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Studying abroad is a very positive experience, something all students will look back with very fond memories. Studying abroad is a wonderful opportunity to experience a new culture and learn a new local language and new traditions which along with the college education adds to the memorable experience. If you are a person who loves to explore and visit new places and know about the history and culture and conduct research of any sort then this can be your dream come true! Studying abroad allows students to be deeply involved in the new culture not just for a few days or weeks but for months, giving the individual a chance to really live as a local to experience the new culture first hand. Stepping out of a life that you have always lived and to experience a new life can be an eye opener and gives a better insight about yourself and lets you look at your own thoughts and ideas in new light.

As exciting as it sounds, finding out about schools abroad, how to get there and the processes to be followed might not be an easy task. The first thing would be to find out if your school or University in the US has a Study Abroad program. If they do, then that makes it easy for you to get rolling! You need approval from your School to study abroad. This means that you need to complete the Study Abroad program application which might consist of an application, transcripts, essay, new recommendations…Normally Schools and Universities in US have a list of schools that they are partnered with other countries. Before you make a decision to study abroad make sure that the place you choose is in your School’s list. If not, you can always make arrangements through a third party program. Remember that this is going to be a little more expensive than you School’s study abroad program.

Once you are all set with choosing your study abroad program, it is time for you to make a check off some important things that you need for studying abroad. You need your updated passport, Visa and International Student Health Insurance. Make sure that the school you choose abroad has your choice of major and that you can transfer your credits back and you have funds and you have your accommodation fully planned for while you are studying abroad.

One of the most important things that is going to make your trip and stay worthwhile and hassle free is good student travel insurance. You may also need to consider some vital student insurance factors for choosing the best coverage. You can compare some popular student health insurance quotes online. Make sure that you have adequate health insurance plan that has the benefits that you prefer and need during your stay abroad.

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