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StudentSecure Insurance

Student Secure Insurance is a student medical insurance plan that covers international students or scholars who are studying outside their home country. Student Secure student insurance provides health insurance that meets the requirements of many programs, schools, and visas, including the J-1 visa. It has four levels of coverage—Elite, Select, Budget, and Smart — with different policy maximums and benefits. Student Secure student health insurance also offers features like travel assistance, sports coverage, vaccination coverage, and mental health coverage.

StudentSecure insurance is designed for international students seeking:
  • Coverage that meets or exceeds most government and visa requirements including J-1 visa requirements.
  • Coverage that meets the requirements of many programs and schools at a budget-friendly rate.
  • Important medical benefits, including some Outpatient Prescription Drug coverage and some Mental Health coverage.

Key benefits of StudentSecure Insurance

Ideal for J1 and F1 and OPT students

Montly payment option

Acute onset of pre-existing conditions

Maternity Care

Renewable upto 4 years


StudentSecure Insurance Reviews

  • Provides coverage for pre-existing conditions after a 180-day waiting period for StudentSecure Select and StudentSecure Budget Plans.
  • Sports: Medical treatment arising out of participation in intercollegiate, interscholastic, intramural and sports club $5k(StudentSecure select plan) and $3k(StudentSecure budget plan) per injury or sickness.
  • Life/Plan renewal: The plan is available for an unlimited period of time to J1 and F1 visa holders who are engaged in a full-time educational program.
  • For charges incurred within the PPO or at a student health center, coinsurance will be waived and deductible is reduced to $50.
  • View complete details of benefits

StudentSecure Select Insurance Insurance Review

StudentSecure Select rating
AM Best Rating: A++ (Superior)
Standard & Poor’s Rating: AA-
Insurance provider
Policy maximum for StudentSecure Select
  • Certificate period maximum: $600k
  • Maximum benefit per injury or illness: $300k
Policy maximum for StudentSecure Budget
  • Certificate period maximum: $600k
  • Maximum benefit per injury or illness: $300k
Policy maximum for StudentSecure Smart
  • Certificate period maximum: $200k
  • Maximum benefit per injury or illness: $100k
Policy maximum for StudentSecure Elite
  • Certificate period maximum: $500k
  • Maximum benefit per injury or illness: $500k
Coinsurance of StudentSecure Select
In Network - The plan pays 80% up to $5k
Coinsurance of StudentSecure Budget
In Network - The plan pays 80% up to $25k
Coinsurance of StudentSecure Smart
In Network - The plan pays 80%
Coinsurance of StudentSecure Elite
In Network - The plan pays 100%
Out of Network - The plan pays 100% of URC
Deductible options for StudentSecure Plans
StudentSecure Select $35
StudentSecure Budget $45
StudentSecure Smart $50
StudentSecure Elite $25
StudentSecure Select insurance underwriter

StudentSecure insurance for students - Key Highlights

  • This is an international student health plan which is suited for international students studying abroad outside their home country.
  • This plan comes in four levels of coverage Elite, Select, Budget or Smart to suit the needs and budget of the student.
  • The Select plan provides a policy maximum of $300k and Certificate period maximum of $600k.
  • There will be a deductible of $35 per injury or sickness within the PPO, outside the US or at a student health center. Otherwise $70 deductible per injury or sickness is applicable.
  • Plan provides $200 for treatment in an emergency room for claims within the US only.
  • Co-insurance with this plan for the claims incurred within the US: Within the PPO, 80% of eligible expenses is covered up to the next $5k after deductible and then 100% of the expense is covered up to the overall maximum limit of the plan. For claims outside the PPO, usual, reasonable and customary charges are covered and the insured is responsible for any charges exceeding the payable amount.
  • Co-insurance for claims incurred outside the US : After the deductible, 100% of the eligible expenses are covered up to the Certificate period maximum.
  • Mental health disorders(Treatment not received at student health center) is covered as : Outpatient- maximum 30 visits, Inpatient - maximum 30 days.
  • Acute onset of pre-existing condition is covered for $25k lifetime maximum for eligible expenses.
  • Pre-existing conditions are covered after a 6 month waiting period.
  • Maternity care for covered pregnancy is covered for up to $10k.
  • Intensive Care Unit charges are covered up to the overall maximum limit.
  • Outpatient prescription drugs are covered for 50% of actual charges (Not subjected to deductible or co-insurance).
  • Dental treatment due to accident is covered as $250 maximum per tooth, $500 maximum per Certificate period (Not subjected to co-insurance).
  • Sports activities, leisure, recreational,entertainment or fitness is covered upto overall maximum limit.
  • Optional Intercollegiate, interscholastic, intramural or club sports rider is covered up to $5k maximum per injury or illness, medical expenses only.
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation is covered for up to $300k lifetime maximum (Not subject to deductible or co-insurance).
  • Repatriation of remains is covered for up to $50k lifetime maximum (Not subject to deductible, co-insurance or overall maximum limit).

