US HealthCare costs for visitors and the need for visitor medical insurance

The United States is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. The country has seen a significant rise in the arrival of international visitors during the past two decades from around 40 million in 2003 to close to 80 million now. However the healthcare Costs in the USA for Expatriates and Visitors is exorbitant, and it is imperative that visitors are well informed and have the appropriate Health Insurance for Visitors to the US.

International visitors to USA

Folllowing are the different types of visitors to USA:
  • Visitors medical insurance - Short term international tourists on vacation or to visit family. More Details
  • International students health insurance - International students enrolled in a US university. More Details
  • J1 Visa holders insurance - J visa holders or exchange scholars on research program. More Details
  • US Immigrant health insurance - New immigrants planning to settle in USA. More Details
  • Green Card Holders medical insurance - US Green Card holders frequently visiting US. More Details
  • Global health insurance - Travelers like expatriates, missionaries. More Details
  • H1B visa holders insurance - Non-immigrants on temporary work visa. More Details
  • F2 visa holders insurance - Dependants of F1 visa holders. More Details
  • J2 visa holders insurance - Dependants of J1 visa holders. More Details

Cost of routine physician visits

While visiting the United States is great fun, being forced to visit an US hospital can be financially traumatic, especially if you do not have proper travel insurance. While the US healthcare system is amongst the best in the world, medical costs for visitors to the USA is very-very expensive. There are chances that a visitor may face a medical emergency and will have to visit a physician. Even a visit to a physician is very expensive in the US when compared to many other countries. In the US it costs $176/ while in countries like Spain the cost is only about $11. Even neighboring Canada it costs only $30. You can review the comparative costs of a routine physician visit in these countries.

Cost of Surgery

Just imagine that you face an even more serious medical situation, you might have an accident, have a fall or have a serious heart problem. The average cost of a bypass heart surgery in the US would be $73,420 while that of a knee replacement is $25,637 . This price is not something any tourist in the US would like to face while enjoying a holiday. You can compare the cost of these surgeries in other countries like Australia, South Africa, the UK or Argentina. The price is significantly less when compared to the price of surgeries in the US.

Cost of staying in hospital

Any serious medical treatment would involve a stay in the hospital. For an average of 7 day stay in a US hospital it would cost you $16,000. While 10 days of stay in a hospital in Germany would cost you only $4,000. This is a very huge difference. Bottom line, while the healthcare cost in US is very sophisticated, it is also really expensive.

Insurance to cover medical care for visitors in usa

After being aware of these facts, it would be penny wise pound foolish to not buy adequate visitor medical insurance for the US. Buying proper visitor medical insurance will protect you from a financial crisis while in a medical emergency.

Is it worth it to get health insurance for visitors to the US?

Given the very high cost of US healthcare, it is very logical to buy good health insurance for visitors to the US. The cost of the US health insurance for visitors is very small when compared to the healthcare costs in the USA for expatriates and visitors, so a small cost will bring tremendous peace of mind while in the country. And, should the traveler fall sick or get injured while in the US you will no doubt consider the short term visitor health insurance as the greatest investment you ever made. Of course, we all hope that your travels are smooth and pleasant. US travel Insurance is however for the unexpected, whether falling sick or having an accident and finding yourself in a hospital in the US. An US short term health insurance for visitors policy will take care of you in those situations.

What is the best health insurance for visitors to usa?

There is no single best health insurance for visitors to USA which will work best for all travelers. The best visitor health insurance will vary from visitor to visitor depending on their unique needs. While some international travelers will look for the cheapest health insurance for visitors plan, others will look for the most comprehensive and best health insurance for visitors to usa coverage. The price will be higher if you need health insurance usa for foreigners with pre-existing conditions. It is recommended to compare different health insurance for visitors to usa plans based on price as well as the different benefits coverage options. International travelers should also read different health insurance usa for foreigners reviews before they buy visitor health insurance.

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