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US students studying abroad in Peru

There are about 3,500 US students who choose to study in Peru annually. Studying in Peru whether in Lima or in Cuzco provides US students plenty of opportunity to expand their Spanish language skills and to immerse in Latin American culture. Peru provides the opportunity to experience the historic site of the Machu Picchu and the rich biodiversity of the Amazon. Students can also meet the indigenous people living in the Amazon, learn about their traditions and history and their struggles in this fast globalising world. Peru is popular in environmental science, Spanish-American history and anthropological studies. Peru was the center of many Andean civilizations and of Spanish occupation. The country has a diverse topography dominated by the Andes, the jungles of the Amazon basin and the western coastal plains all of which lends itself to rich biodiversity.

Before you start your studies in Peru - buy good student medical insurance

US students choosing to study in Peru should buy good international student insurance. This is very important since US regular health insurance has little coverage outside US borders.

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Insurance plans for US students studying in Peru

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