StudentSecure Insurance links

  • Brochure
  • Advantages
  • Disadvantages
  • Detailed description
  • Claims
  • Renewal
  • Provider network
  • Comprehensive

Student health insurance for International students

  • Available for F1/F2 and J1/J2 Visa holders.
  • Health insurance for f1 students, satisfy F1 visa insurance requirements.
  • F1 student visa insurance coverage available at affordable price.
  • Sports & Mental Health coverage available.
  • Maternity and newborn care for covered pregnancy available.
  • Waiver form available on buying international student health insurance USA.
  • Pre-existing conditions will cover after some waiting period.

A working example of using StudentSecure Select insurance*

Let us take an example: The medical bill is $25k; Deductible is $35 and choosen Policy Maximum is $300k
  • Insurance coverage is $300k
  • Deductible is $35 per certificate period
  • Total medical expenses is $25,035
The insured must pay the deductible ($35) before the insurance plan pays anything. Since the policy maximum coverage is $300,000 and the total amount billed is $25,035, the policy will pay 80% of first $5,000 then 100% up to the policy limit ($300,000). In this case the insured expense after the deductible is 20% of first $5,000, which is $1,000. Thus your final expense is $1,035 while the insurance company will cover the remaining $24,000.

Expense Amount billed Amount Insurance Pays Amount Insured Owes
Deductible $35 $0 $35
Hospital Room Rent $9k $8k $1k (20% of first $5k)
Surgery $15k $15k $0
X Ray $1k $1k $0
Total $25,035 $24,000 $1,035

*Disclaimer:- We have done everything to the best of our ability to make the insurance information up-to-date and accurate. However this information does change periodically and we cannot guarantee 100% accuracy.

Steps to buy student medical insurance insurance

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Compare student medical insurance insurance plans based on price and benefits

Select the best student medical insurance insurance for your needs and buy it online
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Review of StudentSecure insurance

  • StudentSecure Insurance Advantages

    • StudentSecure Select student Insurance by WorldTrips covers eligible medical expenses for COVID-19.
    • Full time students and research scholars registered for universities outside their home country can buy this insurance.
    • This plan can be renewed online up to 4 years.
    • Full refund if the policy is cancelled before the policy start date. If the policy is after the policy start date after deducting the cancellation charges refund of premium for unused months will be paid.
    • It as a monthly payment option.
    • Good PPO network.
    • Pre-existing medical conditions are covered after a waiting period of 180 days.
    • Coinsurance inside the US - Underwriters will pay 80% of the next $5,000 of eligible expenses after deductible, then 100% to certificate period maximum.
    • Coinsurance outside the US - After the Deductible, Underwriters will pay 100% of Eligible Expenses to Certificate Period Maximum
    • The policy pays for maternity care, routine care for a newborn baby and therapeutic termination of pregnancy.
    • This policy covers for AD&D, evacuation, repatriation, emergency reunion, terrorism, intercollegiate or club sports.
    • It also covers for mental health disorders, dental cover, physical therapy & chiropractic care.
  • StudentSecure Insurance Disadvantages

    • After 60 days of risk start date, there is no refund for cancellation of the policy.
    • The policy holder has to wait for 6 months for the pre-existing diseases to be covered.
    • No coverage for the dependents.
    • Failure to get precertification of claims will result in reduction of 50% of eligible medical expenses.

WorldTrips Insurance related coverage

WorldTrips Insurance related coverage

StudentSecure Insurance Exclusions

Certain types of medical expenses are excluded from coverage under StudentSecure international student insurance. Some exclusions are listed here. Refer to the Description of Coverage for the complete list of exclusions.

  • Pre-existing conditions are excluded during the first six (6) months of coverage under StudentSecure Elite and Select and are excluded during the first twelve (12) months of coverage under StudentSecure Budget. Pre-existing conditions are excluded throughout coverage under StudentSecure Smart, except charges resulting directly from an Acute Onset of Pre-existing Condition, an Emergency Medical Evacuation, or Repatriation of Remains.
    • Note: A pre-existing condition is any injury, illness, sickness, disease, or other physical, medical, mental, or nervous disorder, condition, or ailment that, with reasonable medical certainty, existed at the time of application or at any time during the 12 months prior to the effective date of this insurance, whether or not previously manifested, symptomatic or known, diagnosed, treated, or disclosed to us prior to the effective date, and including any and all subsequent, chronic or recurring complications or consequences related thereto or resulting or arising therefrom.
  • Immunizations and routine medical examinations, except under StudentSecure Elite as provided for under the Vaccination benefit
  • Routine prenatal care, pregnancy, childbirth, and postnatal care, unless directly related to a covered pregnancy
  • Medical expenses for injury or illness resulting from participation in specifically excluded extreme sports(see Description of Coverage for full list of excluded sports).
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Best StudentSecure insurance for students - FAQ's

