Atlas MedEvac Insurance

Medical evacuation and repatriation insurance for Study abroad students

Atlas MedEvac Insurance

Atlas MedEvac Insurance for US Visitors

Atlas MedEvac Insurance is designed specifically for Study abroad students seeking supplemental evacuation coverage to meet school or visa requirements & International visitors seeking emergency medical evacuation and repatriation coverage. Atlas MedEvac Student Insurance can be purchased on its own or to supplement existing international coverage.

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Atlas Medevac Insurance - Key Highlights

  • The benefits offered by Atlas Medevac plan are designed for international students in need of medical evacuation coverage which satisfies insurance requirements for study in the US.
  • Available for people age above 14 days and below 50 years.
  • This plan can be available from 5 days to 365 days.
  • The overall policy maximum is $75k and the deductible is $0.
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation coverage is available for up to $50k.
  • Repatriation of remains coverage is available for up to $25k
  • It can be renewable up to 365 days.

Atlas Medevac Insurance - FAQ's

01. What is Atlas MedEvac insurance?

Atlas MedEvac is a travel insurance plan that provides coverage for emergency medical evacuations. It helps you access medical treatment and services during an emergency.

02. What is covered by Atlas MedEvac insurance?

Atlas MedEvac insurance covers emergency medical evacuations, medical transportation to a hospital, medical expenses, and other services related to emergency medical situations.

03. How does the emergency evacuation process work?

In case of a medical emergency, you or your healthcare provider should contact the insurance provider, who will coordinate and arrange the necessary medical evacuation services.

04. Do I need to purchase Atlas MedEvac insurance if I already have regular travel insurance?

Regular travel insurance often includes limited medical coverage, but it may not cover the costs of emergency medical evacuations to the same extent as Atlas MedEvac. It is important to understand your existing travel insurance policy for the coverage provided and determine if additional medical evacuation coverage is needed.

05. What is the cost of Atlas MedEvac insurance?

The cost of Atlas MedEvac insurance can vary based on factors such as your age, coverage limits, the duration of your trip, and the destination. You can obtain a quote for Atlas MedEvac on American visitor insurance and buy it online.

06. Is Atlas MedEvac insurance available for international travelers only?

Atlas MedEvac insurance is typically designed for international travelers, but some providers may offer coverage for domestic travel as well.

07. Can I purchase Atlas MedEvac insurance after I have started my trip?

It is strongly recommended to purchase travel insurance before your trip begins to ensure coverage, however please contact 877-340-7910 for clarity on buy Medical Evacuation insurance after the journey has started since this varies based on your travel circumstances.

08. How do I file a claim with Atlas MedEvac insurance?

To file a claim with Atlas MedEvac insurance, you typically need to contact the insurance provider as soon as possible, provide documentation and details of the emergency, and follow their claims submission process.

09. What is the coverage duration of Atlas MedEvac insurance?

The coverage duration of Atlas MedEvac is for the length of the policy that you purchase. It is important to review the policy details to understand the coverage period and any limitations.

10. How do I make use of emergency medical evacuation coverage?

If you experience a medical emergency while traveling and require emergency medical evacuation, you should contact the travel insurance company's emergency assistance hotline immediately. They will guide you through the process, coordinate the evacuation, and provide the necessary financial coverage as per your policy. It's important to have the travel insurance details and contact information readily available during your trip.

11. Can I purchase emergency medical evacuation coverage separately?

Yes, some US travel insurance plans offered on American Visitor Insurance offer emergency medical evacuation coverage as a standalone policy or as an optional add-on to a basic travel insurance plan. However, it's more common for emergency medical evacuation coverage to be included as part of comprehensive travel insurance policies that also cover other aspects such as trip cancellation, trip interruption, and baggage loss.

12. Is emergency medical evacuation coverage valid worldwide?

Most travel insurance policies available on American Visitor Insurance include emergency medical evacuation coverage and provides coverage worldwide. However, it is important to compare different medical evacuation plans on American Visitor Insurance and to review the policy details to ensure that the coverage extends to your intended travel destinations. Some policies may exclude certain high-risk countries or regions, so it's important to clarify any limitations before purchasing the medical evacuation insurance.

13. Is emergency medical evacuation coverage expensive?

The cost of emergency medical evacuation coverage can vary depending on various factors such as the duration of your trip, your age, the coverage limits, and the destination. Generally, travel insurance policies with emergency medical evacuation coverage are relatively affordable compared to the potential expenses involved in a medical evacuation. It's recommended to compare quotes on American Visitor Insurance to find a policy that suits your needs and budget.

14. Do I need emergency medical evacuation coverage if I already have health insurance?

While having health insurance is beneficial, it may not provide the same level of coverage and assistance as emergency medical evacuation coverage in travel insurance and they might not offer coverage in your destination, especially if it is outside your home country. Most health insurance plans do not cover the costs associated with emergency medical evacuation or repatriation. It is therefore advisable to buy travel insurance with emergency medical evacuation coverage to ensure comprehensive protection during your travels.

Medical Evacuation and Repatriation Insurance

Plan benefits of Atlas MedEvac insurance
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation: Up to $50k
  • Repatriation of Remains: Up to $25k
  • Local Burial or Cremation: Up to $5k
What's not covered for Atlas MedEvac insurance
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation: Up to $50k
  • Repatriation of Remains: Up to $25k
  • Local Burial or Cremation: Up to $5k

Atlas Medevac - PPO network

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Atlas Travel insurance restrictions

The Atlas Series is not available to individuals who are physically located in the states of New York, Maryland, or Washington; or in the countries of Canada or Australia at time of purchase.

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