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Simply put, a pre-existing condition is a disease or condition a person is already diagnosed with, being treated for, or has, with reasonable certainty before the start of the insurance policy. Companies use a "look back" period to determine if a condition will be considered pre-existing or not.

Fixed plans tend to have shorter look back periods of only 6 to three months. Comprehensive plans have longer ones, usually 3 years. Of course, if a person is diagnosed with a chronic illness, they always have it (unfortunately) and it would always be considered a pre-existing condition. However, if someone had a surgery, for a broken bone, more than 3 years ago, no policy would consider this a pre-existing condition.

Different companies define it a little differently, but here is one version from HCC which is representative:
A Pre-existing Condition is any
  • Condition for which medical advice, diagnosis, care, or treatment (includes receiving services and supplies, consultations, diagnostic tests or prescription medicines) was recommended or received during the 2 years immediately preceding the Certificate Effective Date;
  • Condition that had manifested itself in such a manner that would have caused an ordinarily prudent person to seek medical advice, diagnosis, care, or treatment (includes receiving services and supplies, consultations, diagnostic tests or prescription medicines) within the 2 years immediately preceding the Certificate Effective Date;
  • injury, illness, sickness, disease, or other physical, medical, mental, or nervous conditions, disorder or ailment (whether known or unknown) that, with reasonable medical certainty, existed at the time of application or within the 2 years immediately preceding the Certificate Effective Date.
Given the dilemma regarding pre-existing condition coverage, and its importance, American visitor insurance present resourceful information about Pre-existing conditions. We try to explain with objectivity and transparency the options available for pre-existing condition coverage. All the policies that cover pre-existing conditions and all the terms and conditions that go with it are displayed in an user friendly manner. You can get quotes and compare the coverage benefits for Pre-existing Conditions at Visitor insurance pre-existing condition coverage.
Normally when we say that the pre existing conditions are covered, only the sudden recurrence of the condition is covered. For people above age 80 pre-existing conditions are not covered. But any new injury or sickness is covered.
The Look back period for pre-existing conditions by the different insurance plans are -
Fixed Benefits Plans:
(Inbound USA, Inbound USA Choice and Inbound USA Basic)
- 180 days pre-existing conditions are not covered prior to the start of the insurance coverage. For travelers 70 years and above the look back period is 365 days.
Comprehensive Benefits Plans
For the Visitor's Care policy, you can purchase a "heart care" rider which will cover a person for up to $3,000 or $5,000 for a heart attack or stroke even if they have a heart or blood condition as a pre-existing condition. Without the rider, no pre-existing condition will be covered. You will pay more for this rider. On our website, we shorten the name to "Pre-ex" (for pre-existing condition coverage) and "No Pre-ex" (this is the regular policy without the heart care rider).
No , there are no medical tests required for purchasing visitor insurance
Not for the short term plans. For some the global / long term plans the underwriters may ask for some back-up information after seeing your application.
Once again the short term plans will not provide a separate document even if they have a pre-existing coverage benefit. The global / long term plans will provide you with clear understanding of what is covered and what is not.
Take a look at the best coverage of Pre-existing Conditions in pre-existing coverage plans. These plans offer limited pre-existing coverage under specific circumstances.

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