StudentSecure - FAQ's

01. Is Worldtrips travel insurance a reliable insurance company? Is Worldtrips insurance a good insurance company ?

WorldTrips, a member of Tokio Marine HCC group of companies since 1998 has been offering several travel insurance and trip cancellation products for international travelers across the globe. Their Atlas travel insurance and Visitors Secure products are popular for product excellence, by giving affordable options for travelers to customize to meet the requirements of unique traveler needs. Individuals traveling for vacation, business men, students and group insurance works well for travelers traveling overseas.

This Indianapolis based company is the first company to enable their products and services for visitors via the internet for both US citizens and non–US citizens traveling abroad and to the US.

02. What are the benefits of international StudentSecure insurance?

Student Secure provides excellent insurance cover to international students and scholars outside their home country. This plan meets J-1 visa requirements, covers pre-existing conditions and some intercollegiate, interscholastic, intramural, or club sports coverage. As Student Secure insurance comes in four variants, Smart, Select, Budget and Elite. It is recommended to compare among them and buy the best student insurance as per your requirements. These affordable international student insurance plans satisfy most of the university requirements and also US J visa requirements.

03. What is the coverage area of WorldTrips Student Secure insurance?

StudentSecure Insurance is an international student health plan which is suited for international students studying abroad outside their home country.

04. How much does Student Secure student insurance cost?

The StudentSecure insurance for students cost will vary depending on the age of the traveler, the type of coverage, the travel destination and the duration of travel. Typically, visitors travel insurance policies cost can start even as low as $1 per day, but will be much higher for older travelers.

05. How do I purchase Student Secure insurance?

You can purchase Student Secure plans on American Visitor Insurance at Student Secure Insurance. You can also call them at (877)-340-7910 to get more information on how to apply for Atlas travel health insurance from licensed insurance agents.

06. What are the requirements for applying for Student Secure Insurance?

The main requirements for applying for Student Secure is the travelers passport details and the travel dates. You can apply for Atlas travel insurance online on American Visitor Insurance or call (877)-340-7910 to get help while applying.

07. Does StudentSecure Insurance cover covid illness?

WorldTrips StudentSecure student insurance covers medical expenses resulting from COVID-19.

08. Is Worldtrips insurance a legit company?

Worldtrips for over 23 years is a well-recognized company in the US and across the globe for their vast network of hospitals and healthcare support system .The company offers several travel insurance plans for travelers with financial support , access to the best healthcare support and 24/7 emergency travel assistance .

09. Can I buy travel insurance from Worldtrips?

Worldtrips insurance previously known as Tokio Marine HCC – Medical Insurance Services Group has received A+ rating from the from S&P Global Ratings. Worldtrips travel insurance reviews indicate that it currently offers travel medical insurance for over 180 countries and trip protection insurance products for the US residents.

10. What cover does Worldtrip offer in their WorldTrips Covid travel insurance? Does it have Quarantine coverage for US travelers?

Worldtrips covid insurance includes coverage for covid19 illness just like any other illness in their Atlas travel insurance plans. The coverage for quarantine must be purchased for a minimum of 30 days along with the quarantine order by a physician or a government authority. Atlas insurance offers $50 per day for each day that travelers are quarantined abroad for a maximum of 10 days. The quarantine order should be based on the positive Covid-19 test report. The quarantine coverage is not available in the home country or it is not subject to deductible.

11. Why should I buy travel insurance from Worldtrips insurance?

World trips offers coverage around the world with the fully comprehensive travel medical insurance and trip protection products .Worldtrips was acquired by Tokio Marine in 2015 and functions as a member since the acquisition. Worldtrips insurance offer some of the unique travel medical and trip protection plans for international travelers worldwide.

12. Is it possible to renew Student Secure Insurance?

Yes, International students can renew Student Secure Insurance online up to 12 months.

13. How can I cancel Student Secure insurance?

If you want to cancel Student insurance, you must submit your cancellation request to in order to receive a refund or premium. Only members who have no claims are eligible for premium refund.
Following are the cancellation policy terms and conditions:
Cancellation before effective date:

  • Full refund of premium.
Cancellation after effective date:
  • $25 cancellation fee will be charged by the insurance company.
  • Only unused portion of the plan cost will be refunded.
  • After 60 days, no refunds are granted.

