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Testimonial By Lori Fields and Paul Coffey
Hi American Visitor Insurance,

Thank you American Visitor Insurance! You went way beyond what I would expect from an insurance company when we needed medical insurance for my fiance's K1 visa. He had the final Embassy interview in London and was shocked to find our application was denied because he didn't have medical insurance to cover the time between when he arrived in the US and when he would be covered by my medical insurance after the wedding. We were dejected and starting to lose hope when we couldn't get him insured because he doesn't have a social security number. Then we found your website and we got him the coverage that the Embassy required. Then you were so kind to explain about the Consulate Letter and made sure we got it on time to forward to the Embassy! We were so forlorn after the denial, but we are jubilant and hopeful now because of your help!

Thanks again!,
Lori Fields and Paul Coffey

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