19. Why are Full Pre-Existing plans more expensive than other travel insurance plans with pre-existing condition coverage?
  20. Does pre-existing visitor travel insurance cover covid19 illness?

Questions related to specific ailments and coverage for Parents

  1. My father suffers from blood pressure and needs to take medications daily. Will the cost of these medicines be covered under visitor medical insurance ?
  2. My father-in-law is in the US and suffers from diabetes and he needs a treatment. Will the insurance company pay costs for sending back to native country in order to undergo pre-existing conditions treatment?
  3. My mother suffers from a heart treatment and I would like to bring my mother to the USA to get her medical treatment done. Will these medical costs be covered under visitor medical insurance?
  4. Is pregnancy covered under pre-existing conditions?
  5. Can I invite my parents to the US if they have pre-existing conditions. What are my options in this situation ?
  6. Once in a week my father-in-law needs to go for kidney dialysis. Will these medicines costs be covered under visitor medical insurance?
  7. My mother-in-law had a heart attack 5 years back. If she again gets heart related problems, will that be covered under visitor health insurance?
  8. My grand father is coming to the US next week to undergo some medical tests ? Will visitor insurance cover the expenses for this?
  9. My parents are visiting the United States. If a health emergency arises suddenly because of a pre-existing condition and they need health care, will these medi cal costs be covered under visitor medical insurance?
  10. My mother is 77 years old and has high BP. Can you suggest me a plan that covers pre existing condition at this age?
  11. My relative was suffering from kidney dialysis. She has already got her the required treatment in India. However we would like to get a medical check up done for her in the US. Will the medical tests be covered under pre-existing conditions?
  12. My visitor requires regular checks for his/her condition. Will this be covered? Can it be covered?
  13. My spouse and I are thinking about having a baby, can I get insurance to cover the birth and child?

General questions about insurance plan usage

Specific insurance plan related question

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