14. Does Student Secure offer coverage for Maternity and new born care coverage

Student Secure Smart insurance does not offer coverage for Maternity and new born care coverage. Other Student Secure insurance plans (Student Secure Budget, Student Secure Select and Student Secure Elite) offer coverage for maternity and new born care coverage.

15. Does Student Secure insurance offer coverage for Team sports?

Student Secure Smart insurance does not offer coverage for Intercollegiate, interscholastic, intramural, or club sports. Other Student Secure insurance plans (Student Secure Budget, Student Secure Select and Student Secure Elite) offer coverage for Team Sports.

16. Will I lose Student Secure coverage when I graduate or if I leave school?

Yes, Student Secure Insurance is available for full time students and will end its coverage once you graduate. You can buy the Atlas travel insurance plan for more coverage.

17. How does Student Secure insurance offer coverage for medical expenses?

Student Secure insurance offers comprehensive coverage for international students. After the deductible amount. If the student seeks treatment with the provider network namely “First Health care network or United health care.”. When studying outside the United States, you need to visit Equian International Provider Network to find healthcare provider or doctor nearest you outside the US. In the US, after the deductible amount, Student Secure Select insurance pays 80% of the next $5,000 of eligible expenses, then 100% to the overall maximum limit. while seeking treatment in a provider network.

Outside the provider network, it is Usual, reasonable, and customary charges and the student may be responsible for any charges exceeding the payable amount. Student Secure Select Insurance offers 100% of eligible expenses to the certificate period maximum after the deductible for claims outside the US. For detailed working example of how it works, you can review Student Secure insurance working example.

18. What are the leisure sports and activities that are covered by the WorlTrips student secure plan?

The student secure plan covers injuries and illnesses resulting from participation in leisure sports and activities that are not organized or sponsored by your school. Some examples of covered sports and activities are basketball, soccer, tennis, hiking, skiing, surfing, and yoga. However, some sports and activities are excluded from coverage, such as professional or semi-professional sports, contact sports, extreme sports, and motor sports.

19. How does the student secure by Worldtrips plan meet the J-1 visa requirements?

The WorldTrips student secure plan meets the J-1 visa requirements by providing medical benefits for sicknesses and injuries, emergency medical evacuation, repatriation of remains, accidental death and dismemberment, and medical assistance services. The plan also meets or exceeds the minimum coverage amounts required by the U.S. Department of State for J-1 visa holders.

19. What is the optional sports rider and how can I add it to my plan?

The optional sports rider is an additional benefit that covers up to $5K per injury resulting from intercollegiate, interscholastic, intramural, or club sports. You can add this rider to your plan by paying an extra premium of $1.25 per person per month. You can add this rider at the time of application or during renewal.

20. What are the vaccination and mental health coverage benefits of the student secure plan?

The student secure plan covers vaccinations up to $150 per year for Select and Elite plans only. The plan also covers mental health disorders up to a certain amount per year depending on the level of coverage. For example, the Elite plan covers up to $2,500 per year for inpatient treatment and up to $50 per day for outpatient treatment.

21. How does the student secure plan cover pre-existing condition?

The student secure health insurance plan covers pre-existing conditions after a waiting period that varies depending on the level of coverage. The Elite and Select plans have a 6-month waiting period, the Budget plan has a 12-month waiting period, and the Smart plan does not cover pre-existing conditions at all.

22. Does the student secure plan cover COVID-19 as a pre-existing condition?

The student secure medical insurance covers eligible medical expenses resulting from covid19 as any other illness, subject to the terms and conditions of the policy. However, if you had covid before your plan’s effective date and it is considered a pre-existing condition, then it will be subject to the waiting period and benefit limits of your chosen level of coverage.

23. Why do i need international student health insurance?

There are several reasons to consider an international student insurance plan like StudentSecure for your overseas studies:

To Meet Visa Requirements:
Most countries require international students to possess a valid student visa. Some visas require proof of insurance that meets specific requirements. StudentSecure meets the insurance requirements of most visas, including the J-1 visa.
As a StudentSecure policyholder, you will have access to a visa letter you can use as proof of coverage. You can download your visa letter through the Member Portal, where you can conveniently manage your policy online.

To Meet Your Study Abroad Program or School Requirements:
Your program or university may require you to have valid student health insurance that meets requirements. Many programs and schools provide their own insurance plans, but oftentimes allow students to purchase alternate coverage that meets requirements.
Upon purchase of a StudentSecure policy, we will help you provide proof of coverage that meets requirements to your program or school. Simply submit a request for a waiver form and/or visa letter to We will send completed copies of the form(s) to you and your school.

To Cover Unexpected Medical Expenses:
Your regular health insurance may not provide adequate coverage while you are outside of your home country. International student health insurance like StudentSecure can provide travel assistance and help mitigate unexpected medical costs.

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