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US students studying abroad in Denmark

There are around 230,000 students in Denmark, of which about 18,000 are international students, and among them about 4,500 US students are from the United States. Studying in Denmark is an academically as well as culturally enriching and vibrant experience. Students in Danish universities are offered myriad study abroad options. Popular choices include technology, education, design, business, healthcare, architecture, music and cinema. Danish Universities combine theoretical study with practical hands on experience. Students who intern in Denmark have an opportunity to work in some of the latest Green energy initiatives. The country also has a sophisticated drug development and medical technology sector.

Before you start your education in Denmark - buy good student medical insurance

US students choosing Denmark for a study abroad program should however buy good international student insurance. This is often a requirement of the consulate and is anyway important since US domestic health insurance has little coverage outside US borders.

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