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The short term visitor insurance plans usually do not cover pre-existing medical conditions, however some plans do provide limited coverage for pre-existing conditions. You can compare the insurance plans that offer pre-existing condition coverage using our compare tool option.
The most importance factor determining the coverage will be the attending physicians statement (APS). The doctors report will indicate if this treatment was due to the old ailment or not. The insurance company will also consider if she is currently undergoing any regular medical treatment then it will be considered as a pre-existing condition and the visitor insurance plan will not cover it. Some of the visitor insurance plans that do cover pre-existing conditions so do so for acute onset of existing conditions and have very specific limitations for their coverage. Please review the policy brochure for more details. The policy brochures can be accessed through our pre-existing coverage visitor insurance comparison tool.
All policies routinely exclude coverage for any onset of a pre-existing condition. That means that even if a visitor has an emergency due to a pre-existing condition, the policy will not pay for it. Therefore, you should be aware of the risk of illness or hospital stay due to a pre-existing condition and take that into account if you can in order to get the best coverage for your travel needs.
These visitor insurance plans will cover unanticipated medical expenses such as sudden illness, falling down and hurting oneself, having an accident... Visitor insurance while in the US and Canada is for unanticipated, unplanned medical expenses. In the US and Canada healthcare expenses very high. Even minor health treatments costs can lead to huge medical bills. Visitor medical insurance will insure against such unforeseen emergencies. Visitor insurance will not cover medical expenses for treatments that patients are scheduled to have regularly. However the visitor insurance plans that do cover pre-existing conditions so do so for acute onset of existing conditions and have very specific limitations for their coverage. Please review the policy brochure for more details. Get more information about the plans through our comparison tool.
Many people express concern and dismay when they hear that policies will not cover pre-existing conditions. For older travelers, these conditions may most likely give them trouble during a long stay abroad. For persons under 70 there are very good options available (see our website for details and pricing). For persons over 70, however, options are limited to fixed plans and only cover certain illnesses. However, sudden illness and accidental injury can happen to anyone at any time. Policies will protect a visitor against costs for these sorts of medical issues.

Some clients worry that the insurance company will label everything as "pre-existing" and therefore not cover any medical expenses. This has not been our experience. Furthermore, they are very careful to fully define the term and they apply it on a case by case basis depending on the medical circumstances, relying on doctor information gathered about the incident.

Moreover, all policies cover emergency medical evacuation, repatriation, as well as other travel benefits (such as lost baggage and recovery of legal documents) which can be useful to travelers of all ages wherever they may wander.
It is important to realize that if a person needs regular medication or treatment, they will have to pay for that themselves. Travelers should always carry their own medications and a prescription in the language of the country they are visiting, if possible, in case they lose their pills or find they extend their trip and require more medicine. Also, this will always help to show officials that a person is legally on a drug (particularly important for narcotics or other drugs which can be illegal where you are traveling). PLEASE be aware and take seriously any notices in countries warning of illegal drug activity since you will be subject to that country's laws and justice system.

What you can get covered is a sudden onset of a pre-existing condition that is usually controlled. Some policies offer coverage up to a certain amount (around $20,000) for coverage of such an event. Some fixed policies offer riders to their policy which add a set coverage amount in the event the insured has a heart attack or stroke ($5,000 or $3,000 depending on age and policy). The riders will cost more, but the person will get the covered amount should they have a heart attack or stroke. Please note that most policies will NOT cover even emergencies due to pre-existing conditions, so it is important to assess your risk of illness due to these conditions while traveling.
Yes. There are some illnesses and specific circumstances that are excluded from coverage. Once you narrow down the policies you are interested in purchasing, you should look over the policies list of "exclusions" to determine if it is still applicable to you or your visitor. Commonly excluded medical conditions include: pregnancy, venereal disease, cancer, HIV or AIDS infection. Other illnesses can be excluded if they occur in certain circumstances. These include injuries while committing a felony, self-inflicted injury, and injuries sustained while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Other common exclusions are for participation in organized amateur or professional sports and adventure sports, although some policies do offer coverage directly or through the purchase of adventure sports riders (see our links for these options).
You must call the plan provider to make sure that the procedure / medical coverage that you seek is indeed covered by your plan.

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